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    Here Are The Best April Fools’ Day Pranks On The Internet For 2016

    It's that time again, people. Browse carefully! This post will be updated throughout the day.

    1. Google Cardboard Plastic

    This is the first headset for "actual reality." You can watch the fake ad here.

    2. CornHub

    Pornhub has replaced everything on their front page with corn.

    3. Lexus V-LCRO Technology

    Lexus announced that it's making a Velcro chair for its cars. Passengers would have to wear a suit made of Velcro fabric, as well. You can watch the fake ad here.

    4. Wolverine's Canadian military record.

    The Canadian Library and Archives released the military record X-Man, Canadian citizen, and overall badass James Howlett aka Wolverine.

    5. Groovy Maps

    Online. Offline. #FunkyTown is always fly. Just bring your groovy moves.

    It's like Google Maps, but funkier.

    6. Opentable Taste

    The restaurant reservation app has a new feature that lets you select a meal you'd like to taste and then lick that photo through your phone. You can watch the fake ad here.

    7. T-Mobile's Binge On

    T-Mobile is offering customers these (actually pretty sweet) helmets that let you binge all of the content you want from your phone. You can watch the fake ad here.

    8. Gmail's Mic Drop (which has already been pulled down)

    Apparently, earlier Friday, Gmail had a feature called "Mic Drop" that would let users eject themselves from email threads. It seems like it was being used pretty disastrously, though. A spokesperson wrote on a Google blog, "Due to a bug, the Mic Drop feature inadvertently caused more headaches than laughs. We’re truly sorry. The feature has been turned off."

    9. Zoosk's Burrit-OH!

    Dating site Zoosk has created an app that promises to match you up with your burrito soulmate.

    10. Google Netherlands' Self-Driving Bike

    We're excited to introduce the self driving bicycle. #selfdrivingbike Learn more here -

    Basically, what it sounds like.

    11. ROAM-e Flying Selfie Stick

    For only $349, you could have a drone that take selfies — although not totally sure if it's still a selfie if a drone takes it...

    12. Sony's Proton Pack

    Sony claims it has finally created the world’s first ghost-catching device. You can watch the fake ad here.

    13. BBC Store Video

    The BBC is bringing back VHS tapes. You can watch the fake ad here.

    14. YouTube #SnoopaVision

    YouTube has an actual button on all its videos today that lets you watch Snoop Dogg watch YouTube in 360-degree video. You can watch the fake ad here.

    15. Imgur for Pets

    Photo-sharing site Imgur has launched a pets-only section.

    16. Tumblr Decision 2016

    Tumblr has an election page up where users can vote for these four lizards — Rick, Mop, Deborah, and Wretched Tooth.

    17. Timehop Future

    Timehop is currently giving people updates from the future, including quotes from President Kanye West and an update on Justin Bieber.

    18. A group of web comic artists have done something amazing.

    comic about splash damage

    Seriously, just click here to check it out.

    19. Yahoo's now-deleted "Trader Joe's to Close All Stores by 2017, Plans to Discontinue Products" article.

    The post may have been pulled down from Yahoo's site, but it was first published here and you can see evidence of the damage it did on Twitter.

    i want to be sad about trader joe's but that place was always weird and creepy too me. except their cookie butter.


    The "Trader Joe's closing" thing made me gasp before I realized it's a prank. I hate pranks and I hate learning how dumb my priorities are.

    20. The mayor of the town of Shunan, in central Japan, announced the election of a Neko Bucho or Chief Cat.

    You can watch the press conference here.

    21. Whole Foods' Main Squeeze

    Whole Foods has released what appears to be a kale- and quinoa-centric dating app, but sadly, when you click on the download button, it just takes you to its main app.

    22. The French police announced a sniffer cat.

    #Nouveau Voici Gigi, 1er #Chat renifleur #stups de brigade féline pour inspecter des lieux jusqu'ici inaccessibles 🐱

    The official Twitter account for France's Gendarmerie Nationale posted photos of Gigi, their new drug-sniffing cat.

    23. Google Evening

    The Russian office for Google announced a newspaper called Evening Google that comes with printed coupons to send Google search queries. You can watch the fake ad here.

    24. EVINE's wigs for cats.

    View this video on YouTube

    Home shopping channel EVINE posted a video featuring wigs specially tailored for cats called Whiskers-n-Wigs.

    25. Ansell's condom recycling program.

    Australian condom company Ansell released a video featuring a condom recycling program where customers send used condoms via mail to qualify for rewards.

    26. Esurance election insurance.

    Esurance released a video offering home election insurance for people that want to move to Canada for four years if they're not pleased with the results of the upcoming presidential election.

    27. Rug Doctor rents out pugs.

    Rug Doctor is offering to rent pugs and calling the service "Pug Doctor." Pug rhymes wit rug, get it?

    28. Hamburger Helper dropped a mixtape.

    Hamburger Helper released an album on Sound Cloud that actually isn't half bad.