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    The Evolution Of 8-Bit Art

    From it's roots in nostalgia, 8-bit is breaking free into a stand alone art form. PBS Off Book strikes again with another interesting mini-documentary on an aspect of internet culture.

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    Where did 8-bit come from and where is it going? PBS talked to some of the premiere artists in the field of pixelated art and chiptunes to see how they think the medium is evolving.

    Beginning with early Atari and Nintendo video games, the 8-bit
    aesthetic has been a part of our culture for over 30 years. As it
    moved through the generations, 8-bit earned its independence from its
    video game roots. The idea of 8-bit now stands for a refreshing level
    of simplicity and minimalism, is capable of sonic and visual beauty,
    and points to the layer of technology that suffuses our modern lives.
    No longer just nostalgia art, contemporary 8-bit artists and chiptunes
    musicians have elevated the form to new levels of creativity and
    cultural reflection.

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