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June 28, 2012

11 Dead Social Networks

Remember when there was a social network in every niche and cranny? Even for fake boobs? A walk through some of the wilder ghost towns left on the web.

How The Media Avoids Getting Celebrity Death News Wrong

CNN's major gaffe with the supreme court health care ruling and premature reports about Nora Ephron's death are a reminder that especially when it comes to the internet, you can't always believe what you read. Editors who cover celebrity deaths say they're more skeptical of online reports than ever before.

Naked Nathan Fillion

This fan art makes me aim to misbehave. Sadly, it's only a wonderful mash-up of Da Vinci's "Perfect Man" that covers up all the important bits with suggestive gun placement.

Dingell Vs. Issa

Did you watch Congress argue about holding the U.S. Attorney General in contempt? It was... something!

The End Of BlackBerry

RIM, the BlackBerry company, cut a few thousand jobs last week; now, it's cutting 5,000 more, or a third of its remaining workforce. It's kind of stunning, really: RIM had the right mobile business model before Microsoft and Google, and even Apple. It just forgot the most important part: make a phone that doesn't suck.

Lena Dunham Mourns Her Unexpected Friendship With Nora Ephron

After seeing Dunham's debut, Tiny Furniture, Ephron asked the young filmmaker to lunch. The two soon became friends: "She called bullshit on a whole host of things," Dunham writes in the New Yorker. "Donuts served in fancy restaurants; photo shoots in which female directors are asked to all stand in a cluster wearing mustaches; the idea that one’s writing isn’t fiction if it borrows from one’s life."

8 Republicans Who Supported The Individual Mandate

The Supreme Court ruled today that ObamaCare, and the individual mandate, are not unconstitutional. Republicans responded with calls for a full repeal. Here are nine Republicans who at one time supported an individual mandate.

In 2008, Obama Attacked McCain For Health Care Taxes

The Supreme Court ruled today that President Obama's individual mandate to buy health care is permissible because it's a tax. In 2008, then Senator Barack Obama attacked John McCain during his first run for the White House for his health care plan's taxes, which he dubbed "the McCain tax."

The Problem With Chrome For iOS

Don't get me wrong, I would love Chrome on my iPhone and iPad. But Chrome for iOS isn't really Chrome — it's a much slower version of Mobile Safari.

How To Avoid Costly Summer Road Trip Traffic Tickets

“67% of Americans believe that it is important to go on a summer vacation, but budget travel is also still a top priority for people -- 59 percent of people spend less than $1,200 in total on their vacations,” TomTom says.   In fact, the last thing …

Oh God: TED Makes A Book

Even if you never watched a TED talk, the explosive #fivewordTEDtalks hashtag perfectly captured the zeitgeist of TED and the growing backlash against its occasionally absurd breed of techno-utopianism. Well, welcome to TED Books, a whole new platform for posturing.

Doctors React To The Survival Of ObamaCare

What it really means. Health care professionals, from an OB/GYN to a therapist to a pharmacist, share their feelings on the law and how they foresee it affecting their practices and patients.

The Magic Of FM Synth From

The history of FM synth in arcade and console games is pretty cut-and-dry, but its adoption in personal computers is somewhat fragmented, but only because the market was. In Japan, the world of home computers in the '80s was flush with several diffe…

The Sledgehammer Of Usage-Based Billing

A point worth reiterating in the debate about metered vs. unlimited data: "The major cable distributors can charge whatever they want, however they want, for whatever services they define. There is no oversight of any of this and no visibility into what is actually going on." Something to remember next time Time Warner claims it is being "forced" to change the way it bills for data.

Vogue China Chops Off Doutzen Kroes’s Leg

We all know that magazines like to photoshop out any model’s flaws (or pores, or freckles, or thigh bulge)–but did someone at Vogue China really take such offense to Doutzen Kroes‘s leg that they had to completely erase it from the picture? Apparent…

Can Anyone Explain The UVA Situation?

The UVA situation was a hot mess. It was basically the Star Wars trilogy. Dragas = Darth Vadar. Board of Trustees = Death Star. Sullivan = Luke Skywalker. UVA faculty = Han Solo. But I can also answer specific questions.

Ryan Reynolds Is Your New Highlander

We’ve known since 2008 that the Highlander franchise was being rebooted, and we learned last year that the newest tale of the MacLeod clan was being rushed into production. But the big question was – who the hell’s gonna be chopping them heads off? …

Video Conferencing Skydivers At Google I/O The Best Demo Ever?

To demonstrate a pair of their products, Google arranged for a group of skydivers to jump out of a blimp and parachute onto the roof of the Moscone Center in San Francisco, the building in which the Google I/O was being held. The divers were each we…

Fossilized Teeth Hold Clues To Early Human Species' Diet

WEDNESDAY, June 27 (HealthDay News) -- New research suggests that human ancestors who lived 2 million years ago had a diet that was devoted to harder foods than other early humans. "It is an important finding because diet is one of the fund

Five Underwhelming RPGs With Overwhelming Soundtracks From

Although series vet Michiko Naruke didn't return to compose music for the fifth (and it seems, final) installment of Wild Arms, the soundtrack didn't suffer a bit. The game, on the other hand, felt like a step down from the streamlined, cheesy fun o…

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