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    32 Times Hipster London Was Nothing Like Normal London

    Just add a moustache.

    1. Normal London cyclist:

    Hipster London cyclist:

    As if we just drove past a guy casually riding a unicycle through #London... Is this real life?

    2. Normal London café:

    Hipster London café:

    The most hipster coffee shop I've seen so far #who'sforcoffee #hipsterlondon

    3. Normal London wine glass:

    Hipster London wine glass:

    Wine out of a jam jar #hipsterLondon

    4. Normal Londoners in the park:

    Hipster Londoners in the park:

    5. Normal London shop fronts:

    Hipster London shop fronts:

    6. Normal London sausage roll:

    Hipster London sausage roll:

    Only in London! #SausageRoll #CameronsBritain

    7. Normal Londoners at a pub:

    A hipster Londoner at a pub:

    8. Normal Londoners getting doughnuts:

    Hipster Londoners getting doughnuts:

    Great day to be sitting in the sun enjoying a doughnut. #onlyinshoreditch

    9. Normal London launderette:

    Hipster London launderette:

    10. Normal London coleslaw:

    Hipster London coleslaw:

    Hey, tell you what would be a great idea, let's put the coleslaw IN A SHOPPING TROLLEY

    11. Normal London missing cat poster:

    Missing Siamese cat, possibly stolen, from the Teddington area SW London. £500 reward.

    Hipster London missing cat poster:

    Meanwhile, a beautifully designed and laid out poster in crisp sans serif font nails it. Sort of. #onlyinHackney

    12. Normal London burger:

    Double Chili Cheeseburger 😍 Only in London !!! It was so good #burgerking #londres #london 🇬🇧🍔

    Hipster London burger:

    London chins beware! Pork cheek & bacon burger - foraged nettle pesto, wild blackberry hot sauce and @LyburnCheese!🍔

    13. Normal London vending machine:

    Hipster London vending machine:

    A craft beer vending machine in the pub. @Pere_Duchesne nearly wet himself

    14. Normal London bill:

    Hipster London bill:

    Bill in a spam can?!?! #onlyindalston

    15. Normal London moustache:

    Apparently I'm a #regular in this cafe as I'm working every weekend on my 🤓 #newbusiness #startuplife #london

    Hipster London moustache:

    16. Normal London chips on the ground:

    Missed my bus and dropped me chips gutted

    Hipster London chips on the ground:

    Only in Shoreditch would you see an abandoned plate of sweet potato fries