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June 13, 2012

Welcome Jasmine Villegas To The Buzznet Family On Jasminevillegas' Blog

Hey young world ! I'm officially part of the Buzznet family. This will be my new website where you can find my new pics, videos, quotes etc on a daily basis. For those of you who don't know me I'm an 18 year old pop/urban singer originally from the …

Meryl Streep Says She’d Play Miranda Priestly Again In A Devil Wears Prada Sequel

Streep, on the red carpet at last night’s Women In Film 2012 Crystal + Lucy Awards, was just there to support her pal Viola Davis who was being honored with the Excellence In Film Award. So when Robinson, like an ace reporter, snuck one in at the en…

Freedom Through Stealth From

Once seen as a joyless burden, stealth-driven gameplay now offers gaming's most liberating design.

Twitter And Facebook Are Gradually Becoming One

Twitter's new expanded tweets bring the internet's two most important social networks just a little closer together.

So! Who's Ready For "50 Shades Of Grey" Home Furnishings?

Yes, a furniture line based on the book might actually happen — along with perfume, clothes, and the more obvious sex toys. BuzzFeed Shift's Anna North and I discuss over IM.

"Rural Wearable Art Showcase" Includes Clothing Made Of Grass, Duct Tape, And Cow Medication

National Agricultural Fieldays is a massive agricultural trade show in Hamilton, New Zealand. Today, they put on an agriculture-themed fashion show where designers are tasked with creating "wearable art garments from materials found and / or used on farms or the land." Here's what it looked like.

The Drunk Celebrity Hall Of Fame

We don't blame you — we've all been there.

18 Life Changing Ways To Have Bacon

Take everything you ever knew about bacon and eat it (who would throw away bacon?) Then read this post.

Liberty City Car Washes Get The Worst Yelp Reviews

A video aptly titled “This car was is a bit too abrasive” came to our attention. I’m not sure exactly how HelixSnake got GTA IV to do this, but now I want it to be DLC. And the timing was perfect, from someone yelling, “I hate people” just as Niko i…

Hot Or Not Avril Lavigne Shaves Part Of Her Head Photo Yasi's Photos

Following in the footsteps of Skrillex, Rihanna, and a lot of punk kids who have been rocking this hairstyle since far before Bangarang , our girl Avril Lavigne has debuted her very own partly-shaved-head hairstyle. The 27-year old singer was spotte…

Lady Gaga’s New Perfume Revealed

For the last few months Lady Gaga has not figured that prominently in our news feeds or in our thoughts–the occasional concert ban notwithstanding. But suddenly she’s everywhere! We learned yesterday that Mother Monster already shot the cover of Vog…

This Is What Happens When You Crack An Egg 20 Meters Underwater

This looks like so much fun. Someone get me an egg and a scuba suit.

The Only Mixtape You'll Need For The NBA Finals

Assigning the best new music to the players who fit it best, so you have something to listen to in between games for the next couple weeks.

30 Very Sound Pieces Of Advice

Everyone needs a little advice sometimes. Feel free to pick and choose here.

Scenes From The 2012 Baby Jumping Festival

El Colacho aka The Baby Jumping Festival is a traditional Spanish festival dating back to 1620 that takes place annually to celebrate the Catholic feast of Corpus Christi. A man dresses up as the devil and jumps over babies on a mattress. Enjoy!

Complaints To Apple's Nonexistent Twitter

Apple doesn't use an official namesake Twitter account. But that doesn't stop people from sending complaints to "@apple".

Romney Strategist: "No State More Important Than Ohio"

The plan: Credit Kasich, blame Obama. "They say that to all the swing states," says Navarro.

What TV Character Have You Wanted To Be?

TV—we watch so much of it, it's only inevitable that eventually we'd want to be it too: time-traveling, crime-solving, vampire-slaying, endless-cheeseburgers-at-Luke's-Diner-eating heroes. Once while on a particularly grueling rowing trip on the Hud…

Arkansas Football Player Wrote A "Sonnet" About Being A Razorback, Doesn't Know What A Sonnet Is

Vin Ascolese is an incoming freshman recruit for the Arkansas Razorbacks football team and an aspiring poet. He's so excited about being at Arkansas that he forgot how sonnets worked.

10 Bizarre Schools From Around The Country

Parents at a New York City school started by The Blue Man Group are complaining about the school's unorthodox teaching methods. Ahead, more on that and nine other "unique" schools from across the country.

26 Must-Know Facts About Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen

The most famous twins in the universe turn 26 today. Here are 26 things you just gotta know about them! Does What Every Email Service Should By Default, a free web app, rolls all your mailing list messages into a once-daily digest. More importantly, you can instantly mute any sender from within the app — none of that "reply with ______ to unsubscribe" nonsense. (It feels great.) Think of it like a Gmail Labs project that Google never had the balls to release.

Usher Covers "Pumped Up Kicks"

Well this is unexpected.

Before Vegas Was Vegas And Other Links

That glittering strip of vice wasn't always so overwhelming. Also, Iceland is trying a different approach to bailouts and Peter Jackson is making more changes to The Hobbit.

3 Dividend Growth Stocks I Have Been Buying At Any Price

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- While I enjoy writing and debating about my more speculative positions, dividend-paying growth stocks comprise a majority of my portfolio. I own a few stodgy stocks, but, for the most part, you cannot call my dividend payers …

Dallas Is Back...And J.R. Ewing Is Alive And Well On TNT

On May 3, 1991, the iconic nighttime soap, Dallas, took its final bow after 14 seasons. On June 13, 2012, viewers will see Dallas resurrected on TNT (at 9 p.m. ET) -- with most of its core cast in place. Plus a new generation of conniving family mem…

Funeral For A Beached Whale

Sad and touching. Residents of White Rock, British Columbia gathered yesterday to pay their respects for a beached humpback whale.

Nelly Is For Old People

"It's getting hot in here, so take off all your robes."

First Look! Renesmee From "Breaking Dawn Part Two"

Okay, this is no Kirsten Dunst but she is pretty cute. And at least this casting heralds the end of the series.

NBA Commissioner To Jim Rome: "Have You Stopped Beating Your Wife Yet?”

Well this isn't a good look for the NBA's commissioner.

Charlize Theron Shaves Her Head

So why the big change? Well, Theron's rep confirms to Us Weekly that the actress buzzed off her blond locks for her role as Furiosa in the upcoming post-apocalyptic action movie Mad Max: Fury Road. She stars in that long-awaited, long-delayed film o…

29 Top-Level Domains That Are Cooler Than .Com

The internet powers that be are allowing people to apply for new top level domains — that's the ".com" or ".biz" part of a web address. Here are 29 actual applications, each of which cost nearly $200k to submit. Most of these aren't going to make the cut, but we can hope.

The Best And Worst Reactions To Carrie Underwood's Gay Marriage Endorsement

After Carrie Underwood endorsed gay marriage in an interview with The Independent this weekend, critics were wondering how her conservative fan base would react. Judging from her Facebook fan posts, reaction is mixed. There's definite backlash there, but there's also a ton of support. I doubt this is going to turn into a Dixie Chicks thing. History is on Carrie's side.

Rand Paul: Romney Endorsement Doesn't Affect "The Things I Support"

Gives an interview to the Daily Paul to try and reassure outraged Paulites. It's time to "transform the goal," Rand says.

11 Sexist Tech Ads

The latest computers come with dual-core processors and a double helping of sexism.

If You Have Sex With An Underage Girl, You're A...

New anti-statutory rape ads, via Milwaukee.

17 Vintage Thrill Rides Of Questionable Safety

Victorians loved a good amusement park. Spending exorbitant amounts of money to queue in long lines in the hot sun for 30 seconds of adrenaline is a summer tradition.

Batman Trilogy Fan Poster Is Just The Best

The best yet mashup of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.

Sexting Teens Don't Care About Legal Consequences

A new study has found that being aware of the possible legal consequences of sexting doesn't make teens do it any less. In fact, it may just make them sext each other more.

This Elvis Impersonator Is Also A Hoarder

A preview of what looks to be like another super-depressing episode of TLC's Hoarding: Buried Alive.

The Secret Meaning Of The Lines On A Solo Cup

When some unknown ancient civilization invented the Solo cup, they placed several lines on the outside of the cup, seemingly at random intervals. Was it a star chart? A moon calendar? A representation of their water god? Recently internet memitician…

The Best Tweets Of Bryce Harper's #thatsaclownquestionbro

Can Harper’s new theme just be circus music?

PlayStation Plus Prompts Me To Rethink My Xbox Live Subscription

Why am I paying for Live when that same money could be getting me free games?

10 Luxury Gifts Dad Can’t Live Without

Forget neckties and barbecue tongs. Today’s dads want to be pampered on Father’s Day. We came up with 10 luxury items the dad in your life will thank you for throughout the year.

Terrifying And Amazing Video Of Child Thrown From Car

Miraculously, this toddler did not suffer any major injuries. An 18-month-old girl is ejected from a rolled SUV following a high speed police chase in Lubbock, Texas. The four teenagers in the vehicle, including the girl's parents, had just committed an armed robbery and are now in custody.

The Zombie Apocalypse Has Spread To Food


35 Photographs Of Barack Obama As A Young Man

You've seen the baby pictures. Here he is as a teen and up.

25 Hilarious Videos That Are All Under 20 Seconds

Well, what are you waiting for? Get to watching!

13 More Dispiriting Ad Rewrites From "Depressed Copywriter"

Including, a nice evisceration of one of those stupid John Travolta Breitling watch ads.

Oliver Stone Smokes A Joint On The Cover Of "High Times" Magazine

Oliver Stone, most famous for making me fall asleep during "W" (just kidding), is releasing a new movie called "Savages". So, like any good filmmaker, he plugged it by smoking a joint on the cover of a magazine.

21 Vintage Covers Of "Smash Hits" Magazine

Founded in 1978, Smash Hits was the UK's rad, alternative answer to pop music magazines of the time. Though the print edition ended in 2006, we can still admire the older editions as cataloged by the awesome archive site, Like Punk Never Happened.

Attorney General Eric Holder Vs. Rep. Darrell Issa

BuzzFeed's Zeke Miller joins The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur to discuss Attorney General Eric Holder's reluctance to turn over "Operation Fast and Furious" documents to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, chaired by Rep. Darrell Issa.

14 Shockingly Dapper Mugshots From Australia

1920s Australia was a weird place. You can see the complete set here. (via

Study: Liberal Anti-Mormonism On The Rise

The left have turned against the faith since 2008, according to a new study, spurred by Romney and same-sex marriage.

The First Thing You'll Notice About iOS 6

It's not the new Maps app, or Facebook integration. How one tiny UI change — "a little booger" — is stealing the show.

The Guy Who Sings "Chocolate Rain" Covered "Call Me Maybe"

The internet can be a beautiful place.

Why Female Doctors Make Less

Female physicians earn about $12,000 less annually than their male counterparts, according to a new study that took into account common wage-gap causes — like amount of work hours and areas of specialty. Researchers speculate that this particular gap exists because women, when choosing a new job, are more likely to accept a lower-paying position if it means better job location and community.

Russian Policemen Get Owned By A Civilian

This qualifies as one of those "Only in Russia" moments. It's awesome.

Bacon Sundae At Burger King Is Real, Needs To Be Inside Of Me

NOW. Burger King is unleashing their summer menu on our unsuspecting arteries, and I couldn't be happier.

Ultimate Video Game Truck Is Nerd Heaven

Redditor jfentonnn built this truck for his business and I must say I am quite impressed. Is it better than this guys collection? Maybe.

The Irony Of Applebee's 'Life Is Better Shared' Ad Campaign

BuzzFeed SHIFT's Amy Odell joined HLN's Christie Paul and discussed Applebee's new ad campaign that is encouraging people to get offline and come drink at their restaurant — and then sends you to their Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. "It's not really going viral which I think was the point so I think they missed the mark," Odell said. Also: "Girl's Night Out Goddess." Really?

Andy Cohen Was A Hottie With An Afro

He was on Fallon last night and shared some images that can be found in his new book "Most Talkative." He's still hot now, just without the 'fro.

Bryce Harper Tells Reporter, "That's A Clown Question, Bro"

Never talk about Canadian beer in front of Bryce Harper.

Please Don't Make Me Wear A Bra

It's not that I'm ideologically opposed. I just... hate them.

How Text Messages Will Revolutionize Campaign Fundraising

A new FEC rule means you can give money with a text. A new challenge to email — and a boost for Obama.

Korean Subway Car Turned Into A Beach

Toes in the sand or the sea, your choice.

Super Mario Gets Kim Cattrall Hot And Bothered

Samantha Jones has had many fetishes in her day but her oddest is probably this Mario Tanooki suit thing. Whatever floats your boat, lady.

Rihanna Looked Sort Of Topless Walking Around New York City

But it's not like anyone cared that much — she's not OLD like Madonna, after all.

Is This Kim Kardashian Eating Nude In A Hotel Room?

Kanye West tweeted a photo of a woman eating room service in the buff late last night. But is it really Kim Kardashian? [NSFW- Nudity from behind]

The Cutest Dog At Bonnaroo

His name is Scooby and he's really into indie music. He also likes smiling.

Jenny McCarthy Won't Wax For Upcoming 'Playboy' Spread

The reality show host is excited about her upcoming photo shoot, but she isn't making it easy for audiences to see every single detail in the nude cover spread. When asked if she plans to show all of her body, McCarthy explained that not waxing down…

A Team Of People Are Meticulously Cleaning Sarah Jessica Parker’s Apartment Before Obama Gets There (Anna Wintour Stopped By Too)

Obviously when the President is coming over to your place for dinner, you’re going to clean up a bit. Or, if you’re Sarah Jessica Parker, you’re going to hire a whole team of people to meticulously clean it for you. SJP has been vigorously preparing…

Airline Offers Passengers Luxury Private Suites Complete With Double Bed And Italian-Stitched Armchair... And There's No Need To Worry About The Leg-room!

Singapore Airlines is offering private suites on its A380 aircraft but you'll need to be rather wealthy to enjoy the luxury facilities.

The DOs And DON'Ts Of Bonnaroo

A complete guide to Bonnaroo. If you're thinking about going next year then you definitely need to check out this post!!

In 1994, Axelrod Warned Against Happy Talk On Economy

Axelrod, misidentified in this 1994 C-SPAN clip, sounded a bit like his critics, like James Carville, do now. The 'stache endures.

5 GIFs Of Lurch Dancing

The best character from one of the best TV shows ever.

Elinor Ostrom, Only Woman To Ever Win Nobel In Economics Dies At 78

Ostrom, actually a political scientist, won the Nobel Prize in 2009 for her work on how people manage common natural resources like forests. She died Tuesday of cancer in Bloomington, Indiana.

The 21 Best NBA Cat Puns

Last night NBA broadcaster Jeff Van Gundy revealed he had a cat named after former NBA player and current Thunder assistant coach Mo Cheeks. Almost immediately Twitter erupted with a #JVGcatnames hashtag. Things got a little punny.

Right And Left Drop Off Obama’s Donor List

Obama is losing support from both liberal and conservative donors who backed him in 2008. Will the center hold?

Ten Bets You'll Never Lose

If you spend a lot of time in bars, you've probably seen some of these bets before, but if you haven't... The tomato in a glass

The Top 20 Designer Collaborations: A Timeline

When H&M announced its latest designer collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela, we’ll admit we were a little surprised. Margiela is so avant-garde, so cult-y, and with little name recognition (OK, more than a little thanks to Kanye) we’d have figu…

When Faced With A Legal Threat Over Defamation, The Oatmeal's Matthew Inman Gets His Fans To Donate $100K To Charities

In the face of legal threat, The Oatmeal webcomic creator Matthew Inman asked his fans to donate $20,000 to charity. They met that goal in an hour--and raised another $100,000 within the day.

Hilarious Study Finds Tin Foil Hats Amplify, Not Block, Government Radio Signals

I’m not sure how this study out of MIT slipped our notice for so long, but I’ve instructed my executive assistant (Miss Betsy Whiskercuddlebunch, Esq.) to update our Google alerts so we’ll get news about tin foil hat studies even when they don’t fit…

Bethenny Frankel's New Talk Show: What Did You Think?

Anyone familiar with Bethenny Frankel would agree that she is aptly named. Boy, is she frank. She's parlayed her frankness into a TV career that's included a stint on The Real Housewives of New York, a couple of Bravo spin-offs about her love life, …

Iceland Proves That Bailing Out The Middle Class Works Better Than Bailing Out Banks

Cenk explains why Iceland is a perfect example for how bailing out citizens instead of banks can help an economy recover. Between 2001 and 2010, the median net worth in the U.S. dropped 20 percent. Meanwhile, Iceland invested in their middle class, …

Halo 4 Preview For 360 From

For the best Previews of Halo 4 for 360, check out this page on

Apple's 1986 Clothing Line

If you assumed that a catalog filled with Apple-branded gear would consist of black turtlenecks like the ones Steve Jobs used to wear, you would be wrong. So very wrong.

Anna Wintour Finally Speaks Out Against That Tone Deaf Vogue Profile On Syria’s First Lady

As fighting escalates in Syria and news of more atrocities–like using children as human shields–in the region accumulates, Anna Wintour is finally speaking out about that March 2011 Vogue feature on Syrian’s first lady, Asma al-Assad. Al-Assad is th…

This GIF Is The Ultimate Symbol Of Miami's Loss

Get an increasingly close glimpse of Pat Riley and Alonzo Mourning looking mad as hell as the Heat fall further behind.

NBA Finals GIF: The Craziest Pass Of Game 1

And it comes from Thabo Sefolosha?

Lindsay Is Right On The Verge Of Doing Porn

- “I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs and I don’t lie. I love to act and write and be creative, and I want to help people by playing characters that can send a positive message out to whomever may need it.” - “I’d like to have my own charity, do work…

Where Do They Go From Here? From

For as massive as the Harry Potter empire is, it's a bit of a shame that the best video game adaptations have been Traveler's Tales' pair of Lego titles. Rocksteady has proven themselves adept at taking known universes and crafting dense, immersive …

Robin Roberts Reveals Bone-Marrow Disease MDS On 'GMA'

On Monday's Good Morning America, thr show's perennially cheery host Robin Roberts made an emotional announcement. Surrounded by her fellow news anchors (George Stephanopoulos, Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer and Sam Champion), Roberts fought back tears …

Meet Philip Salem, The 25-Year-Old Behind New NYC Boutique OWEN

Twenty-somethings opening happening boutiques in NYC are becoming a thing. A few months ago, 26-year-old Claire Distenfeld opened up her luxury retail space, Fivestory, and then just last week we trekked over to the Meatpacking district to celebrate…

The Best Nail Art Of The Week: Summer Pastels Edition

Some may call it frivolous, but nail art is really a reflection of what’s going on in a society. Don’t believe us? Check out our nail art galleries this week. The nails are summery and happy, and we saw tons of Queen’s Jubilee-inspired tips. If an a…

Gaming's Biggest Controversies Of The Year (So Far) From

Teapot tempests or earth-shaking events? We look back at the topics everyone has been discussing this year.

Crispin Glover’s 1989 Novelty Album About Clowns And Screaming

So far in this series on vanity projects, we've sampled the pleasant, the sad, and the surprisingly great, but now it's time to venture into the area most frequently associated with celebrity albums: the desperately weird. Crispin Glover has made a …

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