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Posted on Apr 1, 2016

We Gave Two People With Clear Skin Acne For The Day And They Suddenly Understood The Struggle

“OH MY GOD! Look at your face.”

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We gave two people acne for a day. This is how it all went down:

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First of all, U MAD? Don't be. Ciara is just genetically blessed. But she was "ready to be educated."

Meanwhile, Shane confessed that he had acne during his adolescence, so he was kinda nervous to go back to that time in his life.

It was time for the makeup artist to paint very convincing pimples on their faces:

Shit just got real!

And for the record, acne definitely does not care about your plans.

They both posted photos on Instagram and got very different responses; Shane's followers were trying to console him, while Ciara's just told her she looked bad.

As the day wore on, Ciara had trouble looking at people in the eye, while Shane noticed that people had NO TROUBLE staring at his face.

Ciara was bummed and Shane desperately wanted to tell people it was fake. But toward the end of the day, Ciara's friends helped her get over it a bit by inviting her out.

She realized it was important to love herself and still do her thing. You can't let acne take over your life!

Of course these people only experienced a snapshot of a struggle some people deal with their entire lives, but it taught them to have more empathy for people's struggles and never judge someone externally.