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This Pig Masterfully Photobombed His Owners' Engagement Photos

What a babe.

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The three of them live and travel around the country together in a motorhome. "Ziggy is our child, our entire world. We mold our lives to fit him," Hartness told BuzzFeed.

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Hartness got Ziggy five years ago while she was living on the U.S. Virgin Islands; James came into the picture two years later. She chronicles Ziggy's travels on Instagram, Facebook, and a blog.

Naturally, Hartness and Yontz included Ziggy in their engagement photo shoot two weeks ago, and needless to say, the zaftig pig stole the spotlight.

But they all look better with a little dose of Ziggy, TBH.

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"Ziggy felt the need to photobomb as many as he could," Hartness said. "It makes sense because he is always glued to our side."

Ziggy even managed to roll around near the water, his happy place.

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"Ziggy's nuts. He loves to play, hike, and explore," Hartness said. "His favorite place on earth is the beach, and he can't ever get enough of the water."

Of all of the priceless shots, Hartness said this one is her favorite.

Brian Smyer / Via

"When Ziggy's outdoors, he's always very good, as long as all the attention is on him," Hartness said.

Hartness and Yontz are currently planning a small wedding for next spring — one that'll involve Ziggy, of course — but their bigger plan is to start an animal sanctuary.

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"Instead of having a big wedding, we'd like to use all the money going toward it to be funneled into the sanctuary, and we want friends and family to donate to help start it. It's always been a dream of ours. We want to offer the love we give to Ziggy to many other farm animals out there."

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