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    As It Turns Out, DJs Are Really, Really Rich

    It's a shit ton.

    This week Avicii announced that he'd be "retiring" from DJing, and would no longer be performing live or touring. This led me to wonder if he could afford to retire at age 26 (Boca Raton can get expensive!).

    Turns out, he can. Because this guy is worth 75-fucking-million dollars.

    Yes, 75 million dollars. Real dollars, not Monopoly money. As it turns out, DJs are rich as fuck. Here is what a bunch of DJs are worth according to, which estimates their wealth.

    DJ Tiesto: 105 million dollars

    David Guetta: 60 million dollars

    Daft Punk: 70 million dollars EACH. That means 140 million combined.

    Skrillex: 36 million dollars

    Calvin Harris: 110 Million dollars

    Armin Van Buuren: 55 million dollars

    Steve Aoki: 55 million dollars

    Zedd - 25 million dollars

    Diplo: 15 million dollars

    Kaskade: 43 million dollars

    DJ Khaled: 30 million dollars

    Steve Angello: 24 million dollars.

    Afrojack: 20 Million dollars

    Martin Garrix: 14 million dollars

    Deadmau5: 53 Million dollars

    And finally, DJ Pauly D: 20 Million dollars.