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    Keith Watched His Own Surgery And It Was Actually Fascinating

    WARNING: There's some blood and Keith's insides.

    Recently our very own Keith Habersberger underwent surgery to repair a FREAKIN' hernia. So, of course he wanted to see what went down while he was out cold. What you're about to see are Keith's insides and his reaction to them being ripped apart. Enjoy. :D

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    So, how did Keith get here? After experiencing abdominal pain and then FEELING A GIANT LUMP on his stomach, Keith learned he had a hernia.

    After the surgery, Keith's doctor said he would feel better, but he would have to abstain from most ~physical activities~.

    As for the actual surgery, Keith's doctor would be using robotic arms to repair the hernia, NBD.

    A trocar was placed in his abdomen to break through to the abdominal cavity. Oh yeah, it's pretty violent.

    After the incision was made and the camera was in place, the doctor brought out the robot.


    Welp, now that we've seen that, mesh was placed over the hole and the hernia sac was deflated.

    Good news: Keith made it out alive!

    Way to go, Keith!