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June 29, 2012

Terrible Summer Camp Counselors We’ve Known (And Been)

Camp Lovejoy was a day camp in Altamont, NY, run by the Boys Club of America, which was the poor kid’s YMCA, pretty much, and basically if you have ever seen the movies King Rat or Empire of The Sun, you will have a feel for my day-to-day at the cam…

All Time Low On Their Warped Tour 2012 'Party Scene' (VIDEO) On Sara Scoggs' Blog

Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat of All Time Low sat down with Buzznet at Warped Tour to fill us in on how their sets have been going, how the fans have been reacting to their new single "The Reckelss and The Brave" and they explained the very profeis…

You Like Me. You Really, Really Like Me.

A lovely visual poem about Facebook, Twitter, and Jeff Van Gundy.

Perfect Purse For Alcoholics And Other Weekend Links

Okay well maybe not alcoholics...just wine lovers. Also, HBO is finally coming to Hulu and babies are easy to teach as long as you have popsicles.

Twitter Has Made The NBA Draft Into A Boring Version Of "Minority Report"

And maybe that means ESPN will have to step its game up.

What Katie Holmes Can Learn From 6 Famous Divorced Women

Madonna, J. Lo, Jessica Simpson — they've all been through the special hell of a highly publicized marital dissolution. Katie could learn from them as she navigates the end to her five-year marriage to Tom Cruise.

235 Million In GOP Propaganda Against 'Obamacare' Means Even Those In Favor Now Think It's A Bad Law

Public opinion about the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) is very positive as long as you break down the law into its individual parts. Add $235 million in propaganda telling voters how terrible it is, though, and you get a different result. Th…

Profile Of A Fart-Fetish Video Producer

I’ll never forget where I was when I saw my first fart fetish video. Joe King and I were working at a deli together, and when our boss left one day on an errand, Joe took me in the back, booted up the office computer, and showed me a video of a Lati…

Everything You Need To Know About The TomKat Divorce

What Katie Holmes wants from Tom Cruise, how much money she'll get, and what this could mean for Scientology.

11 Animals That Are The Victims Of Very Serious Tickle Abuse

I'm just doing my best to raise awareness on this very important issue.

Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, And The Weirdest BBQ Sauce Endorsement Twitter's Ever Seen

What's become of one of the most intense rivalries in the history of sports? BBQ sauce.

Yep, That's An Airbrushed Skip Bayless Shirt.

There were a lot of heroes at last night’s NBA Draft in New Jersey, from the Boston Bros (BROSTON!) to the Knicks Bros to the ninja-like Heat Bros to this hilarious Brooklyn Nets kid and the awesome finger-wagging Knicks kid. We also got everything …

The History Of "That's What She Said"

I bet you didn't even know there was a Rosa Parks of the "That's What She Said" movement.

NBA Mock Draft Scorecard: No One Knows Anything

Just how good are NBA "experts"?

All Of "Star Wars: A New Hope" In One Tiny GIF

Because the Internet demanded it. How it took four years after its creation to hit the radar is an unsolvable mystery.

Dream Job Alert

Buckingham Palace is reportedly hiring a new housekeeper. At your service, Queen Elizabeth.

Chilcano: A Pisco Cocktail That's Not Too Sour

This amazing summer drink makes you wonder why the South Americans have been pushing Pisco Sours all these years.

The Most Awesomely American Movies On Netflix For Fourth Of July

Feeling a little less than patriotic this Fourth of July? These films should get you back into the spirit and put the pop back in your fireworks.

"The Dark Knight Rises" Spot Showcases Anne Hathaway's Catwoman

It's getting harder to hear the naysayers. As the media ramp up to the release of The Dark Knight Rises gathers steam, more footage is seeing the light of day.

iPad Apps

Justin Davis reviews the best apps that guys should have.

Extremely Questionable "Pencil Case"

Someone at Square Enix has a dirty mind. I defy you tell me you'd first assume this was for pencils.

Grilling On A Boat Makes Me Insanely Jealous

Jealously level: Maxed out.

25 Pictures Of Kids Falling Asleep While Eating

Alternatively titled: 23 Disgusting Babies and 2 Cute Pets.

Invite To Katie Holmes's Divorce Party

How could she end this thing without a blowout?

Scared Of Childbirth? Try Not To Be.

According to a Norwegian study, women who fear childbirth spend more time in labor than women who are not afraid. They also need emergency C-sections more often. Turns out, high levels of stress weaken uterine contractility, which prolongs labor. (So, those pregnancy yogis might be on to something.)

June 2012 History Of The World Via Facebook And Other Links

This seems legit. Plus gymnastics are brutal and a Wall Street trader committed suicide in the courtroom.

Talib Kweli Goes Deep On Tech

"In the information age, kids and people of this generation are coming up with their own ways to worship and ways to practice religion because they have access to so many more facts," the rapper told RapGenius, "Information becomes the thing that people are fighting for." Alrighty then!

50 Sheds Of Grey Is The Best "50 Shades Of Grey" Inspired Twitter You'll Read All Day

You may want to go somewhere a little more private before you read this. Like a shed.

A Scythian Abroad: Superbrothers On Sword & Sworcery's Japanese Remixes From

We'd also never done our own Japanese voice recording, so that was new. Like I was saying, Suda 51 agreed to do the voice of Logfella, which we were all totally excited about and was really super-cool of him -- he just did it because he's a fan of t…

17 Things Just As Predictable As Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Divorcing

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are divorcing — SHOCKING!

The Craziest Things Gary Busey Has Said

Happy birthday, Gary Busey! Here are 16 of the most wonderful, absurd things you've ever said out loud.

Scenes From The First "Miss Holocaust Survivor" Pageant

Twenty female Holocaust survivors participated in a beauty pageant in Haifa, Israel. Some criticized the event for being "trivial," but as far as the photos show, the participants appear to have enjoyed themselves.

Adele Is Pregnant

She just announced it on her blog.

53 Things That've Changed Since The iPhone Came Out

The first iPhone came out five years ago today. That's a pretty long time, it turns out.

25 Best T-Shirts Ever To Have Existed, Period

Please shed whatever lowly vestments you're currently using to hide your disgusting body, and slip into one of these pre-shrunk cotton miracles. The Mountain clothing line (the 3 Wolf Moon label) has a line called "Manimals".

How To Break Up With Somebody Over The Internet

Because sometimes there's no other way.

Finally, Conservatives Blame George W. Bush For Something

Or you could just say what I say: “Yeah, I do still blame Bush. I still blame George Lucas for Jar Jar Binks, too.”

36 Terrible Sex Tips For Men

2. “Put on your toughest, most confident mug as you look at her. Because of the shift in hormone levels, research says, women on the Pill are more attracted to men with rugged features, such as strong, wide jaws.” I get so mad when women’s magazin…

Arsonist Michael Marin, 53, Collapses And Dies In Phoenix Court After Being Found Guilty

Michael Marin, 53, was found guilty of arson by a jury in Maricopa County Superior Court, Arizona. He closed his eyes as the verdict was read before appearing to put something in his mouth and washing it down with liquid in a plastic water bottle. H…

I Lost 25 Pounds — But It's Not Enough For Fashion

I have always longed to go to Fashion Week — even though, because of my weight, I seem destined not to fit in once I get there.

11 Ways The iPhone Has Revolutionized Sex

Now that we can sext, e-stalk, and "boobstagram" with a few taps of a touchscreen, our sex lives will never be the same.

17 Sad, Haunting Photos Of Neighborhoods Destroyed By Colorado Wildfires

Spooky aerial photos of the seemingly random carnage wreaked by the Waldo Canyon wildfire. With 347 homes destroyed and at least one fatality, Colorado was declared a disaster area today. These post-apocalyptic photos demonstrate why.

Sharon Stone Flashes Her Breasts In An Ultra-sheer Top As She Goes For A Night Out In Paris

Sheer disaster: After spending a wholesome day out with son Quinn, Sharon Stone hit the Paris streets and flashed some serious under-boob

The 10 Funniest Moments From The NBA Draft

It was a weird night. It was a funny night. These are the highlights.

12 LEGO Sets That Don't Exist...Yet

But much like Tinkerbell, if you believe in them enough, LEGO will make them happen. LEGO has started their own version of Kickstarter to crowd source future sets.

The Health Care Hangover

BuzzFeed's Ben Smith joined CNN's Out Front with Erin Burnett to break down the winners and losers of the Supreme Court health care ruling Thursday.

5 Credit Card Charges You Never Saw Coming

NEW YORK ( -- It’s happened to the best of us. You’re reviewing your credit card statement and all of a sudden you come across a charge you didn’t expect. At first you freak out and think it’s perhaps a fraudulent charge, but upon clos…

A Make-Up Tutorial That Does Not End Well

She's one of the most popular make-up artists in the world, with over 25 million YouTube views. This is her most shocking session yet. Wait for it.

Adorable Polar Bear Cubs Playing In The Snow

It's probably brutally hot wherever you are. Perhaps watching two preternaturally playful polar bear cubs wrestle in a snowy playground for a few minutes will help cool you down.

Puppylocks Will Make Your Dog The Trendiest Canine

Hair feathers for human girls have kind of dipped in trendiness, but for dogs, they are all the rage right now.

Why The Danish Are Happier Than Americans

This makes perfect sense.

Huge Nerd Boner Rumor: Will Avengers 2 Feature The Guardians Of The Galaxy?

I vowed after I wrote a post about how I didn’t know there was a version of Batman with a female Robin – that outraged people because they completely misread it to hilarious results – that I wasn’t going to write another post about comic books being…

Toast Will Never Be The Same

Drop EVERYTHING. Unless your everything involves some toast and this knife. Toast has been reinvented, my friends.

A 27-Year-Old Iraq War Vet Was Selected In The NBA Draft Last Night

Prior to winning an ACC Tournament at Florida State, 6'7" forward Bernard James accomplished something a little more important: three tours of duty in the Middle East with the United States Air Force.

Channing Tatum Makes A Pretty Girl

As evidenced by last night's edition of "Ew!" with Jimmy Fallon — aka the Late Night segment in which grown men dress like teenage girls.

17 Photos Of Receipts That Are Unnecessarily Way Too Long

This four-foot-receipt for two item epidemic needs to stop.

Five Times The Obama Adminstration Said The Individual Mandate Was Not A Tax

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that ObamaCare was constitutional, and that its central component, the individual mandate, is legal — because it is a tax. Here are five times the Obama Administration said the policy was not a tax.

Roberts' Long Game? The Grassroots Isn't Buying It

"It feels more like he's being incredibly naïve."

Female Tennis Players Reject Suggestion That They Should Be Paid Less

When male tennis player Gilles Simon said the prize money for female tennis players should be less than what men get, Maria Sharapova fought back, saying that was absurd and unfair. Serena Williams agreed: “Definitely a lot more people are watching Maria than Simon. She’s way hotter than he is."

Survey: Male Bosses Lax About Lateness

A survey by mobile tech company Mozy found that female bosses are 20% more likely to make employees come to work on time than male ones. And male bosses are twice as likely to let their staff come in up to two hours late. Image via Alex Staroseltsev/Shutterstock

Health Care Story Burns Itself Out

Thursday's conflagration was hot and fast and lucrative. Now it's time to move on.

Music Games That Aren't From

usic games had their heyday, and the plastic instruments that once fueled blockbusters now tend to gather dust until everyone at a party is bored enough to touch them. But rhythm isn't just for the Rock Band/Guitar Hero set; several games belonging …

Professor Sakamoto: Real-Life Game Music Superhero From

Japan's most intriguing musical prodigy has built a career around memories of chiptunes.

Mario Balotelli Is An Ape, Says Totally Not Racist Italian Newspaper

Soccer racism is something we rarely talk about at With Leather, because 1) it’s one of those ridiculous, inexcusable traditions hanging on as “part of the sport” because people in Europe never officially got a Civil Rights movement, and 2) we never…

Ann Curry Confirms Her Departure As Co-host Of The 'Today' Show

In her tearful farewell Ann Curry said: 'I did not expect to leave this couch after 15 years but I am so grateful, especially to everyone who watched. We often call ourselves a family but you (the viewers) are the real family'

The New Guy

This week, a reader is worried that his girlfriend will dump him for a new guy. Here's what to do, according to Doc Love.

Matt Lauer's Wife 'Will Divorce Him If Ann Curry's Today Replacement Is Natalie Morales'

NBC host Matt Lauer's wife is said to have threatened him with divorce if newsreader Natalie Morales - who he is rumored to have had an affair with - takes Ann Curry's seat when her departure is announced at the end of the week.

‘Naked Came The Stranger’: The Dirtiest Book Ever Written By A Group Of Newspaper Guys

So often when we discuss (great) works of (terrible) literature, one wonders: why did this book come to be? Is the author genuinely attempting to save helpless young women from falling prey to the dangers of the big city? Is the author going through…

36 Things To Grill Other Than A Burger

This summer, think outside the bun. Rule of thumb: if you can stick it in your mouth, you can toss it on the grill. Yes, including booze.

Health Care Day In Romneyland

Eager anticipation turns to mere efficiency. "It focuses the change side of the equation to one solution: Support Romney," says Stevens.

Follow Your Dreams On Jasminevillegas' Blog

Hey guys, If there is any advice that I can give to people and especially to you all it would be to follow your dreams because they absolutely can become a reality! I found this quote a fan sent me and fell in love with it and had to share it in jas…

Channing Tatum Leads A Flash Mob On 'Today'

Channing Tatum shows off his stripper moves by leading a flash mob on 'Today.'

Charlie Sheen Returns To TV In 'Anger Management'

The reviews are in, and they're not all that kind. Over the last few days, leading up to the June 28 debut of Anger Management (FX, Thursday, 9 p.m. ET), TV critics have been skewering Charlie Sheen and the comeback vehicle he's riding in on.

What Happens When You Crack An Egg 60 Feet Under Water?

This. This is what happens to an egg 60 feet under water. This is gonna revolutionize poaching eggs! (via ★adamkuban)

PETA Bashes Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen For $16,900 Fur Bag, Calls Them ‘Trollsens’

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen may have won the prestigious CFDA award for womenswear designers of the year, but PETA isn’t impressed. The Olsens’ line, The Row, has released a new fur patchwork bag, retailing for $16,900 (and touted by Rachel Zoe as a …

Five Conservatives With Delusions Of Grandeur

In other words, these five Conservatives are crazy!

Radical Becomes The Latest In A Series Of Disheartening Studio Closures

Despite producing April's best-selling game, Radical Entertainment is finished.

EastEnders' Ian Beale Looks Unrecognisable As He Returns As A Bearded Homeless Wreck

In scenes that are to be aired later this summer, Ian (Adam Woodyatt) is a bearded and homeless tramp who has been living in an underpass for the past few weeks.

The Most Adorable Kid At The NBA Draft

If you aren't charmed by Thomas Robinson's sister, I don't want to know you.

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