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Amazon Sent This 7-Year-Old A Lightsaber After He Tried To Pay Them ₹1000 In Coins

Guess he's already mastered The Force.

Rudra Joshi, the seven-year-old son of New Delhi-resident Banani Joshi, really, really wanted a lightsaber after The Force Awakens hit theatres last year.

Rudra’s mother saw a teaching opportunity. She asked him to save up for the lightsaber and promised she'd buy it when he had saved enough.

Rudra began collecting coins from his parents and grandparents. In about three months, when he’d collected ₹1006, his mother encouraged him to write a letter to Amazon.

After her son wrote the letter, Banani sent Amazon a photo of it on Facebook. "About a week later, I got a call from Amazon. They told me that they would like to gift Rudra the saber. I tried to persuade them that I’d like to pay for it but they really wanted to send it to him as a gift," Joshi said.

Amazon sent over a delivery person with the lightsaber, and a note from Yoda.

The team behind the gift also sent Rudra their best wishes.

Joshi wrote a Facebook post about the entire incident and it swiftly went viral, garnering 1,700 shares.

Facebook: banani.s.joshi

"Rudra was thrilled to get his lightsaber and was made to feel very special indeed. I am glad that he learnt prudence, saving and the value of money. I just hope he doesn’t start saving for an iPad now," Joshi said.