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Here's How To Make Wood Print Coasters All On Your Own

All you need is wax paper, a printer, and some wood.

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Make fancy AF coasters with a printer and wax paper.

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What you need:

*Wood slices

*Wax paper

*Standard printer paper

*A colorful image you want on your coaster


*Credit card or ruler


Cut a sheet of wax paper slightly smaller than that of printer paper, then tape all the sides down to a sheet of printer paper.

Prep your image, and don't be afraid to bump up the saturation.

Put your paper in the printer wax side down, so the image will print onto the wax.

Grab your wooden coaster and dampen one side. Place the wax sheet, image side down on the wood and scrape with a credit card or ruler.

Remove the paper and your image should be imprinted! Serve drinks as desired.

And here are the designs for you to print out!

Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed
Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed
Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed
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