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June 11, 2012

Precious Moments Photo - Buzznet

Here's a little gallery of what I've been up to this weekend…snapshots taken during Boston Pride and the Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas. Special shoutout to all the Boston Moon Children - I loved seeing/hugging all of you. You give me so much ener…

Apple Fans Want iPhone 5 News At WWDC

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- With Apple's(AAPL) annual Worldwide Developers' Conference (WWDC) about to start in San Francisco, TheStreet's readers are most excited about the possibility of next-generation iPhone news.

How To Make Beer Ice Cream

My current pipe dream is to drive an ice-cream food truck and stock it with nontraditional flavors—tamarind sorbet, dark chocolate-beet ice cream, honey mustard custard. So far I can see only two obstacles: not having start-up capital and not having…

Bill Murray Slides On The Wet Field During A Rain Delay

During a rain delay during the fourth inning of a game between the Charleston Riverdogs and the Savannah Sand Gnats, Murray, 61, who is a part owner of the Riverdogs, a class-A Yankees affiliate, played slip and slide all over the field. As always, …

Lesbian Parenting Is Conservative Star's Newest Target

Mark Regnerus found that lesbians' kids fare worse, but critics blast his methods. "Liberty run amok can create extraordinary personal disaster," he says.

Flock Of Angry Kittens Get A Bath

After being brought home from a shelter, these stinky kitties needed a bath. Enjoy the sounds of six wet kitties that are NOT amused.

Fast Foodstagram

You know those annoying people who are always posting photos of their food on Instagram? People are also doing that with their Big Macs.

Watch Nancy Grace Tackle The "Vodka Mom"

Because nothing sells outrage like pourable props!

Haunting, Mysterious Photos From The Civil War

Can you help identify the subjects of these beautiful portraits? The Museum of the Confederacy is releasing these photos to the public in an attempt to generate leads, hoping to name the nameless.

22 Things You Should Know About Josh Henderson Before The Dallas Premiere

The continuation of the hit show Dallas, one of the most popular television shows ever premieres this Wednesday on TNT. Here are 22 things you may not know about Josh who will be playing the role of John Ross Ewing III. Disclaimer: I graduated high school with him.

New York Candidate Advertises Against Soda Ban

Republican Rep. Bob Turner, running for Senate in New York, turns up if you search for "soda ban" or "mayor bloomberg." "Downsize the U.S. Budget Deficit, Not Soda Cups."

Super Mario Bros Has Been Given A Modern Makeover

8-year-old me just shed a tear. Read: I just wept.

The Only Apple Post You Need To Read Today

New MacBooks? Mountain Lion? iOS? Here's everything you need to know in five minutes or less.

Kate Middleton's Controversial Red McQueen Dress Made The "Vogue" Best Dressed List

When Kim Kardashian wore the sleeveless version she had no such luck.

Floating Hotel Looks Way More Fun Than Non-Floating Hotel

It's called the Boatel and it looks like Water World meets Bonnaroo. A series of ships-for-rent in Far Rockaway, New York, the Boatel is described as "all summer adventure art camping on boats." Also, The Princess Bride.

This Is The Oldest Female Bodybuilder In The World

Ernestine Shephard started body building when she was 71. Now at 75 she is considered the oldest competitive bodybuilder in the world. Inspiration for us all to exercise!

Insane Food Prices In Northern Canada

In the remote northern Canadian territory of Nunavut, food comes with a shocking price tag due to transportation costs. The mostly Inuit population there has started a Facebook group with images of food prices to bring attention to the issue.

Oprah Winfrey Confronts 50 Cent About His Dog Named "Oprah"

I guess Oprah's new tactic for OWN is to make interviews as awkward and confrontational as humanly possible?

What If Dolly Parton Were Asian And Other Links

Howard Cao used celebrity impersonators for his "All Look Same" culture and race photo-manipulation series. Plus 11 Earth languages on the verge of extinction and tin foil hats are PART of the government conspiracy, not the cure.

How To Advertise An S&M Site On A Limited Budget

Just stick some Smack Me stickers with your URL on the bottom of ketchup bottles at bars. Boom.

The Empire Strikes Back: Behind The Scenes

Wouldn't it be cool to know what it was like behind the scenes of Empire Strikes Back? I thought so too.

The Lost Tributes Of "The Hunger Games"

Including Max Greenfield, Amber Rose, Questlove, Chloë Moretz, Chris Colfer, and Vinny from Jersey Shore.

15 Popular Websites As Dresses

Say "yes" to these dresses! You can check out more of the artists' work here. (via

Bill Hader Joins John Lutz In The First Webisode Of "The Front Desk"

This is the first episode of the new web series The Front Desk with Jon Lutz. This one features Bill Hader, not once...but four times!

Siri Does Sports Now

"Siri, is it raining at the Yankees game? Does Yankee Stadium serve linguica?"

Happy One Year To Mehhhhhh Photo

On Thursday June 7th I got my one year of sobriety!!! I celebrated by hanging with my close friends.. dinner at CPK.. and a beach day in Malibu.. Ivey got me an amazing silver braclet that says fuck yeah and has my sobriety date on it... I'm in love…

H&M’s Next Designer Collaboration: Maison Martin Margiela!?

According to WWD, H&M will announce a one-off holiday collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela “soon.” H&M has neither confirmed nor denied the collab, saying, “We never comment on rumors,” but we’re hoping this one happens, if only to see what fan…

Woman Goes On $2.1m Spending Spree With Tax Return Given To Her In Error... And May Have To Hand It Back

An Oregon woman who was given a $2.1m tax refund after filing a false claim went on a massive spending spree until she was caught. Krystle Marie Reyes was caught after she reported the visa card containing the sum had been lost.

The Coolest Celebrity Team Owners

These famous people are more than just fans.

How To Win Hide And Seek

It's easy, do what these people do.

Romney Campaign Video Takes Obama Wildly Out-Of-Context

A new web video from the Romney campaign claims the President flip-flopped on hiring more government workers. But, in context, he was talking about the decline in public sector employment during the last recession, compared to an increase under Ronald Reagan.

Exclusive Video: Casting Baby Fashion Models On The Streets Of New York

Casting director, kind of joking, kind of not: "Do you think she could lose maybe a few ounces by Friday?"

Deena From "Jersey Shore" Arrested: A Story In 40 Pictures

She was charged for disorderly conduct, but as these images clearly show, she should have been charged for being a SUPER DRUNK mess.

Just How High Is The New MacBook Pro's Screen Resolution?

Apple's "Next Generation" MacBook Pro starts at $2199 and has the first Retina-grade screen in a laptop computer. Here's what 2880 x1800 looks like. (Click to enlarge.)

Two Morons Attempt To Jump Across The Subway Tracks

Don't do this. Ever. These doofus daredevils decided to parkour across a New York City subway track. Will they make it? Regardless of whether or not they make it, are they still idiots? (HINT: The answer to one or both of these questions is "Yes.")

Beautiful Anomaly Spotted In Russian Night Sky

In the strictest sense, this is still a UFO. But is it a an extraterrestrial craft or the Russians gearing up their artillery?

Katy Perry May Portray Freddie Mercury's Girlfriend In Upcoming Biopic

According to multiple reports, Perry is about to play the Queen frontman's girlfriend, Mary Austin, in the upcoming biopic about his life. Sacha Baron Cohen is slated to play Mercury.

Meme Mastery Level: Peter Dinklage

The many faces of Tyrion Lannister. Henceforth, all meme faces will be replaced by that of Peter Dinklage.

Lessons From "Girls": You Don't Need A Tragic Story To Be Interesting

Do you really wish your boyfriend committed suicide by overdosing and crashing an old car? Didn't think so.

Amazing Video Of Firefighters Rescuing Two Puppies

At the very moment you've written off humanity, something like this comes along. The Fire Department in Detroit pull two unconscious dogs out of a burning house, and one selfless firefighter resuscitates them with his own oxygen tank and mask.

The Insane Anthem Of The Brogrammer

"The words 'Micro' and 'soft' don't apply to my penis (or vagina)." This song, accompanied by a sexy dance routine, was performed at a large European developer conference.

All The Blood, Guts, And Guidos From "Jersey Shore Shark Attack"

The SyFy masterpiece premiered over the weekend and it was amazing. The words "Joey Fatone just got eaten by a shark!" are exclaimed with complete seriousness in this movie, so you KNOW it's going to be good.

8 Easy DIY Yard Projects

NEW YORK (MainStreet) -- We tend to spend the most time out in our yard during the summer. Maintaining a well-kept yard is undoubtedly a major undertaking and a huge cost. You don't need to be a professional landscaper to spruce up your yard -- nor …

5 Olympic Diets That Look Healthy And Delicious

The 3,500 calorie feasts look particularly tasty. A group of Turkish Olympic hopefuls pose with their highly regimented daily diets. Much nicer than the Michael Phelps Human Garbage Disposal Diet.

A Kansas City Royal Made A Racist Joke About His Teammate On National TV

Bruce Chen was being interviewed for the Royals broadcast, when his teammate Humberto Quintero decided to have some questionable fun.

The Real Way People Clean Their Homes

Yes, yes and yes. Thanks Pleated Jeans for another hilariously true comic.

4 Famous Film Scenes With Kittens

Redditor haissam93 and her sister felt it was necessary to do these. I totally agree.

What Real And Fictional "Mad Men" Can Teach Us About Having It All

After four seasons of reckless self-interest, Don has learned pulled himself together somewhat — just like some of the famous female executives that ran ad agencies in the 60s in the real world, not a fictional one.

Recent College Grads Hit Bird On Cross-Country Road Trip

On their trip across America, four recent grads accidentally hit a bird. What they forgot was that the camera was rolling, and their "unique," reaction would be captured for all to tweet and RT.

New "Forbes" Ads Claim, "Money Makes You Look Younger"

See irrefutable photographic evidence to the contrary, after the jump.

29 Photos Of Baby Barack Obama

Love him or hate him now, pudgy little Barry was a pretty cute kid.

These 11 Disney Hip Hop Mashups Will Change Your Summer (And Life)

So, it's a fact, every rap song sounds better mashed up with a Disney movie.

Study: Feminists More Likely Than Non-Feminists To Back Attachment Parenting

Media coverage has long pitted attachment parenting — co-sleeping, extended breast-feeding, etc. — against feminist ideology. But a new study shows attachment principles are actually more popular with feminists than with other women.

Joan Rivers Hired Voodoo Priestess To Chase Out Apartment Ghosts

As president of her Manhattan condo building, Rivers doesn't just keep track of who moves in and out. She also redecorates the lobby and calls in ghostbusters when needed.

Deciding What To Eat

Oh significant other, why must you always be so difficult?

Thank You Baby Jesus: Damon Lindelof Is Rewriting ‘World War Z’

With Vince out for the day having another rib removed, we can finally talk about some real movie news around here. I’m talking about zombie movie news, and, in this case, the most important zombie film ever made – World War Z. Unfortunately, this ha…

Miniature Golf Is A Playable Book Now

Finally, a reason to read. (via

Video Of The "Fear Factor" Donkey Semen-Drinking Challenge Surfaces

This video of the failed Fear Factor stunt — which may be blurry and subtitled in Danish, where I guess this actually saw the light of day — is not for the faint of heart. NSFW(ish) for the mere fact that two ladies are seen chugging a large glass of donkey semen and pee.

Internet For Left-Handed People

Finally, a Chrome plugin that turns your cursor into a lefty.

This 75-Year-Old Female Body Builder Can Probably Outrun You

Next time you feel like skipping the gym, remember that this bodybuilding grandmother from Baltimore runs 10 miles every morning.

A Fan Kissed Croatia's Manager During Their Match Against Ireland

That's having the support of your fanbase. The kiss certainly didn't hurt; Croatia went on to beat Ireland 3-1.

John Sununu Finds Wisdom In Romney's Teacher "Gaffe"

Team Romney's best surrogate doubles down on the candidate's statements about jobs for teachers, police and firefighters.

Scott Disick Gives Himself A Ryan Gosling Makeover

Spray-on abs and shouting "I can't quit you" does not a Gosling make. Sorry, Scott: you're doing it wrong.

Chris Perez Gets His 20th Save, Projectile Vomits

The guy they call "Pure Rage" is good at pitching. Bad at not throwing up.

Here's Something Apple Definitely Won't Be Announcing Today

Apple's conservative design absolutism is arguably what's made it so successful. But, you know, what if? There's a lot to like in this wishful iOS redesign video, no matter what Apple does with iOS 6.

Lady Gaga Keeps On Singing After Being Hit In The Head With A Pole

As one of Gaga's backup dancers was attempting to remove a pole from the stage during her concert in Auckland last night, he accidentally bonked the singer right in the head. Video below.

Lindsay Lohan Car Accident Cover-Up?

Did Lindsay Lohan try to cover up the car accident she got into Friday? That what the driver of the truck she slammed into with her rented Porsche is saying.


I was sick of seeing pictures of hot girls at music festivals, so I took pictures of hot guys instead. The guys at Bonnaroo were particularly good looking and always shirtless. Sorry this is so creepy, It's a celebration of beauty.

Tommy Chong Claims He Will Beat Cancer Using Cannabis

He shot to fame as one half of comedy stoner duo Cheech and Chong. And now comedian Tommy Chong has revealed he is treating his early stage prostate cancer with hemp oil.

British Prime Minister David Cameron Forgot His 8-Year-Old Daughter In A Pub

David Cameron, a known "chillaxer," left his daughter in a pub on a day packed wall-to-wall with sports. Did the dedicated tennis fan get distracted?

The Best Neil Patrick Harris Moments From The Tony Awards

The man can even deliver laughs while hanging upside down as Spider-Man. NPH as the host of everything from now on, thanks!

Watch Bill Murray Have A Kick-Ass Time During A Baseball Rain Delay

One more reason Bill Murray is the coolest man in the world.

LeBron Rapping Eminem's "The Way I Am" Is Perfect

It's strange how the most powerfully honest moment LeBron has had in years happens when he's rapping along to someone else's word.

Obama's 1990 Article In The Harvard Law Review On Abortion

In this unsigned, and little read Harvard Law Review article, a young Barack Obama considered the obscure question of whether fetuses could sue their mothers. His answer, like most courts': No.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Says Mary Kennedy Abused Him

Divorce documents made public in the wake of Mary Kennedy's suicide include allegations that she physically abused her husband. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says of one occasion: "Soon after Mary became pregnant with our first son, Mary, in a sudden rage about my continued friendship with [my ex-wife] Emily, hit me in the face with her fist. She was a trained boxer and I got a shiner."

Batgirl Demands Equal Pay

Fun little PSA from the 1960s. She threatens to let Batman and Robin die if her demands aren't met.

Watch The Final Point Of Nadal's Triumph Over Djokovic At The French Open

Rafael Nadal has won his seventh French Open, and he beat the #1 player in the world to do it. (This was Djokovic's first French Open final.) Watch him take the championship point and then celebrate with his family.

In D.C., A Bipartisan Engagement Party

Secretary Clinton will fete Senator Collins at Whitehaven.

Jeb Bush: No Place For Father, Reagan In Today's GOP

The "dysfunction" is "disturbing," says the former Florida governor. A pox on both parties.

Man 'Sells' Body Fat For Charity

BARCELONA, Spain, June 10 (UPI) -- A Barcelona man says he is selling his body fat for charity.

Selena Gomez: "Justin Bieber Is A Hopeless Romantic"

"If I'll share anything with you, it's that he is a hopeless romantic," she said of Bieber. "I had just mentioned it in the car. All I said is that I really want to see "Titanic" again, and then..." We know -- he rented the entire 20,000-seat Staple…

Pixar's Story Rules: How To Create Compelling Stories

Over a month and a half, Pixar story artist Emma Coats tweeted out a series of lessons she learned on the job about how to create appealing stories. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Mushroom Processing Machine

You're not going to believe me, but this mushroom processing machine is pretty fascinating. There's lots of deceptively simple engineering to mechanically manipulate the mushrooms...the auto-alignment and size-sorting bits are especially interesting…

Best Dressed: Anna Wintour In Marc Jacobs, Kate Bosworth In Theyskens’ Theory And More

Fashion’s finest were out in full force for the CFDA Awards, allowing us to feast our eyes upon some of the most drool-inducing looks we’ve seen in a while. As if that wasn’t enough, Chanel’s “Little Black Jacket” event and the Veuve Clicquot Polo C…

Kelly Cutrone On Janice Dickinson: ‘She’s An Erratic, Unpredictable Bitch’

If there is one person in the industry no one wants to piss off, it’s Kelly Cutrone. [Ed. note: OK, really it's Anna Wintour, but she won't put your shit on blast like Cutrone.] The lifestyle guru, America’s Next Top Model judge, and PR maven is kn…

ANTM Alum Isis Is The First Transgender Model To Star In An American Apparel Ad

American Apparel is no stranger to controversial advertising: You’d be hard pressed to name something the LA-based brand hasn’t already done. Between nipples, pubic hair, and non-homogenized milk-consumption, there’s little master-mind Dov Charney c…

War Photographer Steve McCurry To Shoot 2013 Pirelli Calendar, Karlie Kloss Rumored To Be In It

The Pirelli calendar, known for its artsy and very naked photographs of celebs and models, shot, usually, by fashion photographers like Mario Sorrenti (who did last year’s), Terry Richardson, or Karl Lagerfeld, is headed in a very different directio…

Apple To Reveal 3D Mapping Service 'Next Week', As Campaigners Say Privacy Will Go 'Out The Window' Thanks To High-resolution Images Which Will Spy Into Your Home

Privacy has long been a thing of the past. We are safe nowhere nor private. We can be going about our business in a very law abiding way doing what we like yet being watched. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't know what they are talking about. I've…

Mr. Rogers Gets The Mash-up Treatment From PBS And Symphony Of Science's John Boswell

Mister Rogers gets the auto-tune treatment with a new mash-up called "Garden of Your Mind."

Selena Gomez And Nick Kroll Star In "Fifty Shades Of Blue"

This parody from Funny or Die cast the Bieb's girlfriend and "The League" star Kroll as the romantic leads in a "50 Shades Of Grey" knockoff. I'd actually much rather watch this movie than the actual "50 Shades Of Grey" movie.

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