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    If This Bizarre Rumour Is True, Hrithik Roshan Has The Funniest, TROLLIEST Lawyers Ever

    Well played, legal team.

    On January 28, Hrithik Roshan decided to fight off rumours about his love life with what he thought was a funny tweet.

    Twitter: iHrithik

    Unfortunately on March 30, over two months later, the Christian Secular Forum sent him a legal notice for offending religious sentiments with the joke.

    Legal notice sent to actor Hrithik Roshan over his tweet made on Pope Francis, on January 28, 2016

    Well Roshan's lawyers have, allegedly, found the perfect defense, by claiming that the actor was actually referring to the Eurasian freshwater pope fish.

    According to Business Of Cinema, "The actor’s lawyers are now claiming that the word Pope was not referred to the religious authority, but it was referred to a fish."

    So, basically.

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    English is a funny language, folks.

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