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22 Pets Who Have Mastered Snapchat

You know what you call a cat that uses Snapchat? Snapcat.

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1. This furball:

2. This little guy:

3. This rad dude:

4. This dog who wears a lot of hats:

5. This little puff:

6. DUG!

Maddie Barklimore / Via

7. This nerd:

8. This little cutie:

9. This sad sack:

10. This bespectacled creature:

11. This woof:

12. This very serious cat:

13. This beautiful young lady:

14. This little pom pom:

15. This hard-bitten police captain:

16. This sad baby:

17. This wide-eyed beauty:

18. This redundant mess:

19. This little mouse:

20. This pile of fur with so much hurt:

21. This skeptical friend:

22. And this very, very beautiful little lady! 😍

Dani Beck / BuzzFeed

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