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June 14, 2012

2012 NFL Power Rankings Now That Free Agency Is Over

Summer is a season of optimism in the NFL . Every draft pick is a hit, every new free agent is a bargain and anyone who left was a bum anyway. Injuries are months away, and everyone looks great in shorts...

The Evolution Of 8-Bit Art

From it's roots in nostalgia, 8-bit is breaking free into a stand alone art form. PBS Off Book strikes again with another interesting mini-documentary on an aspect of internet culture.

The Colors Of Wes Anderson Movies

Somebody put together a color palette for The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, The Life Aquatic, The Darjeeling Limited, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Moonrise Kingdom. Thanks, internet!

The Furry Lexicon

Furries are just like scientologists or doctors -- they use a bunch of weird terms they made up. Here's your pocket furry dictionary:

Can Kickstarter Fix Menswear?

Some ambitious entrepreneurial tailors and underwear manufacturers seem to think so.

11 Rules For Life

Improve your life now. NOW!!!

25 Famous People Who Are Older Than Kevin Durant And Russell Westbrook

The two best players on the NBA's (probably) best team are only 23 years old. And, believe it or not, all these other stupid-young famous people are older than them.

2012's Best RPGs So Far... And Yet To Come From

Halfway through 2012, we take stock of the best role-players so far and up ahead.

21 Swimming Tips To Make Your Summer More Enjoyable

Swimming is the best part of summer. Don't mess it up.

All The Times Maggie Gyllenhaal Said The Word "Vibrator" On TV This Week

What good is a romantic comedy about the invention of the vibrator if you're not going to awkwardly discuss it on the talk show circuit?

What Famous Bounty Hunters Have Been Up To Lately

Well, at least they found work.

Rubio Makes Peace With Univision

His first interview with the Spanish-language network since a bitter battle last summer.

The MacBook Air Jordan

I'm about to cry.

Recessionary Rise In Stay-At-Home Dads May Have Permanent Effects

The number of stay-at-home dads jumped 14 percent last year. One expert says some of that change may be permanent.

The Dugout: Matt Cain's Perfect Game

Last night, San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain threw a perfect game. The 10-0 victory over the Houston Astros was the first perfect game in Giants franchise history and only the 22nd in Major League Baseball history. Some are calling it the gr…

Deadly Flesh-eating Bacteria Claims First Life As Sixth Case Of Killer Infection Is Identified

Pastor Lynda Snyder from Sacramento has died after developing a deadly bacterial infection that acts so quickly it looks as if the skin is being eaten.

What She Said: So I Made A New Friend

So I made a new friend recently. But not in the real world. Because who even talks to people in the real world anymore? I made this friend on Twitter. I can usually tell if I’m going to like a person right away based solely on how much they like oth…

The Fix Is Always In

Conspiracy theories — like the ones flying about the NBA Lottery and Manny Pacquiao's loss — are an integral part of sports. Even though they're almost never true.

Corgis Do "Call Me Maybe"

An all-dog take on the pop hit by "Corgi Rae Jepesen" aka The Pet Collective.

Portman And Rubio's Double Audition

Senators Portman and Rubio speak back-to-back at a conservative conference.

The Pimm's Cup: The Perfect Cocktail For Summer Day Drinking

Equally delicious at Wimbledon, Kiwi Christmas barbecues, and summer garden parties.

Old Dudes Love "Girls"

According to ratings data obtained by Vulture, HBO's 20-something comedy Girls is most popular among white men over 50. About 56 percent of the overall audience is male, and the median viewer age is 43. Compare that to 38, the median viewer age for Sex and the City, whose characters were a full decade older than Girls' characters when the series launched.

Editors At 12 Magazine Defend Their ‘Beauty’ Editorial Featuring Brutally Injured Women

Last week we posted an editorial that appeared in 12 magazine called “Victim of Beauty”, featuring close-up shots of perfectly made-up models sporting horrendous wounds and injuries. When I saw it, I had an immediate reaction: disgust, shock, and “W…

Not That You Need An Excuse To Drink Bourbon, But Today Is Bourbon Day

Hello there! It is once again the day we celebrate the birth of bourbon, that sweet Kentucky nectar the legends tell was first produced on this day in 1789. How should you commemorate this important occasion? I suggest "with bourbon." Here are two o…

Microscopic Grass Is Happy To See You And Other Links

You will never be as happy as this blade of grass. Maybe it's just pleased that you're going to jail for not mowing the lawn or glad mushrooms are main ingredient in a new type of beer.

Craft Wars: The Repurposed Book Champion

Your favorite way to revamp an old book is...

Scenes FromThe 2012 Incredible Surfing Dog Challenge

Who doesn't love a surfing dog?!?!

Living The Yahoo! Answers Lifestyle

What it's like to spend a day following the very worst advice on the internet.

The DOs And DON'Ts Of Euro 2012

Your ultimate guide to one of the biggest soccer tournaments in the world.

'Game Of Thrones' Producers Apologize For "Beheading" George W. Bush

However, no one noticed that Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss had stuck a likeness of George W. Bush's head on a spike until they revealed it themselves on the season 1 DVD commentary (via io9). Watch the clip, courtesy of Perez Hilt…

They Really Went All Out For The New Die Hard Poster

As you can see by this comparison of the new A Good Day to Die Hard poster taken yesterday at a licensing expo in Las Vegas, with the official poster for 2007′s Live Free or Die Hard, Fox is really going all out with their marketing efforts. Get it?…

Psychics: The New Therapists?

For some people these days, going to a psychic is about as normal as going to a yoga class. Though experts say psychic readings are a means of skirting problems, they might actually be better for some than a session with a lousy therapist.

What Is A Furry?

This weekend, BuzzFeed will be heading to Anthrocon, the largest furry convention in the U.S. For those who aren't familiar with the furry lifestyle, here's a primer.

Polite, Cute, Disgusting Men's Room Sign

Charlie Chaplin would like to have a couple of words with you about human waste.

Bacon Sundae Off: BuzzFeed Vs. CollegeHumor

The great bacon sundae massacre of 2012! BuzzFeed's best eater vs. College Humor's best eater in a knock down, drag out, winner take all, Burger King bacon sundae eat-off. Best non-puppy thing streaming live on the internet today, promise.

Winnipeg Currently Hates Rob Lowe

The actor is currently filming a biopic about Casey Anthony in Winnipeg and managed to upset everyone who lives there by calling it a "hellhole." Well, kind of.

The Most Peaceful Countries In The World

"If the world had been completely peaceful in 2011, the economic benefit would have been an estimated US $9 trillion." This is based on Vision of Humanity's interactive GPI map which can be viewed here.

What's One Meme You Absolutely Can't Stand?

Alright guys, confession time, what meme just infuriates you to no end? Throw your least favorites in the comments!

Bruce Lee's Advice On Life Is Epic

Be water my friends.

Kristen Wiig And Ben Stiller Look Really Old On The Set Of Their New Movie

They are filming "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." Already sold on this movie.

12 Amazing DIY Nail Art Designs Using Scotch Tape

If you've ever wondered how girls get perfectly geometric nail art, the execution probably involved something as simple as cut-up Scotch tape. These simple visual tutorials show you how to make some striking designs without a trip to the salon.

35 Of The Most Awesome Ideas People Had When They Were High

HighDEAS is a place that people can go to and express whatever they are thinking while high. But are they high or GENIUS?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Mourns The Death Of Her Mother

Jennifer Love Hewitt is grieving the death of her mother Patricia Hewitt, who died from cancer-related complications on Tuesday. She was 67.

16-Year-Old Girl Lasciviously Bumps & Grinds On Her School Teacher [Video]

¡Ay dios mio! A 16-year-old Brazilian girl was filmed grinding on her teacher like some common and ungracious reggaetonera by one of her classmates. After rubbing her teenage junk all over her superior, the adolescent performed a sexual chair dance …

Obama Camp Signals Opposition To "Reckless Clown" Barron

A radical Democrat rattles nerves in Washington, D.C. Jeffries got a quiet photo and blessing from Obama.

Watch A Pitcher Become Immortal

Matt Cain threw the 22nd perfect game in Major League history last night. Watch the final at bat, and the celebration that followed.

Lawn Blister Is Vaguely Gross

This is what happens when water builds up under grass. Ugh, why would you stop filming before you popped it? We need closure!

Conan O'Brien Visits The Lincoln Presidential Museum

The perfect video for fans of history, Conan O'Brien, or just things that are funny.

Why There Won't Be An Instagram Of Video Anytime Soon

Have you seen yourself on video? You look terrible. And that's just one of the problems.

Our Billionaire Philanthropists

In June of 1889, Andrew Carnegie published his essay "Wealth" in the North American Review: a famous document, as remarkable for the author’s delusional self-regard as it is for the case he makes for private philanthropy. The steel baron launched hi…

Italian Fans In Blackface

This is not the best way to support Mario Balotelli.

LeBron James Deserves A Ring

The Thunder are winning the war of public opinion. But LeBron deserves the championship just as much as they do.

Career Confidential: The Dirty Secrets Of Dry Cleaning

I worked at a dry cleaners for three years. If you think we really got your clothes clean, think again.

Slug Death Gauntlet Ends In Tragedy

Although he died a warriors death, I am sad to report the first casualty of the gauntlet has been recorded.

The Most Ironic Crocs Photo You'll Ever See

Sure it's an alligator but don't look a gift visual pun in the mouth. Or some other horribly mangled metaphor.

The Best And Worst Countries To Be A Woman

Taking into account factors like safety from trafficking, health resources, and workplace opportunities, a recent survey found that Canada and Germany were the best places to be a woman out of the 19 countries studied, all of which are considered large economic powers. Saudia Arabia and India ranked last, while the United States came in sixth.

French First Lady Starts Twitter War With President's Ex

This is yet another way the French aren't like us — can you imagine Michelle Obama dissing the President's exes on Twitter?

Paul McCartney In A Cat Costume

Well this is certainly awkward.

Low-Carb Diets

The latest viral buzz from

Hot Or Not Katy Perry's Flapper Chic Photo Yasi's Photos

Katy Perry certainly likes to change it up fashion-wise. One minute it's pyro-technic cupcake bras, the next it's latex domme dresses. Her latest incarnation? 1920s flapper chic, as evidenced by the outfit she wore to the City Of Hope event in Los A…

Some Spanish Pro Hit A Hole-In-One On A PAR FOUR At The U.S. Open

This basically never, ever, EVER happens. ALSO: get excited, kids. U.S. Open starts today.

George W. Bush Was Totally Beheaded In "Game Of Thrones"

Well, now we know how Bush would have fared in Westeros.

Scott Walker's Advice For Mitt Romney

Send a clearer message on the economy, but don't be like Herman Cain. "It doesn't have to be 9-9-9 or something like that."

Lena Dunham Professes Her Love For Jimmy Fallon To Jimmy Fallon

This is so adorable because it's basically every girls dream to meet — and be on the same level with — the guy you've been in love with your whole life.

Drake Beat Up Chris Brown

Nice coke booger, Chris.

Weird Little Dioramas The Internet Couldn't Help But Love

How do you get the internet to go nuts over old school arts and crafts? Just add a little ultraviolence.

Lena Dunham Wrote A Play About Switching Bodies With Jimmy Fallon

She penned it in high school and naturally told him all about it when she appeared on Late Night yesterday. We must find this play!

It's Really Scary To Have A War Photographer Dad

My father's job keeps him constantly in danger, but I'd never ask him to change it.

This Giraffe Just Wants To Swim

Does anyone know where can I get a pet giraffe?

The Worst Parents Buy Their Son A New MacBook Pro Because He Promised Not To Be Gay

I've been seeing this everywhere on Facebook. The original Craigslist posting has since been flagged for removal.

Walker: Public Union Power To Decline Everywhere

Predicts that organized labor won't have the same power it once did, post-recall.

A Tribute To Dad Fashion

They're the original purveyors of effortless cool and geek chic. Whether it's a frumpy cardigan or a dapper blazer, girls have to try way harder to pull it off. Here are 10 trends we've stolen from our dads and grandpas.

How To Help A Friend Through A Breakup

A survival guide for when your BFF gets dumped.

Adidas Slave Shackles

WTF Adidas???

Four-Year Old Shot And Killed By Dad Suspecting He Was Gay

Self-proclaimed religious radical Peter Lucas Moses shot and killed his four-year old stepson in the head because he suspected he was gay. Cenk and Ana Kasparian argue that this shows how much further we have to go for gay equality.

Mitt Romney's Strategist In 1994: "Mormon Card" Beat Romney

Mitt Romney's current chief strategist, Stu Stevens, dissected his future boss's 1994 Senate defeat on C-SPAN that year. "The Kennedy campaign very insidiously played the Mormon card in Massachusetts, by simply saying over and over again they weren't going to talk about the fact that Romney was a Mormon," Stevens said. "This sort of worked. The Romney campaign should have reacted more quickly to it." The audio on this video cuts in and out a bit at the beginning.

Madonna Shows Her Butt At Italy Concert

Days after exposing her bare right breast during a show in Turkey, Madge shows some more skin -- this time mooning concertgoers in Rome

Hot Or Not Blake Lively's Blazing Hot Blazer Dress Photo Yasi's Photos, maybe I missed something, but when did coats become dresses? Specifically blazers, which sort of literally make it business on top, party on bottom. First Rihanna wore one out and about, then later Miley Cyrus stunned at the Billboard mus…

Random Photo Fun - Buzznet

Hey Guys, I decided I have so many fun pictures and have yet to share any of them with you on here is a gallery of just random photos that I thought you might like! xo

My New ShoeDazzle Sneakers On Jasminevillegas' Blog

Casual doesn't have to be boring. Check out my new Soar Sneakers by @ShoeDazzle. I LOVE the buckle and stud details, too cute! in jasminevillegas' Journal

‘The Hobbit’ Will Also Have A Dwarf/Elf Romance Subplot

Evangeline Lilly (above) is playing a Woodland Elf named Tauriel in The Hobbit, a character created by Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, and Philippa Boyens for these two Hobbit movies. I was hoping, when they added a female character, she wouldn’t have to…

1st Picture Of Renesmee Cullen From Twilight Breaking Dawn 2

At long last, Summit Entertainment (via EntertainmentWeekly) has released our first glimpse at the telepathic vampire former fetus from The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2. Mackenzie Foy plays Renesmee, the hybrid fetus whose amniotic shake bring…

Chuck Norris The Movie Trailer

Someone in Hollywood please, please, please make this.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Foy 'Twilight

If Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had a baby girl, what would she look like? (Besides "gorgeous," obviously.) That's the question that Twilight producers had to answer when casting Renesmee, the ethereal half-vampire child who appears in Break…

Everybody Poops, Even Competing Athletes

ESPN "goes there" with a piece about how, sometimes, athletes are so busy competing that they do not stop to poop. Jesu

All You Can Get: Ryan Yoon For Virgin Magazine Photo

Ryan Yoon is amazing anyway but I just found this epic editorial called All You Can Get that he shot for the premiere issue of Virgin Magazine a little while back. The editorial uses everyday objects like laundry detergent packs and coke cans to cre…

64-Year-Old Arnold Schwarzenegger Thinks He's Going To Do Two New Terminator Movies

Arnold Schwarzenegger may be an old man, but he’s not taking the girly-man route and switching his focus to more intelligent, contemplative movies like that pencil-neck Clint Eastwood. Oh no, according to Arnold he’s going to make up for all that ti…

What Do Your Shoes Say About You? Way More Than You Think, New Study Reveals

You know that old X-rated saying, “the bigger the shoes, the bigger the…” I think you know the rest. Anyway, there’s a new study out that proves you can actually tell a whole lot about a person from his or her shoes–personality-wise, that is. Resea…

Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results: How Boxing Will Be Hurt By Shocking Decision

The boxing world was stunned at the sight of Timothy Bradley walking out of the ring with an unearned victory against Manny Pacquiao on Saturday night. It was a black eye for the sport that may never be erased...

French Open 2012 TV Schedule: How You Can Catch The Delayed Men's Finals

The match moving to the NBC Sports Network should boost ratings for the network formally known as Versus that re-branded itself in January. The Stanley Cup Finals, Triple Crown coverage and now the French Open have given the network great exposure.

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