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    Posted on Apr 1, 2016

    25 People On Twitter Who Are Really Tired Of Waiting For Beyoncé's New Album

    All of us tbh.

    1. The ones that have their priorities in order.

    2. The few that are willing to do anything.

    I would sell my soul for the new Beyoncé album to drop right now.

    3. The conspiracy theorists.

    4/4 Bey&Jay will be married for 8 yrs. 8/2 = 4. It's Obama's 8th yr in office as our 44th President. Every 4 mins a Bey stan gets their life

    4. Who also double as mathematicians.

    My theory on the @Beyonce album release date

    5. The folks who have literally been counting the days.

    Day 91: another morning waking up to no Beyonce album, when will the madness subside?

    6. This people who feel like their whole life is passing them by.

    7. The students ready to risk it all.

    If this Beyoncé album drops tm nite then I'm gonna have choose between that and registration for classes. So aka my life will be in shambles

    8. Even if that means they literally have to walk out on their education.

    if the beyoncé album comes out during school i WILL be leaving

    9. The ones losing friends over it.

    I made the unfortunate mistake of informing Rachel about leaked info about a new Beyonce album and WOW I REGRET IT BC SHE IS BAWLING

    10. The victims demanding the media find answers.

    Can y'all do an investigation on the upcoming Beyoncé album? The Hive needs answers. We feel victimized. @nbcsvu

    11. The nervous wrecks.

    Me waiting for this Beyoncé album

    12. Those who have began to question their faith.

    13. And Jesus.

    happy birthday @jesus wheres my beyonce album

    (folks are so distraught they're mixing up Easter and Christmas).

    14. Those whose health are at risk.

    My blood pressure, cholesterol and anxiety rises exponentially when a Beyonce album is imminent

    15. This girl who's clearly over it.

    16. The ones who have thrown all logic out the window.

    if Beyoncé album comes out while I'm asleep I'm gonna fight gravity for making my eyelids heavy

    17. The broken-hearted.

    Gotta stop believing these Beyonce album rumors. My heart gets broken every day 😩😭😰

    18. The obedient.

    When you've been in formation for weeks and Beyoncé still hasn't given you follow up orders.

    19. The people ready to spend whatever it takes.

    Me: Kanye West wants us to pay $20 for Life of Pablo? 😂 Me: Prepares to drop $50 for the new Beyoncé album.

    20. The exasperated.

    21. The folks who think every tweet is about the album.

    Fuck I thought this was about a Beyonce album RT @KidFury: Nigga, it's out now, my nigga!

    22. The people whose hearts won't let them sleep.

    I feel obligated to stay up for the next 24 hours in anticipation of the new @Beyonce album that MAY drop.

    23. The hopeless.

    Every morning this week, I have only gotten out of bed in hopes of a Beyoncé album.

    24. And people completely over everyone's shenanigans.

    If everyone keeps saying "new Beyoncé album!" every 2 hours of course you'll eventually be right. Playin too much.

    Shout-out to the few able to keep a level head during these trying times.

    Everyone is falling for these fake Beyoncé album rumors when the Bible CLEARLY STATES "None shall know the hour..."

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