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June 21, 2012

Modern Maturity

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What Catherine Got Wrong From

ast summer, Catherine showed that you can mix a puzzle game with an unflinching look at interpersonal relationships and end up with a pretty fantastic product -- our own Jeremy Parish gave it an A in his review. And though the game features a succub…

Booth Babe: The Inside Story From

I don't get why people give so much hate to the booth babes. Men/Women that watch Football and Basketball get Cheerleaders and people find them to be appealing and never really complain about it. They are a staple for the sports events. So why the h…

Beyond Fashion - Creepers Photo

Beyond Fashion - Creepers I love fashion and I'm super interested in not only what's happening next but where fashion came from. There's always a distinct starting point and a reason for trends and I'm gonna start a new column that reveals the usual…

The Dugout: A Pussy Move

Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon and Washington Nationals manager Davey Johnson have spent the last few days insulting each other over an incident involving pine tar on Joel Peralta’s gloves.

Sex Ed 101 For Video Games From

As undeniably great as the works of these three artists are, I remain steadfast in the belief that video games have the potential to offer commentary on sexuality that simply cannot be found in any other medium. While a majority of its attempts have…

Is This Publicity Bad Publicity?

In our attention-addicted world, the notion of bad PR has become a quaint anachronism, like watching a TV show when it’s broadcast or publishing Katie Roiphe. But while you’d be forgiven for assuming that any appallingly newsworthy transgression is …

Women Over 50 Plagued By Eating Disorders, Body-Image Issues

In a new study, almost two-thirds of women over 50 surveyed across the U.S. reported that their weight or shape negatively impacted their lives. This is concerning not only for their own well-being, but also for its impact on their kids.

The 15 Worst Types Of Sports Fans

Do you know these people? Are you these people? Which one are you? (Note: Sports fans can be annoying. All of us. These are some of our worst offenses.)

Romney Vs. McCain On Amnesty 2008 Edition

The presumptive Republican nominee announced he will unveil a long term immigration reform solution, and has embraced the military service component of the DREAM act. In 2008, during his first run for the White House Mitt Romney tangled with John McCain over immigration, calling McCain's attempt at immigration reform "amnesty" and in one notable occurrence forgetting his ad called McCain's plan amnesty.

Queen Elizabeth II Is Getting A Raise

Last year, QE2 struck a deal to receive 15 percent of the profits from the Crown Estate, the largest landowner in the United Kingdom. Today, the Crown Estate posted a record profit of £240.2 million, which means that the Queen's pay is set to rise 20 percent next year to £36 million — or $45.3 million. The rest of her kingdom, still tangled in the fallout from the European debt crisis, isn't taking the news so well.

10 Summer Essentials

Another summer means another three months of work shirts drenched in sweat, awkward man sandals and hibiscus-print shirts fit for Boca Raton, right? Nope, not this year. What if there was a way to strip down your summer wardrobe to, say, 10 things t…

Batman Is Dead And Other Links

On the up side, Gotham City seems to have a pretty cemetery. Also, Valve want to help GLaDoS teach children and we might get a reality show on Mars.

The Real Reason Twitter Went Down

Earlier today, Twitter was down for nearly an hour, and it's been on-and-off ever since. Here's Twitter's official account of what happened.

OP-ED: Mainstream Gaming And The Male Gaze From

Bandii Grace stated in a recent interview on Gamasutra, "I wouldn't say there's something "wrong" with the triple-A games on the market today. Rather, I'd say they are like a man's best, custom-tailored suit -- a perfect fit for the intended audienc…

Dog Really Wants A Cookie

I mean, I can't be 100% sure that he is being sincere about this, but the vibe I'm getting here is that he does, in fact, really really want the cookie.

16 "Fifty Shades Of Grey"-Inspired Desserts

Yes, these cakes, cupcakes, and cookies are made with gray frosting and batter, specifically for Fifty Shades-themed parties. Don't those cookies that say "WHAT IS THE SAFE WORD?" look appetizing?

Meet The She-Butcher Of Brooklyn

What it's like to be a woman in a field where sometimes, your male bosses try to get you to eat a raw eyeball. Handling meat "makes you feel really tough." (Warning: not vegetarian friendly.)

Make Your Own Card For Prince William's 30th Birthday

Want to add to the pics below? Upload your own photo from Facebook, move things around, add text, and then print this out and mail it to Prince William (or someone else having a birthday who you actually know). Have fun!

The Perils Of Viral Charity

Karen Klein, a viciously bullied bus monitor whose story spawned a fundraising campaign that's topped $180k, deserves her vacation, or maybe even retirement. But the man who started the campaign is now promoting a fundraising campaign for himself. That's not how charity works, dude! UPDATED

Rumor: Newly Single Johnny Depp Already Bought A Horse For Another Woman

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis just announced their breakup — and already the Daily Mail alleges he's hooking up with 26-year-old "bisexual actress" Amber Heard. (The two star together in The Rum Diary.) Apparently he also bought her a horse so they can "ride together." (Feel free to leave your puns about that in the comments.)

David Duke Endorses Charles Barron

Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, supports Charles Barron, the "Pan-Africanist" New York City Councilman running for Congress.

What Will Happen To The Bush Tax Cuts?

BuzzFeed's Zeke Miller joined The Young Turks Power Panel to talk about whether President Obama will let the Bush tax cuts expire. "Is it good policy is one question, good politics is a different one," Miller said.

Matt LeBlanc Doesn't Want A 'Friends' Reunion

We won't get to ask Joey "How you doin'?" any time soon -- since Matt LeBlanc says he's not interested in a Friends reunion. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, LeBlanc, 44, says that bringing back Joey, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe and R…

NBC Plans To Replace Ann Curry As 'Today' Show Host

According to the New York Times' Media Decoder, network executives are considering offering Curry a prestigious new gig in order to find Matt Lauer a new co-host. Curry, who was promoted to host after Meredith Vieira left the morning show in June 20…

857 Empty School Desks

The desks represent the number of U.S. students who drop out of school every hour, every day. Powerful stuff.

Watch Rob Portman Explain The Bush Budget Deficits

Republican Ohio Senator Rob Portman is considered a top choice to be Mitt Romney's running mate. One downside critics cite is his time serving as the Budget Director of Bush Administration. While Republicans hammer Obama for record deficits, Democrats argue Republican hypocrisy because of deficits created under President Bush. In this 2007 interview with Charlie Rose, Portman explains the Bush deficits and his plan for the budget.

Ann Romney's High Horse

Super Hit had Butorphanol, Delomidine, Romifidine, and Xylatine in its system at the time of his sale, according to court documents. Testified an expert: "In my 38 years of practice, I have never come across a drug screen such as this where the horse has been administered so many different medications at the same time."

Happy 30th Birthday, Prince William!

To send you good birthday vibes the good old fashioned American way, the BuzzFeed Shift editors made you this e-card with some of our favorite things. Feminine cats, Rihanna's Instagrams, Kate Middleton on Kate Upton's body, Eden Wood, etc.

Mom Of First IVF Baby Dies At 64

Lesley Brown, who gave birth to the first-ever baby conceived through in vitro fertilization in 1978, has died. Her daughter Louise, whose historic birth set off a media frenzy in the hospital, is now 33 with a child of her own.

Does Hermès Burn Its Own Bags? – Fashionista

Everyone was really outraged a few weeks ago when hack photographer Tyler Shields destroyed and then lit on fire that $100,000 Birkin. But, according to Mulberry’s Emma Hill, Hermès may be setting their own bags on fire. In an interview with the T…

Is Yves Saint Laurent Going To Change Its Name?

It’s understandable for a new creative director to want to make a few changes at his new label–wouldn’t that kinda be why he was hired in the first place? But we just heard a rumor about a major change new YSL creative director Hedi Slimane is consi…

Interview: Christine Love On Creating Inclusive Games From

Though Christine Love has been careful about assigning a gender to the protagonists in her games, the developer admits off-record that her silent "heroes' are usually heroines. "A lot of [my games] feature silent, featureless protagonists for the pl…

Six Progressive Women Of Retro Gaming From

he 8-bit era of gaming established one hard-and-fast rule, largely borrowed from adventure-based fiction: women are for saving. Donkey Kong in particular set a narrative standard that would be plagiarized for years to come: your adventure starts at …

Lawyer Sues "The Oatmeal" And Charities After Fans Raise $200K

The Oatmeal creator Matthew Inman first made waves when, in the face of a defamation suit from and lawyer Charles Carreon, his fans raised $100K in less than a day. Now Carreon is actually taking him--and his charitable beneficiaries--…

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