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14 Relationships Being Torn Apart By Nickelback

All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

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1. When people didn't know if they could be their real selves.

2. This "major secret" being kept from a girlfriend.

3. When Nickelback ruined the romance before it even started.

4. When you reveal your dark secrets too early.

5. When this boyfriend finally came clean.

6. When this guy really should have kept his mouth shut.

7. When Nickelback was weaponized to hurt the ones we love.

8. Seriously.

9. This is violence.

10. When marriages were at stake.

11. When this person had already factored in a hypothetical break-up in a hypothetical relationship.

12. When nobody was willing to take the plunge.

13. When this person feared the worst.

14. And when the worst came to pass.