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A Radio Station Pranked Vancouver By Turning The Trump Tower Into Trudeau Tower

April Fool's Day strikes again.

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A lot of people in Vancouver were convinced on Friday that the Trump Tower being built had been renamed to the Trudeau Tower by some April Fool's pranksters.

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Local radio station 102.7 The Peak shared photos of the signage outside the building that said "Trudeau" in the same gaudy gold font used by Trump.

This is what the construction signs actually look like.

Instagram: @chrisqchance

The building will open this summer. The group behind the development has already been pressured to drop the Trump name because he's such an awful person.

But if the whole thing seemed too good to be true, that's because it was.

Best April Fool's prank! Someone changed the Trump Tower sign in #Vancouver to read Trudeau Tower. -#PEAKMornings

BuzzFeed Canada called a church located across from the Trump Tower and nobody there had seen the Trudeau sign.

The Peak's morning show later confessed the real prank was that they were "reporting on a prank that never existed." This is like prank-Inception.

But not before a lot of people fell for it.

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