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Hamburger Helper Dropped A Mixtape For April Fools' And It's Actually Lit

Guys, what is going on?

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As what would APPEAR to be an April Fool's Day prank, Hamburger Helper dropped a five-song mixtape titled Watch the Stove earlier Friday.

I mean, this has to be a joke, right? RIGHT?!

But guys, no kidding around...this mixtape is actually straight 🔥. Hamburger Helper might have just pulled a Beyoncé and dropped the freshest tracks of 2016 right on our doorsteps, with no notice whatsoever.

And people online are LOVING the meaty music:

Seriously, the world was not ready for how good this mixtape turned out to be:

Columbia / Via Twitter: @ira

No one was ready for how hard Hamburger Helper was gonna go in the paint:

Even Taylor Swift was bumping it:

Apple Music / Via Twitter: @CBturnedHeel

Bernie was spinning along:

Kanye better watch his back, because The Life of Pablo has NOTHING on Watch the Stove:

And some real talk. Hamburger Helper beat Frank Ocean to the punch:

Nine months from now, there might even be Hamburger Helper babies.

Honestly, what is even going on anymore?!?!

Well played, Hamburger Helper. We'll see you at the Grammys.

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