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June 19, 2012

Kate Upton In GQ

Kate Upton is in GQ this month, and the photos do not disappoint.

Meet Kate Upton's Beautiful Horse

Before she was a cover girl, Ms. Upton was a very successful competitive horseback rider involved with the American Paint Horse Association. Her Instragram is chock full of pictures of her gorgeous, spoiled horse, Zipped.

Reality TV Villains

Why She's Vile: Teresa Giudice has done it all, from chasing other Real Housewives of New Jersey around a country club and accusing numerous people of being strippers to literally flipping over a table in her rage. The reality star always has an opi…

Interview: Anna Anthropy On Gender Identity And Games From

However, her biggest point of contention appeared to be the games culture itself. "Once again, both "mainstream" and "indie" are identical in this regard -- they're both incredibly hostile to anyone outside of their established value sets. And again…

Paul Ryan, Social Star

Wis. Rep Paul Ryan is the subject of over 84% of the social conversation surrounding Romney's top VP candidates, according to data from the firm Attention.

Holy Levitating Slinky!

In this series of slow motion clips, you can see that if you hold a Slinky by one end and drop it, the bottom end doesn't actually move until the top end catches up with it.

Joe Biden En Fuego

Here's a tiny taste of Biden's fiery speech at the AFSCME National Convention in Los Angeles today.

The DOs And DON'Ts Of Grindr

Your essential guide to the gay hookup app, Grindr. There is some NSFW language in this post. You've been warned.

Ronan Farrow Disses Father Woody Allen On Twitter

Woody Allen might be in the news for defending Lindsay Lohan's acting talent, but there's one person you won't find defending him: his son, Ronan Farrow. The only biological child of Allen and former partner Mia Farrow, 24-year-old Ronan had a scath…

Wish You Were Here And Other Links

Full screen this image from Playa Flamenco, Cuba and just pretend you're on vacation. Also, turning baked goods into gory wounds and part of Denver is sick and tired of adorable children destroying the sidewalk with chalk drawings.

Bristol Palin's 'Life's A Tripp' Premieres

Ten months back, you may have seen a Youtube clip of Bristol Palin arguing with an angry man in a bar. He came off as mean-spirited. She appeared calm but ill-equipped to shut him down. The whole experience was awkward to watch. Sadly, that pretty …

OP-ED: Heroes And Heroines, Apples And Oranges From

In fairness, he was speaking the truth. The controversial scene in question appears at the end of Tomb Raider's most recent demo, which picked up at the end of last year's cave escape sequence and follows Lara through her first night of solitary sur…

Angelina Jolie As 'Maleficent': Photo

At long, long last, the first image showing the future Mrs. Pitt as Maleficent, the title character in Disney's forthcoming updated version of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, has arrived. And, with horns, blood-red lips and those creepy yellow eyes,…

The Best Of Hanksy

The street artist who got his start plastering Tom Hanks' face all over city streets has recently expanded his repertoire to include so many of our pop culture favorites. His latest, Will Ferrell-inspired cats, might be my new favorite.

9 Sandwiches That Will Make Your Brown-Bag Lunch Sing

Being stuck in an office all day is detrimental to a few things — namely, our lunches and our tans. We’re here to help with the first. Prevent PB&J fatigue with these nine solutions to the boring brown bag dilemma. With any luck, it won't feel like you’re eating at your desk anymore.

Hot Or Not Demi Lovato's New Pink Hair Photo Yasi's Photos

Demi Lovato is the latest celeb to join the brightly-colored hair club, debuting dip-dyed pink tresses at The X Factor auditions in Oakland on June 16. I kind of love how her hair goes from darkish roots to bright blonde to pale pink to bold pink al…

Spotify Is Your New Pandora

The unspoken problem with unlimited music services like Spotify and Rdio is that so much choice can be daunting; it can make finding the next song you want to listen to feel like a responsibility, and enjoying music feel like work. That's why Pandora is still so popular — and why Spotify, in its next app update, is becoming more like Pandora. Not everyone wants to be a radio DJ.

Adidas Pulls Shackle Shoe After Slavery Comparisons

Adidas has announced it will not release the JS Roundhouse Mid, after critics pointed out that its ankle shackles recalled the days of slavery. The company said, however, that any association with slavery was unintentional, and designer Jeremy Scott was actually inspired by a toy called My Pet Monster.

After Prep School Sexual Abuse, Facebook Offers Catharsis

Thousands of older Horace Mann alumni shared personal stories in a private Facebook group when The New York Times exposed decades of sexual abuse at the school. As a younger alum, I was indoctrinated not to share personal information on the Internet. That may be my loss.

So That Kate Upton GQ Cover Is Temporarily Down

… as it’s not supposed to be all over the Internet already. We get along with the nice folks over at GQ so we’re honoring their request. As an added bonus, they sent over a teaser video asking us to guess which model’s on that cover, and the logis…

My Attempt To Make The Perfect Nebraska Runza

I grew up in western Nebraska, not a part of the country known as a culinary paradise. While there were plenty of perfectly fine meals growing up, many others just involved beef put on a grill or recipes from the side of a box, like homemade Bisquic…

Some Surprising Things We Learned From Barneys’ Beauty Gurus

Barneys New York held their annual Beauty Breakfast last week in partnership with Harper’s Bazaar to celebrate some of the cosmetic industry’s rising talents. Bazaar‘s EIC Glenda Bailey, Simon Doonan and a slew of beauty industry stars set their ala…

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