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The Artwork For Drake's New Album Is An Ode To Toronto

The 6 God reppin' for his home city.

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On April 29, Drake is gifting the world with his next album: Views From the 6.

Drake / Via

Thankfully he's giving fans time to prepare for the big day this time, instead of surprising everyone like he did with the release of his last two mixtapes, What a Time to Be Alive and If You're Reading This It's Too Late.

Word on Road / Via

At a Views merchandise pop-up event in Toronto over the weekend, Drake said, "There's going to be 20 songs on there for y'all to enjoy."

Instagram: @wordonrd

Future also might be on the album, too.

They're also going on tour together this summer!
Future / Via Twitter: @1future

They're also going on tour together this summer!

And now, Drake finally revealed the artwork for his album with a special message for the city of Toronto.

Caitlin Cronenberg / Via Twitter: @Drake

The photo shows Drake sitting on top of the CN Tower, the most iconic building in Toronto and one of the tallest in the world.

Caitlin Cronenberg / Via Twitter: @Drake

(Hi, Drake.)

Caitlin Cronenberg / Via

The photo was taken by Caitlin Cronenberg, a Canadian photographer who's from Toronto herself.

Caitlin Cronenberg / Via

One thing's for sure — Drizzy truly loves his home city.