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    Loads Of Cartoonists Are Currently Doing The Best April Fools’ Joke

    This is how you April Fools'.

    A group of webcomic artists have worked together to create a genius April Fools' joke.

    The artists coordinated a simultaneous release of their weekly artworks, which all feature the exact same joke.

    comic about splash damage

    so...a bunch of comics are stealing my jokes rn

    All the artists participating used the same four frames and punchline, only with their own characters.

    April fools

    The artists also appear to be staging fights on social media, accusing one another of stealing the original idea.

    And all you did was give a quick digital shave to this strip. J'accuse! @Loser_Mangaka @DoodleForFood

    sorry about all the confusion - a bunch of 'cartoonists' stole my work. I've hired the best to sue them all

    Whilst it's unclear where the joke started (some are suggesting possibly this Kris Wilson tweet), it's undeniably the most fun April Fools' joke of this year.

    Here's the new comic! Lots of other webcomics made fanart of it because they loved it so much.

    Willpjk is keeping a running tally of all the artists participating in the joke.