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June 19, 2012

Back In Time To 1998, When Johnny Depp And Vanessa Paradis Just Met

Longtime partners Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis announced their separation today, after fourteen years together. They have two children, Jack and Lily Rose, and they’ve requested that their family’s privacy be respected at this time, as the split …

FIRST PIC: See Angelina Jolie As Maleficent!

Angelina Jolie is transforming into one of the most iconic Disney villains ever -- Maleficent, the baddie in Sleeping Beauty -- and Disney has released the very first image of the 37-year-old superstar in costume.

8 Reasons Why Shoes Are The Most Dangerous Part Of Runway Modeling

The shoes that fashion designers force models to wear in runway shows have caused several disturbing injuries.

Marco Rubio Will Not Appear On Bryan Fischer's Show Tomorrow

The senator from Florida will appear on the controversial host's show tomorrow afternoon. Romney, who's said he's vetting Rubio for Vice President has condemned Fischer in the past. [Update: Rubio cancels.]

Kate Upton In GQ

Kate Upton is in GQ this month, and the photos do not disappoint.

Selena Gomez Says Playing Anastasia Steele Would Be Too Risky For Her

And who could that be? “Would you play Anastasia Steele?” has become the most-asked question of starlets on the red carpet, with the majority of them politely demurring and us getting our hopes up. The studio should just cast an unknown and be done …

Bikini News - Courtney Stodden To Vanessa Hudgens, Bikini Babes On Bikes (PHOTOS)

Beep beep, bikini babes coming through! Summer's finally upon us and celebrities are hitting the beachside boardwalks on their tricked out bikes. Be it

'Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2' Trailer First Look Shows Baby In Danger (Video)

Poor Edward and Bella didn’t have much of a honeymoon period. After a death-defying pregnancy threatened by a pack of werewolves and the fetus’ desire for human blood, the vampire power couple (played once again by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stew…

Padma Lakshmi's Saucy Emmys Ad

Take it! Just, just take my vote!

11 Slinkys That Don't Seem To Care About Gravity

Waiiit a second, this is what happens when you drop a Slinky? What the hell, physics?

26 Kinds Of Instagram Photos The World Can Live Without

If Instagram is a reflection of life, then life is meaningless. Here is a list of all the mundane things that people feel the need to take a hazy photo of and transmit out into the world.

The Miss Large Beauty Pageant

A plus-sized pageant in Israel that only allows contestants over 176 pounds. Mazel tov, ladies!

Tim Tebow Following In The Footsteps Of Philanderers By Winning The Media Good Guy Award

If Tim Tebow models himself after previous Good Guy Award winners Tiki Barber and Brett Favre, expect a major sex scandal in his future.

Wayne Rooney's Pre-Match Playlist

Well this is not what I was expecting.

Justice League Scoliosis Epidemic

These guys are super lean. Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week!

Meet Kate Upton's Beautiful Horse

Before she was a cover girl, Ms. Upton was a very successful competitive horseback rider involved with the American Paint Horse Association. Her Instragram is chock full of pictures of her gorgeous, spoiled horse, Zipped.

Reality TV Villains

Why She's Vile: Teresa Giudice has done it all, from chasing other Real Housewives of New Jersey around a country club and accusing numerous people of being strippers to literally flipping over a table in her rage. The reality star always has an opi…

Fighting Fires From A Dorm Room

Firefighting experts and equipment manufacturers have already taken an interest in his work, and next year he will be running his own fire-safety product company out of his dorm room.

Interview: Anna Anthropy On Gender Identity And Games From

However, her biggest point of contention appeared to be the games culture itself. "Once again, both "mainstream" and "indie" are identical in this regard -- they're both incredibly hostile to anyone outside of their established value sets. And again…

This Is Why You Don’t Hire Lindsay Lohan

Just to catch everybody up, on Friday there were panicked, premature reports that Lindsay Lohan was found unconscious in her hotel room and rushed to the hospital. Turns out none of that happened and she was more than likely trying to call in sick (…

Video: Fiona Apple Performs Intense Live Version Of "Paper Bag"

I love that Fiona still does such awesome renditions of her classic songs. Last night at the Standard Hotel in New York, she played a short but fierce set of new and old tracks.

Inside A McDonald's Photo Shoot

I wish they always took this much care. Presentation is important.

Awful Women On OkCupid For Awful Dudes

We make fun of a lot of terrible men on internet dating sites. But terrible women are giving them a run for their money (lots and lots of money).

15 News Captions That Are Doing It Wrong

Or in some of these cases, doing it oh-so-right.

Nick Stahl Is Missing Again -

More trouble for Nick Stahl.

5 Things Following Mitt Romney's Bus Tour

Paid protesters, a giant pack of birth control pills, and a plane trail the Republican through swing states.

Paul Ryan, Social Star

Wis. Rep Paul Ryan is the subject of over 84% of the social conversation surrounding Romney's top VP candidates, according to data from the firm Attention.

Women Love Pinterest, Dudes Love Reddit

In other news: the sky is blue, grass is green. Still, this infographic from Information Is Beautiful does shed light on who's using what to socialize on the web. Notable: almost 100 million more female visitors per month are visiting the so-called "social web".

Holy Levitating Slinky!

In this series of slow motion clips, you can see that if you hold a Slinky by one end and drop it, the bottom end doesn't actually move until the top end catches up with it.

Wesley Warren Jr., Man With 100-Pound Scrotum, Turns Down Free Surgery Offer

A man who made headlines for his 100-pound scrotum now says he turned down an offer for free surgery to get rid of his bulging problem. GRAPHIC content below:

Melissa Sher: 23 Things I Think New Parents Should Know

1. The more time and effort put into decorating a nursery, the more likely that the baby will sleep in your room.

Katy Perry: 2012 MuchMusic Awards

Katy Perry arrives at the 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards at the MuchMusic HQ on June 17, 2012 in Toronto, Canada with an entourage of little "Katy Perrys".

Chris Brown Fight: Drake Says He Doesn't Give A 'F--K' About It

Chris Brown and Drake‘s epic fight on June 14 at WIP nightclub in New York City seemed to leave Drake speechless, but he spoke out for the first time about the scuffle at his June 16 Jones Beach concert!

6 Things That Never Make Sense About Zombie Movies

Let me start with a caveat -- I have not seen every zombie movie ever. Please do not point out how in Frederico LaDouchey's 1958 Italian epic Il Zomboner all of these questions were answered before the credits finished rolling. I'm just saying that,…

Are Furries Really So Bad?

I hung out with furries for 3 days straight. I kind of loved it.

Brown Says No To Kennedy Debate, Won't Propose An Alternative

Scott Brown nixed a debate at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for fear of a Vicki Kennedy endorsement. Won't suggest a new debate, but will cooperate with others.

Donald Duck's Family Tree

His sister Della might wanna contact the Maury show.

Anti-Romney Protesters Say They're Paid To Heckle

Two protesters and an Obama official say "Good Jobs Now" protesters are compensated for their time. A protest leader denies it.

Three Zen Cats With Pots On Their Heads

If you need to de-stress, let the calming cuteness of Shiro, Tyatora, and Chibi be your guide. Om.

Joe Biden En Fuego

Here's a tiny taste of Biden's fiery speech at the AFSCME National Convention in Los Angeles today.

Avengers-Inspired Fashion

These outfits created by bforbel are the epitome of geek chic.

The DOs And DON'Ts Of Grindr

Your essential guide to the gay hookup app, Grindr. There is some NSFW language in this post. You've been warned.

Makeup That Survives A Day At The Beach And A Five-Mile Run

I tested a bunch of long-wear makeup and discovered a lot of it actually does what the brands who make it claim it does.

Ronan Farrow Disses Father Woody Allen On Twitter

Woody Allen might be in the news for defending Lindsay Lohan's acting talent, but there's one person you won't find defending him: his son, Ronan Farrow. The only biological child of Allen and former partner Mia Farrow, 24-year-old Ronan had a scath…

A Bedside Companion To Fifty Shades Of Grey Now Exists

Here’s the point reviewers like you keep missing (because you don’t read the trilogy before you make a judgment): 50 Shades of Grey is about how Anna does NOT agree to become a submissive and brings Christian into the world of real relationships wi…

Fugelsang: Rodney King Wanted Something Good To Come From Failings

John Fugelsang says Rodney King was not saint and never pretended to be, but he was a “gentle man without a whiff of arrogance and zero anger who had been made to face his shortcomings in a public way and his setbacks as well, and he tried to use hi…

David Stern On NBA Conspiracies: "Bring It On"

When once again asked if his league is rigged, NBA commissioner David Stern prodded his critics to keep it coming, instead of ending the conversation.

Flavorwire » ’90s TV’s Most Memorable Nerds

Flavorwire: Cultural news and critique from Flavorpill

Who Won Critics Choice Awards This Year?

Ah, Critics Choice: also known as the sole award show whose winners you might actually agree with.

Yoko Ono Launches Latest London Art Exhibition 'To The Light' At Serpentine Gallery

Personal touch: The exhibition, entitled To The Light, is the artist's first London-based exhibition in more than a decade and includes pieces featuring her late husband John Lennon

Amanda Seyfried: LAX Flyer!

Amanda Seyfried arrives at LAX airport to catch a departing flight on Sunday (June 17) in Los Angeles.

Wish You Were Here And Other Links

Full screen this image from Playa Flamenco, Cuba and just pretend you're on vacation. Also, turning baked goods into gory wounds and part of Denver is sick and tired of adorable children destroying the sidewalk with chalk drawings.

Oh No, Google, You Really Shouldn't Trust Us With This

Hideous custom themes were one of the reasons we all switched from Myspace to Facebook. The people aren't ready for fully custom Gmail themes, Google! I don't think we'll ever be ready.

Julia Stiles On Playing A Prostitute And The Real Problem With Roles For Women In Hollywood

Stiles says she was reluctant to play an escort because, "When you have a main character who is paid to have sex with people, obviously you're going to have to show some sex and I'm kind of a private person."

Bristol Palin's 'Life's A Tripp' Premieres

Ten months back, you may have seen a Youtube clip of Bristol Palin arguing with an angry man in a bar. He came off as mean-spirited. She appeared calm but ill-equipped to shut him down. The whole experience was awkward to watch. Sadly, that pretty …

Katy Perry's ACTUAL Video For "Wide Awake"

So to answer my own question, yes this was just an ad for Facebook. That said, the message behind this video is far superior to the military theme in "Part of Me".

OP-ED: Heroes And Heroines, Apples And Oranges From

In fairness, he was speaking the truth. The controversial scene in question appears at the end of Tomb Raider's most recent demo, which picked up at the end of last year's cave escape sequence and follows Lara through her first night of solitary sur…

John Edwards And Rielle Hunter Reunite After He Walks Free From Government Charges

Exclusive new photos show John Edwards and his loony lover, Rielle Hunter, spending a long weekend at his beach house, hugging, flirting and playing in the sand with their love child.

New England Patriot Wes Welker Gets In Fights With Security At Aspen Food & Wine Festival

New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker and several of his burly buddies got into a fight with security guards as he was precelebrating his upcoming wedding in Aspen, Colo.

Kim Kardashian Serves Kris Humphries' Ex-GF With Subpoena In Divorce

Kim Kardashian has just served Kris Humphries' ex-girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj, with a subpoena in the divorce case ... TMZ has learned.As TMZ first reported,…

The Crap We Missed – Monday 6.18.12

We’ve got bush! -Booger

Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" Wakes Up A Little Girl In A Coma

BRB, starting a new religion that worships Adele.

Nightmare Inducing "Alien" Costume Screen Test

Hope you had a good night's sleep recently because you'll never have one again. Even without the costume, Bolaji Badejo spindly frame combined with the music is eerie as all get out.

Angelina Jolie As 'Maleficent': Photo

At long, long last, the first image showing the future Mrs. Pitt as Maleficent, the title character in Disney's forthcoming updated version of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, has arrived. And, with horns, blood-red lips and those creepy yellow eyes,…

Wow: Kate Upton Goes Topless, Sucks Suggestively On A Popsicle In GQ

Much to the excitement of every red-blooded man in America, Kate Upton is on the cover of GQ‘s July issue–and man, does she know what she’s doing. The shoot, lensed by Terry Richardson (obv), plays up every sexy-girl-next-door cliche possible–from s…

Poll: Should Progressive News Networks Stick To Progressive Hosts?

Politico reports that MSNBC may replace Dylan Ratigan — who is leaving the network next week — with a rotating set of co-hosts, including conservative commentator S.E. Cupp.

The Most Notorious Co-Star Feuds In Movie History

The 1967 version of Casino Royale is, politely put, a bit of a train wreck; it was made outside of the purview of regular Bond producers Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, by producer Charles K. Feldman (who had acquired them through a convolute…

Sexy Cosplay Girls 2012 :

This post should have been 95% Japanese girls. Not 2%. Bummer.

5 Epic Achievements That Aren't As Impressive As You Think

Still mad that no one gave you a party for finishing the Hunger Games series before watching the first movie? Angry that there aren't trophies for knowing who the vice president is? Don't feel bad. Some of the world's most respected accomplishments …

BuzzFeed Hires Washington Bureau Chief, Expands Political Team

John Stanton To Capitol Coverage As Washington Bureau Chief; Chris Geidner Joins BuzzFeed To Aggressively Cover LGBT Politics, Marriage

Super Cute "Avengers" Fan Art

Saving the world one adorable squeal at a time.

Kevin Nealon's Hilarious New Video For Homeless Pets

This is how to do a PSA, ad world. The former "Saturday Night Live" cast member is very active in animal rights.

Jerry Sandusky's Lawyer Continues To Out-Scumbag Himself

When reading this, remember he's representing someone who is on trial for molesting children.

The Best Of Hanksy

The street artist who got his start plastering Tom Hanks' face all over city streets has recently expanded his repertoire to include so many of our pop culture favorites. His latest, Will Ferrell-inspired cats, might be my new favorite.

Why African Americans And Latinos Are More Likely To Use Twitter

Social media's urban roots run deeper than you think.

The Kate Upton GQ Magazine GIF Collection

I did my best to extract every possible gif from Kate Upton's GQ magazine extravaganza for you filthy animals.

At Romney Rally In Little Bavaria, Talk Is Of Immigration

"I don't know why they ever dropped Ellis Island and all that crap. Nothing wrong with it."

Nadya Suleman News - Octomom Nadya Suleman Dons Skimpy Pink Bikini In Florida (PHOTOS)

She’s done it again: Nadya Suleman, known colloquially to the world as “Octomom,” has posed for a series of revealing photographs, in which the infamous 36-year-old donned a skimpy pink bikini at a beach in West Palm Beach, Fla.

What's The Last Wikipedia Page You Visited?

Search your history and post yours in the comments. No shame!

Police, Occupiers Gird For Conventions

Romneyvilles, Obamavilles. "Surveillance is off the chain."

Critics' Choice TV Awards 2012: 'Homeland' Wins Best Drama, 'Community' Nabs Best Comedy

Homeland was honored Monday night as best drama series at the second annual Critics' Choice Television Awards. Coming on the heels of its Golden Globe victory in January, the win positions the Showtime series as a serious contender for the Emmy Awa…

CineEurope 2012: Higher Frame Rate Of Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit' To Cost Exhibitors

BARCELONA, Spain -- The prospect of Peter Jackson shooting his much-anticipated movie The Hobbit with a higher frame rate than the current standard set chins wagging as this year's CineEurope gathering got under way here Monday.

My First 23 Questions About Microsoft’s ‘Surface’ Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft's big press event answered some questions about its tablet plans. But it prompts even more new ones.

Cover Story: Gender, Sexuality, And Video Games From

1UP explores what games get wrong and right when it comes to one of society's trickiest topics.

Lollipop Chainsaw Review For PS3, 360 From

For the best Reviews of Lollipop Chainsaw for PS3, 360, check out this page on

Poland Spring’s New Bottles: Why Are They So Thin And Flimsy?

If you’ve bought a bottle of spring water recently—a little, half-liter one, the single serve kind—you may have noticed how fragile it was. Cellophane-thin walls, so easy to squish and crinkle. Tiny, fiddly caps that seem to come off without any eff…

14 Kids Getting Terrified By "Legends Of The Hidden Temple" Guards

Listen to their shrill screams. I wouldn't blame anyone if they wore diapers during this part of the show.

Kate Middleton: "Sweet" Prince William "Spoils Me"

Bonding with 28 eight- and nine-year-olds from the King Solomon Academy Primary School, based in North Westminster, London Sunday, the Duchess of Cambridge rocked a $500 pair of leather-lined Le Chameau wellington boots, Zara jeans, a Burberry shirt…

Solid Life Goal

I've always been more of a corn person myself.

15 Reasons Why This Chinese Film Starring NBA Players Will Be The Greatest Movie Of All Time

Carmelo Anthony, Scottie Pippen, Dwight Howard, Chinese actors, some sort of weird virtual reality narrative, and I just don't know.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Isn't "Just Dancing With Ribbons On The Carpet"

Rhythmic gymnastics has been an Olympic sport since 1984, but it's often misunderstood. Teenage gymnast and Olympic hopeful Rebecca Sereda explains that her sport is a lot more difficult than people give it credit for.

How Do You Get Rid Of Hiccups?

How do you do it?! Post your technique in the comments. I'm curious.

This Kid Really Hates The Miami Heat

YouTube: Helping parents be assholes to their kids since 2005.

The Ultimate Science Fiction And Fantasy Showdown

There can only be one. Choose wisely.

Two Different Kinds Of Baby Sloths Hug It Out

Sloths don't see number of toes, they know it's what's inside that counts.

14 Mistakes That Really Should Never Have Happened

You only had to do one thing. And you couldn't even get that right.

9 Sandwiches That Will Make Your Brown-Bag Lunch Sing

Being stuck in an office all day is detrimental to a few things — namely, our lunches and our tans. We’re here to help with the first. Prevent PB&J fatigue with these nine solutions to the boring brown bag dilemma. With any luck, it won't feel like you’re eating at your desk anymore.

Alec Baldwin Punches Photographer, Photographed

Fisticuffs on film. Here's Jack Donaghy losing his cool and attacking a New York Daily News photographer in Manhattan. He was apparently getting a marriage license for himself and his fiance, Hilaria Thomas.

Video: Ryan Gosling Sings, Dances In Mormon Talent Show

This weekend, I caught Crazy, Stupid, Love on TV and swooned over Ryan Gosling all over again. He’s just so sculpted and smiling that secret smile and… guh. But what’s really interesting about the guy is how many phases he’s gone through in his 31 y…

Lindsay Lohan Laid Out In Lingerie For L’Officiel Homme [PHOTOS]

I screwed the pooch big time by not posting these amazing photos of Lindsay Lohan for L’Officiel Homme when I first saw them a few days ago. Does that mean these pics aren’t definitive proof that our girl isn’t back in style? Absolutely not. If you …

Shia LaBeouf Naked: Actor Goes Full-Frontal In New Sigur Ros Video (NSFW)

Sigur Rós' new video for “Fjögur Píanó” stars Shia LaBeouf like you've never seen him before: naked. Looks like Louis Stevens is all grown up.

Hilary Duff Spotted With Cigarette: Actress Says She Was Holding It For A Friend

Remember that time your parents found that pack of cigarettes in your room, and you told them you were just holding them for a friend? It didn't work then, but Hilary Duff really hopes you believe the excuse this time.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Book Outstrips Harry Potter To Become Fastest Selling Paperback Of All Time

Fifty Shades of Grey has been Britain’s best-selling book for nine weeks, while the trilogy has held the top three spots on the UK paperback book chart for the past six weeks.

VIDEO: ‘Abraham Linkin Park: Vampire Hunter’ And It’s NOT A JOKE.

When I first heard the title “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” I was vaguely interested. I know it’s not the first genre mash-up in the world, but I thought it was so silly that it could be, might be, just maybe, …fun. Then I saw the first trailer …

PIC: Kate Middleton Stuns In Recycled, White Alexander McQueen Coat

Middleton showed off her long, toned legs in a short and flirty white Alexander McQueen coat. The Duchess has worn this coat before -- to last year's Trooping the Color on June 11. This time, she accessorized the stunning ensemble with a Jane Corbet…

NBA Finals: Choose Your Side By Putting On LeBron's Headband Or Harden's Beard

With Game 4 of the Finals coming tonight, it's time to show who you're rooting for. If you've ever wanted to know what you'd look like with James Harden's beard or LeBron's comically over-sized headband now's your chance.

People You Need To Unfriend On Facebook Immediately

Who in their right mind takes the time to "like" these things?

Rutgers Web Cam Spy Dharun Ravi Released From Jail

A former Rutgers University student who was convicted of bias for using a Web cam to see his roommate and another man kissing was released from jail Tuesday after serving 20 days of a 30-day sentence.

Stephen Fry Bottle-Feeding A Baby Rhino

"I don't think I've ever done anything more satisfying." I don't think I've ever watched anything more satisfying.

Prince William's Adorable Baby Photos Top The Morning Links

Being a Prince of England means your embarrassing childhood photos are public domain. Plus Pixar is serious about curl definition and January Jones isn't blonde anymore.

The Best Nicki Minaj Impression You'll Ever See

I may not know what he's saying, but I like that he's saying it.

Kate Upton In A Patriotic Bikini For GQ

And also not wearing a bikini at all. Here are a few photos from the Terry Richardson shoot Ms. Upton did for GQ. God bless America.

Hot Or Not Demi Lovato's New Pink Hair Photo Yasi's Photos

Demi Lovato is the latest celeb to join the brightly-colored hair club, debuting dip-dyed pink tresses at The X Factor auditions in Oakland on June 16. I kind of love how her hair goes from darkish roots to bright blonde to pale pink to bold pink al…

Katy Perry Performs At MuchMusic Awards Dressed As A Yeast Infection

Last night, at Canada’s MuchMusic Awards, Katy Perry was party to a number of fashion hiccups. First, she condoned a child’s wearing of cupcakes over her breasts, which strikes me as somewhat inappropriate. But she didn’t stop there! Later on in the…

Beautiful Mind The Thigh Gap Photos :

June 18, 2012 | Author: Leo | In: Girls, Hot Women, Mind the Gap

Joshua M. Brown: The 25 Most Dangerous People In Financial Media

Dangerous in a good way -- these are the financial media players who are making things very difficult for the establishment to maintain the status quo. Because we tried it their way, allowing the banks and other corporations to write the laws and m…

Race Matters: Why Gallup Poll Finds Less Support For President Obama

WASHINGTON -- With the race for president between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama now shifting into high gear, politicians, journalists and the general public are scrutinizing each new poll, with every small swing in one direction or another elevated t…

Which NBA Finals Players Follow Justin Bieber On Twitter?

How about Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, Drake, and Chris Brown? BuzzFeed investigates.

Aubrey Plaza Played The Sax On Conan

She also discussed why old people can get away with anything. She's pretty freakin' awesome.

Study: Asians-Americans Are Wealthier, Better-Educated, And Happier

Asian-Americans are better off than other American adults, according to Pew.

Brilliantly Insane Brazilian Coffee Ads

Brazilian art direction is always crazy, but often senseless. But, I think I like this completely batshit campaign.

Grown Man With 15 Miley Cyrus Tattoos

His name is MileyCyrusCarlx on Twitter, and he's her biggest fan.

First Look! Angelina Jolie As Maleficent

She looks perfect. Arguably more interesting and fleshed out than the princess whose story she appeared in, Maleficent is tentatively scheduled for March, 2014.

12 Dating DOs And DON'Ts Even Experts Follow

Ladies, I know you're busy, but stop what you're doing. You--or your DVR--need to be ready to catch the premiere of a new show on Bravo tonight that may change the way you look at dating. And let's get real here: who doesn't need a breath of fresh a…

Democrats Gripe On Obama Campaign—John Podhoretz

One little-known fact about the world of journalism is that news organizations prepare obituaries of famous people while those people are still alive, so that packages of material will be ready to go when a death is announced.

Microsoft Surface: Is This The iPad Rival The Tech World Desperately Needs?

I love the Surface. And that’s true even though I know very little about it. At a top-secret press event in Los Angeles on Monday, I was allowed to spend only about 90 seconds with Microsoft’s new tablet device. Even that brief time was circumscribe…

What It's Like To Use The New Microsoft Tablet

Microsoft's Surface is the most interesting tablet since the iPad. But how does it actually feel, you know, in your hands?

Shake Weight Pranking Is Epic

What happens when you shake weight in public? Hilarity.

The Proper Way To Live Your Life

If you aren't living by these words then you need to make some changes.

Spotify Is Your New Pandora

The unspoken problem with unlimited music services like Spotify and Rdio is that so much choice can be daunting; it can make finding the next song you want to listen to feel like a responsibility, and enjoying music feel like work. That's why Pandora is still so popular — and why Spotify, in its next app update, is becoming more like Pandora. Not everyone wants to be a radio DJ.

Adidas Pulls Shackle Shoe After Slavery Comparisons

Adidas has announced it will not release the JS Roundhouse Mid, after critics pointed out that its ankle shackles recalled the days of slavery. The company said, however, that any association with slavery was unintentional, and designer Jeremy Scott was actually inspired by a toy called My Pet Monster.

56 Images From Barack Obama's Early Career In Chicago

He was a community organizer, a civil rights attorney, then a law professor.

Oh Hey Guys. Shia LaBeouf Is Buck Naked In This Video. Weird, Right? (NSFW)

I haven't heard much about Shia LaBeouf lately (I think the last time he entered my consciousness, he was throwing Megan Fox under the bus). But there's nothing like going full-frontal in a Sigur Ros music video to get you back in the news cycle, is…

Packaging Vs. Reality

Introducing the SpongeBob SquarePants zombie-sicle.

After Prep School Sexual Abuse, Facebook Offers Catharsis

Thousands of older Horace Mann alumni shared personal stories in a private Facebook group when The New York Times exposed decades of sexual abuse at the school. As a younger alum, I was indoctrinated not to share personal information on the Internet. That may be my loss.

Iris Apfel And Tavi Gevinson Talk Style, Being A ‘Freak’, And Going To Fashion Jail

Early last week we told you that Iris Apfel and Tavi Gevinson would be sitting down at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to discuss what it means to be chic in the modern world. Well, yesterday they convened in an auditorium located just off the Egypti…

Maximalist Pictogram Posters For Rock ‘n’ Roll Icons

The last time we checked in with Swedish designer Viktor Hertz, he had created a series of minimalist pictogram posters for songs like Radiohead’s “Exit Music (for a Film)” and Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind.” But if you’re growing weary of the vogue for…

Mark Cuban Sells Facebook Stake

"I took my hit, my thesis was wrong," the billionaire investor and Dallas Mavericks owner told CNBC, according to the Wall Street Journal.  “I thought we’d get a quick bou…

And The Most Peaceful Country In The World Is...

Anyone seeking that elusive state of affairs known as ‘peace on Earth’ had better also have an appetite for volcanoes, glaciers and hot springs. Iceland, the little Nordic island with no standing army and the smallest population of any a NATO member…

Sexy Girls In Sports Bras Gallery (20 Photos)

June 18, 2012 | Author: Mac | In: Girls, Sports

Katy Perry's Sheer Bodysuit Shows Off Too Much At MuchMusic Awards (PHOTOS)

It's been a good run for nearly naked bodysuits lately. First, Jennifer Lopez did her best "Toxic"-era Britney in a sparkly catsuit while performing in Panama last week.

Rielle Hunter "What Really Happened": John Edwards Mistress Pens Tell-all Book.

It looks like we're not getting any more details about John Edwards' affair out of the U.S. court system, but never fear: Rielle Hunter has written a tell-all book. ABC News got its hands on an advance copy of Hunter's What Really Happened, which is…

Nicholas Read, Star Wars 'Ewok,' Faces Jail For Flashing

Actor Nicholas Read is facing jail time after he admitted to flashing a college student on a train headed to Manchester, England, the Sun reports. Read played an Ewok in "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi."

Zoë Triska: The Phrase You're Probably Misusing

Do YOU know how to use the phrase "begging the question"? No? That's okay; most people don't. It is commonly misused, as people typically confuse it with "raising the question." But that's simply incorrect. Why do people continue to use this confusi…

Susan Tyrrell Dead: Cult Film Actress Dies At 67

Susan Tyrrell, cult film staple and Academy Award nominee, passed away on Sunday at the age of 67.

Well, I Just Saw Shia LaBeouf Naked And Now I’m Putting That Evil On You

Let me start out by saying I didn’t set out this morning with the intent to follow a post featuring Chris Hemsworth and Joe Manganiello shirtless with Shia LaBeouf‘s naked penis, but the Internet works in mysterious, wienery ways. So that said, abov…

Buzznet Exclusive: Trace Cyrus Talks About Ashland High With Samii Ryan On Samii Ryan's Blog

Hey Loves!So I had so much fun interviewing my boy Trace Cyrus, he is the nicest guy and made this interview super fun and easy to do. Check out the video below and learn a little bit more about your boy in Ashland High!xoxoCheers Buzz the post if y…

Incredible Pop-Up Books For Grown Ups

When we saw Portland-based designer and art director Mengyu Chen’s paper pop-up books on Booooooom, we instantly fell in love. The minimal design and simplicity of action recalled our childhood, when craftily constructed stories sprung to life. It w…

'Amazing Spider-Man' Video Game Trailer Reveals 'Sense Of Vertigo' (Video)

If July 3 is too long for a wait to see The Amazing Spider-Man in action, the new Activision video game featuring Marvel’s wall-crawler hits stores a few weeks before the Columbia Pictures reboot graces theaters.

News - Shia LaBeouf Goes Full Frontal In Sigur Ros' 'Fjogur Piano' (VIDEO)

Shia LaBeouf lets it all hang out in Sigur Rós’ new music video for “Fjögur Píanó.” Featuring interpretive dance, drawing on nude bodies, mild

Campaigning Gay: Kyrsten Sinema For United States Congress

If elected she would be the first openly bisexual member of Congress.  Her political coming out was after a Republican colleague made insulting remarks about gays and lesbians on the floor in 2005. Sinema responded, "We’re simply people, like everyo…

Woody Allen Son Slams Dad On Father's Day

Ronan Farrow, son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, seized an opportunity on Father's Day to tweet an inappropriate joke to the masses.

The Salvation Army And Goodwill: Inside The Places Your Clothes Go When You Donate Them.

It was early morning at the Quincy Street Salvation Army, an easy-to-miss location tucked away on a Brooklyn side street. The only donations that had come in so far were books, an entire truck full from one single apartment. Charitable clothing dona…

Inside Giuliana Rancic's Baby Shower

Expecting their first child via surrogate this summer, Giuliana and Bill Rancic kept their unborn baby's gender a secret until Sunday -- Father's Day -- when they revealed details about their new arrival at a Beverly Hills baby shower.

High Speed Chase Ends With Swag From TubularGoldmine

After crashing to end a high speed police chase in Southern California, the obviously drunk/drugged driver lets everyone know he has swag.

The Nine Most Offensive Attacks Against President Obama

Criticizing a president is nothing new, but many of the attacks on President Obama are violent and rooted in ugly and hateful racist imagery. And these aren't just one-offs. We've collected nine of the most offensive stunts by anti-Obama groups who …

So That Kate Upton GQ Cover Is Temporarily Down

… as it’s not supposed to be all over the Internet already. We get along with the nice folks over at GQ so we’re honoring their request. As an added bonus, they sent over a teaser video asking us to guess which model’s on that cover, and the logis…

ROFLMPGAO: A Look Inside The Mind Of A 17-Year Old At The U.S. Open

Before Thursday, only Beau Hossler’s closest friends and family knew who he was, as the rest of us probably would have guessed country singer or Dukes

Brides Getting Drunk :

classy brides are classy!

Eddie Cibrian Birthday Cake Features LeAnn Rimes In Bed While Kids Stand Awkwardly Below (PHOTO)

On that third level--actually, the entire level itself--sits a somewhat risque edible portrayal of Rimes and Cibrian in bed. Fittingly, Rimes titled the creation 'Eddie's favorite things birthday cake' in a Father's day tweet: …

Shia LaBeouf Band -- We're PROUD Of His Penis

Shia LaBeouf's wang is getting some major support after it made its debut in a new music video for Sigur Ros -- with the band telling TMZ, "Icelandic…

My Attempt To Make The Perfect Nebraska Runza

I grew up in western Nebraska, not a part of the country known as a culinary paradise. While there were plenty of perfectly fine meals growing up, many others just involved beef put on a grill or recipes from the side of a box, like homemade Bisquic…

Origin Sale Hypocrisy Renders Executive Comments Worthless

After ruling out Steam-style sales on Origin, it now has games for more than 75% off.

5 Ways To Make Your LBD Look Totally Summer-Appropriate

Wear your LBD with flat summer sandals - so beachy and cool.

Here's How To Make Your Fishtail Braid A Little Bit Fancier!

I'm nowhere near dexterous (or patient!) enough to create a fishtail braid (plus I don't think my kinky curly hair texture would work with such an intricate look), but two thumbs all the way up if you are! In fact, I've found a plethora of tricked o…

Bobbi Kristina Misses Her Dad’s Wedding To Shoot Reality Show In NYC

Bobbi Kristina Brown won’t be attending her dad Bobby’s nuptial festivities this weekend — sparking further rumors that they’re growing apart following the death of her mother, Whitney Houston. Bobby Brown and Alicia Etheridge, who have been engaged…

Natalie Portman & Benjamin Millepied: France With The Family!

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied take their adorable 1-year-old son, Aleph, out for a stroll on Monday (June 18) in Paris, France.

Nicole Kidman: Happy Father’s Day!

“Happy Father’s Day Dad! xx,” the 44-year-old Aussie actress wrote on her timeline over the weekend.

Was Obama's Memoir Fiction Or Literature?

David Maraniss, author of Barack Obama: The Story, recalled discussing that question with Obama himself during an interview on C-SPAN's Book TV Sunday night.

The Only Post You Need To Read About Microsoft's New Tablet

Well, this isn't quite what people were expecting.

Kim Kardashian News - Oprah’s Kardashian Interview

On Sunday night, Kim Kardashian and her family sat down for in an interview for OWN’s Oprah’s Next Chapter, where the Kardashian family were grilled about everything from Kim’s 72-day marriage, to whether Kris Jenner “pimps” her children out.

Courtney Stodden News - Courtney Stodden Channels Marilyn Monroe In Sexy Homemade Flick (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Courtney Stodden, 17, recently debuted a sexy homemade video paying tribute to the late Marilyn Monore. In the montage, the scantily-clad teen bride is seen reenacting some of the Some Like It Hot actress’ most iconic moments.

Giuliana Rancic News - Giuliana And Bill Rancic Reveal Sex Of Their First Child

Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill spent Father’s Day celebrating the upcoming birth of their first child, and surprised guests at their baby shower with the sex of their new bundle of joy.

Katy Perry News - Katy Perry Rocks Nude Bodysuit At MuchMusic Awards, Attempts To Cover Herself Up (PHOTOS)

Katy Perry stepped out in a slew of eye-catching ensembles Sunday night at the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto, Canada, but it was her nude bodysuit that may have been too risque, even for the outlandish pop star.

Some Surprising Things We Learned From Barneys’ Beauty Gurus

Barneys New York held their annual Beauty Breakfast last week in partnership with Harper’s Bazaar to celebrate some of the cosmetic industry’s rising talents. Bazaar‘s EIC Glenda Bailey, Simon Doonan and a slew of beauty industry stars set their ala…

Olympic Legends Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson And Jackie Joyner Kersee Unveil Nike’s Team USA Track And Field Uniforms

On June 14 in the West Village, despite the fact the entire neighborhood was on lockdown due to Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour’s Obama fundraiser nearby, Nike unveiled their new track and field uniforms for Team USA with the help of some marq…

Best Dressed: Emma Stone In Fendi, Kiernan Shipka In Miu Miu And More

Whites and florals were everywhere this week on red carpets all over the globe. From Kiernan Shipka looking cute as a button in pink Miu Miu to Ginnifer Goodwin in a pristine white Monique Lhuillier frock, the ladies were oh-so-pretty. Click through…

Hermes Employees Helped An International Crime Ring Make $18 Million In Knockoff Birkins

Hermes is not messing around when it comes to counterfeits. Last month, the legendary luxury label shut down 34 counterfeit sites–and won $100 million in damages–and now they’ve helped the French police bust an international crime ring that produced…

Anne Hathaway On Her Horrible-Sounding Les Miserables Crash Diet

Anne Hathaway is in the business of crash diets. Last time around, she was eating little but kale to squeeze into her Catwoman catsuit for The Dark Knight Rises. Since then, she’s caught flak for a supposedly draconian (500 calories a day!) regimen,…

Summer Shorts: 10 Novellas Perfect For Literary Lounging

Sometimes when the weather is warm and the sun is shining, the last thing we want is to weigh ourselves down with a huge heavy novel, but instead yearn for a slim, compact novella that still packs a punch. After all, in the summer months, we like to…

Bizarre Portraits Featuring Wounds Crafted From Candy And Ice Cream

A sickly sweet photo series by Utrecht-based photographer Ashkan Honorvar stopped us dead in our tracks this morning, thanks to a tip from website io9. Using photos of First World War soldiers who suffered extreme facial injuries, the artist recreat…

Jack Osbourne Talks Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

Jack Osbourne says it's been a struggle dealing with the reality that he has multiple sclerosis. The 26-year-old former star of The Osbournes, the early-aughts precursor to The Kardashians co-starring parents Ozzy and Sharon and sister Kelly, welcom…

Egypt: How The Military Won The Presidential Election

It is history with an asterisk. Egypt pulled off the first democratic presidential election in its long history, choosing a civilian head of state to take the reins from the military generals who have run the country for more than a year. Based on t…

Barack Obama On His Decision To No Longer Deport Undocumented Immigrants Brought To The United States As Children

These are young people who study in our schools, play in our neighborhoods, are friends with our kids, and pledge allegiance to our flag. They are Americans in their heart and minds, in every single way but one: on paper. They were brought to this c…

Soooo…. Your Dad Got Wasted (26 Photos) :

Wasted dads are the reason most of you exist.

Hands Down, The Most Hilarious Porn Intro Ever (Video)…

Facebook; Mark Zuckerberg; Personal Information; Big Brother; Geroge Orwell;

In a recent report, Facebook was named as the most egregious collector of personal data – far outpacing the government and your gossipy Aunt Edna. Imagine George Orwell promptly updating his Twitter feed with this news. But what does the house of Zu…

Google: Censorship Requests 'Alarming'

BRUSSELS - Google has received more than 1,000 requests from authorities to take down content from its search results or YouTube video in the last six months of 2011, the company said on Monday, denouncing what it said was an alarming trend. In its …

Chicago Homicide Rate Worse Than Kabul, Up To 200 Police Assigned To High-Profile Wedding (VIDEO)

As Chicago residents face a murder rate that, thus far this year, is worse than U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the Chicago Police Department has assigned at least 100 officers to secure the wedding of White House advisor Valerie Jarrett's daughter. Pre…

Aimee Copeland Fights Flesh-Eating Bacteria While Refusing Pain Meds

Aimee Copeland despises the use of morphine in her treatment, despite its effectiveness at blocking her pain, her father said in a Friday online update on his daughter's condition. Her graduate-school study of holistic pain management techniques lea…

U.S. Open Fan Interrupts Webb Simpson Trophy Presentation, Bob Costas Interview (VIDEO)

By Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing Webb Simpson won the US Open Sunday with a final round 68 to finish the championship at +1. The highlight of the tournament wasn't the action on the golf course though, or Johnny MIller's questionable math skills …

Madonna MDNA Tour Demands: 20 International Phone Lines, Yoga Instructor, More (REPORT)

Madonna has already flashed crowds twice during her MDNA Tour, but this might be the most exposed she's been yet. According to InTouch Weekly, Madonna's tour rider would probably make David Lee Roth cry about pop-star excess gone rogue.

Mayor Bloomberg Speaks On Differentiating Between Hookers And Real Working Girls

Mayor Bloomberg yesterday imagined himself going out on the town in sexy outfits, after eyeballing these pretty protesters in yesterday’s Post.

The Future Of Cookbooks: They’ll Go Extinct, And That’s OK.

You may have heard that the print cookbook is indomitable. Last summer, the San Francisco Chronicle reported an 8 percent increase in cookbook sales, even as overall book sales slid downward. A few months later, Amateur Gourmet’s Adam Roberts hailed…

For Obama And Romney, Iowa Is A 2012 Battleground State Like No Other.

DES MOINES, Iowa—A stenciled portrait of Barack Obama hangs on the wall of his Iowa headquarters. The blue and red image was painted on drywall in his Iowa campaign offices in 2008. It echoes the famous Shepard Fairey poster and that first campaign …

Tom Maynard Dead: Model Girlfriend Carly Baker Pays Tribute To Surrey Cricketer On Twitter

Underwear model Carly Baker revealed her heartache today after the death of her boyfriend (pictured), who was widely tipped as a future England star.

Shia LaBeouf Naked In Sigur Ros Video

Shia LaBeouf bares all in a video for Icelandic indie act Sigur Ros.

Duchess Kate: Order Of Garter Service With Queen Elizabeth!

15+ pictures inside of Duchess Kate at the Order of the Garter Service…

Carrie Underwood Supporting Gay Marriage Is Really Going Over Well

Last week Carrie Underwood shocked the shit out of people by going against the grain of her Christian persona and country roots and openly supporting gay marriage. So you’ll be surprised to learn this didn’t sit well with some of her fans who began …

Fight Church Trailer, You Guys

I don’t really see what the big deal is? I mean, quite clearly, sending a young child into the ring with another young child to “tear his head off” is the purest way to express the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Golden Rule, if I remember it correct…

Haters To The Left: Channing Tatum’s Fellow Strippers Call Him A Fraud

When you become a Hollywood A-lister, you’re bound to draw old friends and acquaintances out of the woodworks hoping to hitch a ride on your fame train. But when you’re the “Hardest Workin’, Twerkin’, Lay It Down, Flip It, and Reversin’ It Man in Sh…

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