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June 28, 2012

Strange Grooming Isn't New To The NBA Draft

Look at these many totally real examples.

Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Strikes Seductive Pose In Iconic Cone Bra

The teen, nicknamed Lola, snapped a seductive photo backstage at the MDNA tour donning Madge’s iconic cone bra, but quickly deleted the image from her @MaterialGirl timeline. In the picture, Lourdes is seen winking at the camera, sticking her tongue…

Is Lena Gercke Too Sexy For Germany? [PHOTOS + POLL]

The German Football Association has officially given Lena Gercke a ‘yellow card’ for looking too sexy at the EuroCup 2012. According to the Daily Mail, the wife of German midfielder Sami Khedira has been warned “to keep it classy in terms of her out…

6 New Crazy-Gorgeous Engagement Rings From Blue Nile! Which Is Your Favorite?

I know it probably seems like I'm extra-obsessed with Blue Nile, which is weird considering I've never bought an engagement from them. (Or, you know, any jeweler.) But the thing is, I know several guys who have bought Blue Nile engagement rings, and…

David Stern Is Lustily Booed At The NBA Draft

And the commissioner encourages it like a WWE heel.

Jared Sullinger Has Bulging WHAT?!

Andy Katz makes the oldest sportscaster mistake in the book, when talking about former Ohio State star Jared Sullinger.

Check Out This Picture Of John Boehner And Nancy Pelosi!

It's like a promo poster for some bizarre avant-garde buddy film.

"Your Favorite Doctors Weigh In On The Healthcare Ruling" By CH Staff

This morning, the Supreme Court announced their decision to uphold the majority of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, including the controversial individual mandate, which will require nearly all Americans to purchase health insurance. Here to g…

Sick Dubstep Impression

The latest viral buzz from

Texas Republican Party Calls For Abstinence Only Sex Ed, Corporal Punishment In Schools

Early this month, Texas Republican delegates met in Fort Worth to approve their 2012 platform, notable parts of which take aim at the state's education system.

Can ‘Diablo 3′ Point Us Toward A Grand Unified Theory Of Nerdrage?

Diablo 3, a hack-and-slash role-playing game for the PC published by Blizzard (which also makes World of Warcraft), was released a month and a half ago. There was about a decade’s worth of anticipation from fans of the series who had profoundly nost…

'Dark Knight Rises' Box Office: Batman Could Be Bigger Than 'The Avengers'

"The Dark Knight Rises" doesn't come out for three weeks, but the film is already tracking to open with as much as $150 million in ticket sales, the Los Angeles Times reported on Thursday.

11 Dead Social Networks

Remember when there was a social network in every niche and cranny? Even for fake boobs? A walk through some of the wilder ghost towns left on the web.

12 Best Online Reviews Of Swords

These very serious enthusiasts opine on whether their recently-purchased blade could truly be "a weapon of stealth."

How The Media Avoids Getting Celebrity Death News Wrong

CNN's major gaffe with the supreme court health care ruling and premature reports about Nora Ephron's death are a reminder that especially when it comes to the internet, you can't always believe what you read. Editors who cover celebrity deaths say they're more skeptical of online reports than ever before.

Don Grady, My Three Sons Star, Dies At Age 68

Grady passed away in L.A. after a long battle with cancer, his family confirmed to Deadline.

Naked Nathan Fillion

This fan art makes me aim to misbehave. Sadly, it's only a wonderful mash-up of Da Vinci's "Perfect Man" that covers up all the important bits with suggestive gun placement.

35 Rage Comics Made By People Trying To Learn English

A teacher on Reddit made a subreddit where Japanese college students can post rage comics to help them learn English. I can't help but feeling there's some sort of language barrier here.

Is 'Libertarian' Latin For 'Embarrassed Republican'? John Fugelsang Takes On Rand Paul

And that’s the problem both Rand Paul and his father, Ron, have. And there’s a lot about these gentlemen I like. Look, you’re allowed to be opposed to abortion and do whatever you can in this free country to get those laws overturned. Go for it. You…

7 Days Of DIY Braids, Modeled By Glamour Editors

Two talented hairstylists at Bumble and Bumble showed seven different Glamour editors (including yours truly!) how to get their favorite celebrity braid in just a few easy steps. Here's the how-to for each gorgeous 'do--now you've got a new hairstyl…

Ann Curry Announces 'Today' Departure (VIDEO)

A tearful Ann Curry announced to viewers on Thursday that her time as a co-host of "Today" has come to a sudden end. After 15 years on the show, Curry was given a brief four minutes and twenty-three seconds to say goodbye to her audience.

Can't Wait For The Movies: Spider-Man From Samm Levine, Jim O_Heir, Eric Acosta, Lindsayames, Danny Jelinek, Manasewitsch, Funny Or Die, And Betsy Koch

Can't Wait For The Movies gives you a sneak peek at The Amazing Spiderman before it comes out, even though it's been out before several times.

REMIX: Democrats Walk Out On The Contempt Vote Of Attorney General Eric Holder

Democrats walked out on the vote by House Republicans to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress over the Fast and Furious scandal. We made the most exciting thing to hit C-SPAN today more exciting.

The Dude Who Beat Nadal In Wimbledon's Second Round Is Just As Surprised As You Are

Lukas Rosol, the world's #100 player, wasn't shy about expressing how big of an upset it was when he beat Nadal in five sets.

Massachusetts Dems Thank Teddy

Today is his big day, posthumously.

Dingell Vs. Issa

Did you watch Congress argue about holding the U.S. Attorney General in contempt? It was... something!

Amanda Palmer Art By Frances Bean, Neil Gaiman, And Others

For the book, Palmer commissioned work from over two dozen artists and friends, including Cynthia von Buhler, Cassandra Long, Michael Zulli, DJ Spooky, and Frances Bean Cobain (and hubby Neil Gaiman, natch). Each was tasked with creating either a po…

Singapore Pastor Allegedly Used Church Funds To Finance Wife’s Pop Music Career

Kong Hee, the founding pastor of Singapore’s largest church, was arrested this week on charges that he misused up to $18 million in church funds to finance his wife’s career as a pop singer.

Goodbye To My Idol, Nora Ephron. Thank You For Making The World Funnier, Fiercer, And Bolder.

Those words have stuck with me since the day my 11th grade AP English teacher, Mrs. Kjos, wrote them in my yearbook. The Nora is of course Nora Ephron and holding the nickname Nora, Jr. is the biggest honor I have ever received. It's held great weig…

Celine Dion -- Sued For Screwing Employees Out Of Overtime

Celine Dion and her husband are a couple o' tight wads when it comes to compensating employees at their massive Florida compound ... according to a new…

Paris' Boulevard Diderot Gets What Is Probably The World's Best Bus Stop

But what if we could re-imagine bus stations, making them so useful and attractive that they would actually draw people to public transportation? It sounds a little bit strange, but that’s exactly what it looks like the French firm Design Urbain is …

This YouTube Stunt Helped A Student Get Off Michigan's Waitlist

Bernadette Lis, Michigan's assistant admissions director says Yong's video caught their attention because it was so unique. The school takes "demonstrated interest into account" said Lis, when deciding which students to pull off the waitlist, and Yo…

The End Of BlackBerry

RIM, the BlackBerry company, cut a few thousand jobs last week; now, it's cutting 5,000 more, or a third of its remaining workforce. It's kind of stunning, really: RIM had the right mobile business model before Microsoft and Google, and even Apple. It just forgot the most important part: make a phone that doesn't suck.

Lena Dunham Mourns Her Unexpected Friendship With Nora Ephron

After seeing Dunham's debut, Tiny Furniture, Ephron asked the young filmmaker to lunch. The two soon became friends: "She called bullshit on a whole host of things," Dunham writes in the New Yorker. "Donuts served in fancy restaurants; photo shoots in which female directors are asked to all stand in a cluster wearing mustaches; the idea that one’s writing isn’t fiction if it borrows from one’s life."

Ryan Gosling Responds To Supreme Court Ruling On ObamaCare

Of course there's a Ryan Gosling meme for the SCOTUS decision on ObamaCare.

8 Republicans Who Supported The Individual Mandate

The Supreme Court ruled today that ObamaCare, and the individual mandate, are not unconstitutional. Republicans responded with calls for a full repeal. Here are nine Republicans who at one time supported an individual mandate.

Disabled Sheep Gets New Lease On Life And Other Links

Or is it, a new fleece? Sorry, sorry. Also, broadband data caps might be illegal and the world' first synthetic larynx transplant was a success!

Did NBC Just Botch The Ann Curry Issue? (Analysis)

NBC dumping Ann Curry from Today seemed like both calculated assassination and bizarrely ill-timed roll of the dice. It also seemed, well, like NBC. Can’t this network do anything right?

Ann Curry: 'I'm Sorry I Couldn't Carry The Ball Over The Finish Line' (Video)

Ann Curry will leave her post as Today co-host. She made the announcement herself on Thursday morning’s program. “This is not easy to say, but today is going to be my last morning in a regular role on Today," Curry said through tears.

Make Your Own Meals: Use Only Convenience Store Groceries #30DaysofGOOD

The good news is that even when your local grocer is a quickie mart or liquor store, all is not necessarily lost. For today’s challenge, we’re going to craft the best meal we can using only groceries procured from a nearby convenience store.

The Spectacular Rise Of Joe Manganiello

He's so, so, SO hot right now.

In 2008, Obama Attacked McCain For Health Care Taxes

The Supreme Court ruled today that President Obama's individual mandate to buy health care is permissible because it's a tax. In 2008, then Senator Barack Obama attacked John McCain during his first run for the White House for his health care plan's taxes, which he dubbed "the McCain tax."

10 Phrases You Can Say Instead Of "YOLO"

You're too old, not hip enough, or you straight-up loathe the phrase "YOLO" — and with good reason. Here are 10 alternatives to the popular saying.

The Internet Responds To Supreme Court Ruling On ObamaCare

You've probably already seen a few of these on your Facetweet feeds and Tumblrist boards.

Collectible Troll Dolls Return

Wait just a minute, where are their bejeweled belly buttons? This is an outrage! Oooo, they have metallic ones now.

World's Most Accurate Pie Chart

Finally one I can relate to.

Dora The Explorer Movie Trailer (With Ariel Winter)

The latest viral buzz from

Olivia Munn Will Be Naked In Magic Mike! Fun For The Whole Family!

Olivia Munn shows her boobs three times during Magic Mike. Need I say more when it comes to convincing your boyfriend to come with you?

Kim Kardashian News - Kim Kardashian: My L'Uomo Vogue Shoot! (PHOTOS)

Last month I did an incredible shoot for L’Uomo Vogue with photographer Francesco Carrozzini and I wanted to share these screengrabs from the video taken at the shoot with you guys!!

The Miami Heat Porn Stars Are Women Of Their Words, But They Have Rules

Last week, we brought you the heartwarming Disney story of Sara Jay and Angelina Castro, the two adult film starlets who promised to suck off all of their Twitter followers if the Miami Heat won the NBA Finals. Well, the Heat won, so it’s time to st…

It’s A Glorious Hump Day (72 Photos) : :

The most awkward family holiday photos (24 Photos)

Obamacare Supreme Court Decision Sparks Outpouring Of Reaction

"The Supreme Court may have failed to stop this government takeover of health care, but the American people will not," said Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC). "Since the day this law was rammed through Congress, the American people have demanded repeal, and to…

Roberts Health Care Opinion, Commerce Clause

Read the rest of Slate’s coverage on the Supreme Court upholding the Affordable Care Act. There were two battles being fought in the Supreme Court over the Affordable Care Act. Chief Justice John Roberts—and Justice Anthony Kennedy—delivered victory…

Dear Prudie: My Boss Pantsed Someone At Work. Should I Tattle?

Get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week; click here to sign up. Please send your questions for publication to (Questions may be edited.) Got a burning question for Prudie? She'll be online at to cha…

This Muppets Test Footage Is Pretty Delightful

Oh, here’s something nice. iO9 found some old test footage that Jim Henson & pals shot for the original Muppet Movie back in 1979 and it is just delightful! There’s Fozzie and Kermit discussing the existential realities of being a puppet instead of …

Watch Elton Brand Kick A Soccer Ball At Mike Dunleavy's Face

And in one moment, Brand earned his insane, exorbitant contract.

Egg Russian Roulette Is A Truly Fascinating Sport

Or should i say face-inating sport. Because they smash eggs on their faces. Get it?

Ann Coulter Saw This Coming

Coulter predicted conservative outrage at Roberts a full seven years ago.

NYC Street Artist Jilly Ballistic Bombs "That's My Boy"

This is beautiful. Fuck Adam Sandler.

20 Ways To Make Your Walls Look Uniquely Amazing

Plain old wallpaper is passé. Check out these funky wall treatments that use everything from paint chips to Post-It notes.

The Problem With Chrome For iOS

Don't get me wrong, I would love Chrome on my iPhone and iPad. But Chrome for iOS isn't really Chrome — it's a much slower version of Mobile Safari.

Caveman's Haunting New Video: "Old Friend" (Plus Nine Creepy GIFs!)

Why make a just a music video when you can make a music video, add in a bunch of eerie scenes from thriller movies, and incorporate Peter Sarsgaard looking menacing too?

Obama’s Big Health Care Win: An Incredible Stroke Of Luck

During the Tea Party summer of 2009, when suburban revolutionaries with funny hats and nasty signs began screaming about Obamacare and tyranny, chief of staff Rahm Emanuel urged the President to settle for a less comprehensive health plan. But Obama…

Quincy Jones: 'Diddy Wouldn't Know A B Flat' If It Hit Him

Quincy Jones is certainly one of the most influential producers of all time, having lent his midas touch to everyone from Ray Charles to Michael Jackson. As such, he's an authority on music and is entitled to give his opinion on the careers of other…

How To Avoid Costly Summer Road Trip Traffic Tickets

“67% of Americans believe that it is important to go on a summer vacation, but budget travel is also still a top priority for people -- 59 percent of people spend less than $1,200 in total on their vacations,” TomTom says.   In fact, the last thing …

Conservative Groups Blast "Tyranny" Of ObamaCare's Birth Control Requirements

Says one anti-abortion advocate: "They've forced every pro-life American to pay for abortions."

Working From Home: A New Study Reveals What People Really Do When They Telecommute.

Digital technology—email and smartphones most of all—have vastly improved workers’ capacity to be productive outside of a traditional office. Even so, most white-collar work still happens in an office. In practice, modern communications technology i…

Why Mennonite Urine Is Four Times Lower In BPAs Than The Rest Of Ours

Drive less, eat better, live simple and live longer: what we can learn from the Mennonite way of life.

What Were Belly Dancers Doing Outside The Supreme Court?

Trying to get attention, yes, but they were also there in support of moving to a single payer healthcare system, like Canada's.

The Day The .Music Died?

New domain names will be controlled by private companies —which could suck for the rest of us.

Weed Makes You Eat Faces; Bath Salts Completely Safe

PHEW! Turns out the face-eater wasn't on bath salt, but he was on the deadly substance known as "marijuana".

Here's Everyone Who Hurt Themselves On Camera In June

And thanks to the Supreme Court, most of these people will be covered by ObamaCare.

Joe Manganiello Is Not Dating Demi Moore, "Lone-Wolfing It" Instead

Important information before you see Magic Mike this weekend, courtesy Wendy Williams' prying questions: Joe Manganiello is very much SINGLE.

Abraham Lincoln: 8-Bit Vampire Hunter

Sorry Lincoln but your wife is in another Antebellum Mansion. Warning: Spoilers ahoy!

John Roberts, Liberal Icon

The Chief Justice has a whole new set of friends: the left.

Napping Cats Are Really Cute...

...but they're even cuter when they're napping with ducklings. I dare you not to melt.

Military Wives Flash Skin For PTSD Awareness

A new organization, Battling Bare, seeks to strip away the stigma of being a soldier dealing with post-combat stress

10 Of The Year’s Most Unfairly Overlooked Albums

It’s the middle of the year, which means it’s time for the music industry’s first round of 2012 listomania — and lo, the first “best of 2012 so far” roundups have already begun to crop up across the Internet. It’s been pleasing to see that some of o…

Fighting Tears, Ann Curry Breaks Her Silence

Today co-host Ann Curry is expected to make an announcement about her future at NBC on Thursday morning's show.

Supreme Court Health Care Ruling: CNN, Fox News Wrong On Individual Mandate (VIDEO)

"The Supreme Court may have failed to stop this government takeover of health care, but the American people will not," said Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC). "Since the day this law was rammed through Congress, the American people have demanded repeal, and to…

Conservative Websites React To ObamaCare Ruling

From Biblical sea monster references to straight news headlines, one thing is clear from the online right's coverage: Chief Justice Roberts is Public Enemy Number One.

SCOTUS Obamacare Decision: Live Updates Of The Ruling And Reaction From Washington.

We'll be live-blogging the results and the flood of reactions as they come in, so refresh your page early and often for the latest. For more in-depth analysis, check out Slate's complete coverage of the ACA decision. (We'll also be providing links t…

Why NFL Players Drive Drunk Even Though They Could Afford A Cab

It seems so stupid. They're making so much money! But closing time for a football player has its own unique pressures, as one former Bronco explains here.

5 Things You Won't Believe Are Making You Dumber

Tell people that their diets or habits are making them fat or out of shape and they shrug -- we hear that crap every day. Tell them that their habits make them stupider and you're about to have a fight. We all know that our brain is a part of our bo…

Chuck Norris Writes An Article Slamming Pro-gay Boy Scout Board Member

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, as cool as the Fake Chuck Norris that the internet invented is, the guy whose tears could cure cancer if only he’d cry, the real Chuck Norris is that much of a slimy dicklicker. The GPS on your phone will s…

27 People Who Think America Died Today

ObamaCare means the end of the 50 states as we know it, apparently.

CNN News Staffers Revolt Over Blown Coverage

“Embarrassing.” “Fucking humiliating.” “Shameful.” A veteran producer jumps the gun, a young correspondent goes too far, and the network's crisis deepens.

This Is The World's Oldest Purse

The purse is around 4500 years old and is covered in dog teeth, making it both vintage and fashionable.

Romney: If We Want To Get Rid Of Obamacare, We Have To Replace President Obama

Slams the Supreme Court's ruling and pledges repeal.

Romney Agrees With SCOTUS Dissent On ObamaCare

The Republican candidate repeats his vow to repeal ObamaCare.

NBA Player Thinks ObamaCare Ruling Makes America Communist

Because when you think analysis of American politics, you think Philadelphia center Spencer Hawes.

Oh God: TED Makes A Book

Even if you never watched a TED talk, the explosive #fivewordTEDtalks hashtag perfectly captured the zeitgeist of TED and the growing backlash against its occasionally absurd breed of techno-utopianism. Well, welcome to TED Books, a whole new platform for posturing.

John Roberts’ Moment: The Chief Justice Weighs Image And Principle In Obamacare Decision

Chief Justice John Roberts arrived on the Supreme Court in 2005 full of promises to dial down the partisan rhetoric and foster the Court’s reputation as a fair-minded forum, not a food fight. But if the liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the co…

Supreme Court Upholds Health Reform Law In Landmark Decision

The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld President Obama’s health reform law, affirming the centerpiece of the sweeping 2010 overhaul of the nation’s medical industries in a landmark 5-4 vote. The deciding opinion, written by conservative Chief Justice …

'Full Metal Jacket': 25 Things You Didn't Know About Stanley Kubrick's War Classic

"Full Metal Jacket," which opened 25 years ago this week (on June 26, 1987), is many things: a surreal (or hyperreal) movie about the Vietnam War, a compactly chilly Stanley Kubrick masterpiece (aside from "Dr. Strangelove," it's the only movie he d…

Supreme Court Health Care Decision: Individual Mandate Survives

In September 2011, the 4th Circuit dismissed two challenges to the health care law, finding that the plaintiffs did not have standing to bring their lawsuits. The panel did find that the penalty for not buying insurance was a tax -- a good sign for …

Coke And Pepsi Contain Tiny Traces Of Alcohol, Reveals French Research

According to tests carried out by the Paris-based National Institute of Consumption (INC) more than half of leading colas contain the traces of alcohol.

Ann Curry Confirms She's Leaving TODAY Thursday

"I'm going to have to tell our viewers," Curry said. "That's what makes me more emotional than anything. I don't want to leave them. I love them. And I will really miss them." She tells USA Today that she'll return to her hard-news reporting roots, …

Romney In 2007: The Indvididual Mandate Is "Ultimate Conservatism"

Mitt Romney said in 2007 that individual mandate, the centerpiece of ObamaCare upheld by the Supreme Court today as a tax, was the "ultimative conservatism." Romney said people going to the hospital and "getting free care" was a "form of socialism."

Most Convincing Oral Argument, Ever

"How you like me now?" - Donald Verrilli

Doctors React To The Survival Of ObamaCare

What it really means. Health care professionals, from an OB/GYN to a therapist to a pharmacist, share their feelings on the law and how they foresee it affecting their practices and patients.

Jeffrey Toobin Explains Himself And CNN's Bad Day Continues

Fox News and MSNBC must be loving this.

Bath Salts Not To Blame For Vicious Miami Attack

Well, there goes that theory. The toxicology results are back, and the attacker had nothing in his system besides small amounts of marijuana.

The 25 Funniest ObamaCare Tweets

The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare. CNN initially reported they hadn't. Twitter had a good time.

The BCS Is Dead. Woo Hoo, Whatever.

The worst institution in big-time college sports has been put to sleep, but that's only important if you already like college football.

Hillary Clinton Visits 100th Country As Secretary Of State

Clinton is the most-traveled Secretary of State in U.S. history, with a trip to Latvia being the 100th country she's visited as Secretary. Madeline Albright visited 96 countries, while Condoleeza Rice visited 85.

The Wisdom Of Crowds

The electronic market Intrade reflected conventional wisdom perfectly, reality not at all.

Is This The Best Subway Poster Edit Ever?

Whoever did this should get an award.

Shailene Woodley's Red Carpet Atrocity Tops The Morning Links

Is the star of The Secret Life Of The American Teenager at a premiere or going on a midnight Wal-Mart run? Also, Hilary Duff loves her post-baby body no matter what we think and Ke$ha got a new tattoo.

Questionable Daffy's Window Display

That's...not really a good summer look.

Obama In 2009: The Individual Mandate Is Absolutely Not A Tax

Supreme Court ruled today the individual mandate was constitutional because it was a tax. In 2009, the president said the individual mandate was not a tax.

Bob Kovachik Removed As Principal After Students Eat Moose Poop On School Trip

Chew on this: Two 8th grade students on a Canadian school trip were fooled into eating moose droppings by a chaperone and the teachers and principal didn't do anything to stop it. That stinky scenario happened last month in Grand Marais, Manitoba, a…

Michael Daniel Accused Of Killing, Eating Dog On K-2-Fueled Rampage

A man high on synthetic marijuana killed and ate a 30- to 40-pound dog, according to police. Michael Daniel of Waco, Texas, was charged on Monday for an incident earlier this month in which he allegedly got down “on his hands and knees and chased a …

The Magic Of FM Synth From

The history of FM synth in arcade and console games is pretty cut-and-dry, but its adoption in personal computers is somewhat fragmented, but only because the market was. In Japan, the world of home computers in the '80s was flush with several diffe…

Katy Perry’s Breasts Got Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Drunk (With Guest Star Robert Pattinson)

Here’s Katy Perry leaving Marmont last night while Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez stumble out the door behind her because they weigh a combined 47 pounds and had a sip of wine each. Fortunately for Katy, Robert Pattinson showed up and went, “Don’t w…

Democrats Release Video Of Romney "Applauding" The Supreme Court Decision

A new web video from the Democratic SuperPAC American Bridge mashes up videos of Mitt Romney declaring his support for the individual mandate, the principle at the center of ObamaCare.

Oreo's Facebook Gets Trolled For Justice

In response to the ridiculous boycotting of the Oreo Pride cookie, Facebookers flocked to Oreo's page after they posted a paw-print Oreo to do some awesome trolling for justice.

New Denny's Commercial Wins Praise Of Gun-Toting Conservatives

Grandma, who's shoveling tacos like there's no tomorrow, is getting Red 'mericans' blood pumping with her "right to bear arms" line. FREEDOM!

The Sledgehammer Of Usage-Based Billing

A point worth reiterating in the debate about metered vs. unlimited data: "The major cable distributors can charge whatever they want, however they want, for whatever services they define. There is no oversight of any of this and no visibility into what is actually going on." Something to remember next time Time Warner claims it is being "forced" to change the way it bills for data.

Tenure Review For Fictional Teachers

The latest viral buzz from

Vogue China Chops Off Doutzen Kroes’s Leg

We all know that magazines like to photoshop out any model’s flaws (or pores, or freckles, or thigh bulge)–but did someone at Vogue China really take such offense to Doutzen Kroes‘s leg that they had to completely erase it from the picture? Apparent…

The Secret Pageantry Of A Supreme Court Ruling

CNN's Tom Foreman, minus CGI, explains the SCOTUS process you won't see on this historic day.

Judgment Day Looms For Obama Over Healthcare And Fast And Furious

Barack Obama faces Judgment Day as the Supreme Court is set to announce today whether his healthcare reform will be struck down and Attorney General Eric Holder faces being held in contempt of Congress.

McDonald's Promotes Healthy Eating With Dodo Bird

On Happy Meal packages. Whatever. As long as your kids keep eating our crap.

Downton Abbey‘s Lady Sybil And Thomas Barrow Cover Love Issue 8

Most of us here at Fashionista (along with most fashion people, it seems) are obsessed with Downton Abbey. In fact, I’m currently on my third coffee today because I recently got around to finishing season two on iTunes and could not stop watching ep…

The Cannabis Cannibal? Miami Face-Eater Didn’t Take ‘Bath Salts’

The toxicology report shows that the Miami man who attacked and ate another man's face wasn't high on the synthetic stimulants known as bath salts, despite widespread speculation to the contrary. Too bad this finding won't stop people from continuin…

The 24 Hottest Women Of Wimbledon 2012 [PHOTOS]

If you ask anyone who knows anything about tennis, they’ll tell you that Wimbledon is the biggest event of the year. Not only is the tournament filled with years and years of history, it’s the only Grand Slam to be played on the grass. Speaking of w…

Sara Carbonero, Incapaz De Recordar Que Iniesta Ha Lanzado Un Penalti (VÍDEO)

La periodista de Telecinco Sara Carbonero se toma con humor sus despistes. Durante una entrevista a Andrés Iniesta, le ha preguntado si le "hubiera gustado" lanzar uno de los penaltis de la tanda con la que España se ha clasificado para la final de …

Four Pieces Of News They Hoped You Wouldn't Read

With dramatic Supreme Court ruling on President Obama's health care law due today, other sophisticated players know this is a great time to dump bad news.

My Three Sons Star Don Grady Dies

My Three Sons actor Don Grady died Tuesday after a reportedly long battle with cancer. He was 68.

Prince William Helps Kate Middleton's Parents Buy $7 Million House!

The royal is using some of his $15.5 million inheritance as down payment for Carole and Michael Middleton's lavish new estate

Can Anyone Explain The UVA Situation?

The UVA situation was a hot mess. It was basically the Star Wars trilogy. Dragas = Darth Vadar. Board of Trustees = Death Star. Sullivan = Luke Skywalker. UVA faculty = Han Solo. But I can also answer specific questions.

Paris Hilton -- Knocked Down In Paparazzi Scuffle

Rough night for Paris Hilton ... the heiress got banged up last night when she was caught in the middle of a paparazzi fight inside a Hollywood parking…

Listen To Lykke Li's Killer Cover Of Fleetwood Mac's "Silver Springs"

She recorded the song for a new compilation album of Fleetwood covers.

Kate Upton News - Kate Upton Flaunts Curves In Racy Bikini 'Baywatch' Video With Terry Richardson (PHOTOS)

Kate Upton is a Baywatch babe — at least in the eyes of famed photographer Terry Richardson, who has posted another sexy summer video of the Sports Illustrated model.

Tom Hanks: Remembering Writer And Director Nora Ephron

Nora’s films, of course, mine the same veins of society’s gold. Go back and watch Sleepless in Seattle. Notice as Rosie O’Donnell and Meg Ryan talk about the guy with the shop that sells only soup, but it’s so good, people line up for it. That was S…

Ryan Reynolds Is Your New Highlander

We’ve known since 2008 that the Highlander franchise was being rebooted, and we learned last year that the newest tale of the MacLeod clan was being rushed into production. But the big question was – who the hell’s gonna be chopping them heads off? …

Don Grady, One Of TV's 'My Three Sons,' Dies At 68

Don Grady, a Mouseketeer on The Mickey Mouse Club who played son Robbie Douglas on the ABC and CBS series My Three Sons, one of the longest-running family sitcoms in history, died Wednesday in Thousand Oaks, Calif., after a battle with cancer. He wa…

Teresa Sullivan Reinstated As The President Of The University Of Virginia.

Last Saturday, I followed my father as he guided my sisters and me around the hyper-Modernist campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology on the south side of Chicago. Fifty years ago, he completed a Ph.D. in chemistry and began his pursuit of a …

10 Fake Books In Movies That We Wish We Could Read

Like everyone else, we’ve been swooning over Wes Anderson’s newest film, Moonrise Kingdom, since well before it hit theaters. But now that it has, we’ve swooned even more — and not least because the movie stars a girl with a suitcase full of awesome…

Video Conferencing Skydivers At Google I/O The Best Demo Ever?

To demonstrate a pair of their products, Google arranged for a group of skydivers to jump out of a blimp and parachute onto the roof of the Moscone Center in San Francisco, the building in which the Google I/O was being held. The divers were each we…

Kate Middleton's Closet: Clothing Could Cost 3 Times The Amount Released By Prince Charles' Estate

The British press is buzzing over the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s $54,000 clothing expenditure for the first half of 2012, just one of the first expenditures leaked from the 2011-2012 royal finances, which will be revealed in full to the B…

5 Crazy-Pretty Wedding Hairstyles With Braids! (Love!) Which Would You Wear?

If a traditional wedding updo is too fussy for you, would you consider one of these laid-back braided styles?...

MRI Birth Video: Scientists Record Human Childbirth With MRI For First Time (VIDEO)

In an effort to study how the fetus and the mother's pelvis interact during birth, researchers in Berlin observed a live birth with an MRI machine. As New Scientist reported, the birth took place in 2010, but the video was made public only recently.…

Fossilized Teeth Hold Clues To Early Human Species' Diet

WEDNESDAY, June 27 (HealthDay News) -- New research suggests that human ancestors who lived 2 million years ago had a diet that was devoted to harder foods than other early humans. "It is an important finding because diet is one of the fund

Kate Upton Is Talented - The Superficial

I don’t want to keep fawning over Terry Richardson, but the man does two incredible things that are worth recognizing: 1. He somehow makes Lindsay Lohan look like an attractive human being. And 2. He’s constantly taking photographs and/or videos of …

The Psychology Of Street Style: What Happens When No One Wants To Take Your Picture Anymore?

The frenzied dance between street style photographers and their bait is now a common sight at fashion shows and events, and it’s upped the wardrobe ante for everyone. But as with any phenomenon, there tends to be a saturation point, and it seems li…

Paula Deen Addresses 30-Pound Weight Loss

Deen, 65, spent her entire cooking career praising Southern dishes laden with butter and sugar, as well as deep fried foods. But she paid the price for her eating habits when she was diagnosed three years ago with Type 2 diabetes. And when she annou…

When Did This Become A Thing? (23 Photos)

Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

The Brilliantly Irreverent Louis C.K. (14 Photos)

Louis is widely known for pleasantly harassing his Twitter followers. I propose asking Louis the most absurd question possible on his Twitter Machine. He'll probably be majorly inconvenienced by a flash mob of questions, but who cares? Let's see if …

Oh Shit!!! (32 Photos) : :

Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

Don Grady Dead -- 'My Three Sons' Star Dies At 68

Don Grady -- who played one of the sons on the TV classic, "My Three Sons" -- has died at the age of 68 ... this according to one of his co-stars. "Sons"…

Match Lighting Chain Reaction.

The latest viral buzz from

Did Miley Cyrus Hook Up With Jennifer Lawrence?

I love it when blind items are so outlandish as to be basically fan fiction. Before this morning, I thought that only on Tumblr or would I read an account of Jennifer Lawrence hooking up with Liam Hemsworth‘s fiancé Miley Cyrus. But n…

Celebuzz - Khloe Kardashian Turns 28! See Her Life In Photos

Category: Articles, , , Listing Type: Articles, _uri:, _link:, By: Amber James, _commentCount: 9, _mainEmbedUri: ht…

Atlantic Guide To Womanhood: Women Still Can’t Have It All And Other Advice Distilled.

This week, the Atlantic explained to working women what they’d been doing wrong all these years and how to fix it. But Anne Marie Slaughter’s “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All” is only the latest in a growing list of the magazine’s life-coaching st…

Jef Holm & Emily Maynard 'Bachelorette' Spoilers -- Hometown Dates

And it definitely looks like it’s definitely going to put Bachelorette Emily Maynard on an emotional roller coaster ride. But according to a new ABC press release for the July 2 episode, Emily is going to embark on one of the “most romantic” hometow…

It’s Hump Day And Her Nickname Is Baby Vegan Booty (25 Photos)

I haven't really posted on a minute chive but it's been a really long day for me.. But for what it's worth THANK YOU CHIVE for making my long day well with it(also thank you chivette as well;))… Again thank you..

Naked Babes Covered In Sushi [PHOTOS]

“Nyotaimori“ is the Japanese tradition of eating sushi off a perfectly still, naked woman’s body. (Insert fish-taste joke here.) Often referred to as “body sushi,” this culinary trend involves women dressed in their birthday suits, covered with stra…

Five Underwhelming RPGs With Overwhelming Soundtracks From

Although series vet Michiko Naruke didn't return to compose music for the fifth (and it seems, final) installment of Wild Arms, the soundtrack didn't suffer a bit. The game, on the other hand, felt like a step down from the streamlined, cheesy fun o…

A Genius Way To Dress Up Your Fave T-Shirt, Straight From Burberry's Front Row

I live for this easy, always-chic outfit idea from Burberry's fall 2012 collection, worn by Michelle Dockery and Giorgia Surina at the brand's spring 2013 menswear show.

What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You On A Date

More From HowAboutWe *12 Quirky Heat Wave Date Ideas For Million Degree Days *What Your Food Says About You On a Date *What Your Taste In Music Says About You On A Date

Luis Gutierrez: Who's The Immigrant, Justin Bieber Or Selena Gomez?

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) pulled out a secret weapon on Wednesday to talk about the Arizona immigration law and potential for racial profiling: Justin Bieber.

Winner: Photograph Something From A Specialty Food Market

And the winner of our #30DaysofGOOD project is...

Seth MacFarlane's Rejected Pitches

The creator of “Family Guy” and “Ted” presents some movie ideas the studio passed on, just because they were terrible. Watch "Seth MacFarlane's Rejected Pitches" and more funny videos on CollegeHumor

Gisele Covers Her Stomach A Lot In Her Latest Editorial For Vogue Brazil

Here’s Gisele Bündchen in a graffiti-themed editorial for Vogue Brazil’s July issue. The spread has hit the internet, courtesy of Made in Brazil, in advance of the issue hitting newsstands this Friday (Gisele will also be on the cover). Besides the …

The Actors With The Worst On-Screen Love Lives

One of our favorite movies of the year, Sarah Polley’s heartbreaking Take This Waltz, hits theaters this Friday (but, heads up, you can watch it on demand right effing now, and should). In it, Michelle Williams plays a writer who jeopardizes her see…

Watch Nick Offerman Read Tweets From Young Female Celebrities

As you may have gathered from yesterday’s post on the teachings of Ron Swanson, we’re a bit Nick Offerman obsessed around here. Last night the Parks and Rec star was on Conan for the latest installment of a recurring segment in which he reads the tw…

Why Is Aaron Sorkin Such A Hot Button? (Analysis)

Well, at least we know, if we didn’t already, that Aaron Sorkin is a lightning rod. PHOTOS: The Most Talked-About TV News Faces The television and film writer’s latest project for HBO, The Newsroom, was met with a flurry of mixed reviews, with peop…

'Magic Mike' Stars Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer Talk Stripper Dance Moves, Objectifying Men

The men of Magic Mike didn’t have much of a problem stripping down to portray exotic dancers in Tampa Bay, Fla. As the script called for group routines and solo performances, the real challenge for many of the actors was the film’s choreography, reg…

Gabrielle Union Parties With Boyfriend, Miami Heat For Championship Parade

Gabrielle Union was a proud girlfriend on Monday as she cheered on her basketball star beau Dwyane Wade and his team the Miami Heat during a championship parade in Florida.   The actress has been dating Wade for three years, and she was invited to b…

Regis Philbin & Kathie Lee Gifford May Reunite On 'Today'

Rumors are swirling that former co-hosts Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford may reunite for a special appearance on NBC's "Today" in order to distract viewers from certain other issues with the morning show.

OP-ED: Calling Gamers "Insatiable" Ignores Why Nintendo's E3 Disappointed Them

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime feels gamers can't be satisfied.

The Bachelorette: May I Present To You The Most Awkward Kiss Of All Time

It’s a little-known tradition that goes down before the Summer Olympics: the Awkward Olympics. It takes place in Prague, and dates back as far as forty-five minutes ago....

Colorado Wildfires 2012: Worst Wildfire Season In A Decade; Fires Close In On Tourist Destinations (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

By THOMAS PEIPERT, Associated Press COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Flames forced thousands of Colorado residents from their homes over the weekend and disrupted vacation plans for countless visitors as smoke shrouded some of the state's top tourist dest…

Barack Obama Sings 'Boyfriend' By Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

Earlier this month, BaracksDubs gave us the infinitely catchy mashup of President Barack Obama singing "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. And they're already back, this time with the POTUS lending his rhetorical style to "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieb…

Savannah Guthrie Set To Replace Ann Curry On 'Today'; Curry To Remain At NBC

The Hollywood Reporter's Marisa Guthrie (no relation) wrote Tuesday that Curry will not leave NBC News entirely. She has been with the network since 1990, rising from Chicago correspondent to the co-host of one of the most iconic programs in televis…

Miss America And Politics: Why Are So Many Beauty Queens Running For Office?

This was the question posed to Miss Wisconsin during the final interview in the 2012 Miss America Pageant. Laura Kaeppeler responded in the negative, asserting that “Miss America represents everyone.” The judges obviously liked that answer—just minu…

'Back To The Future' Future Day Hoax: Today Not The Date Shown On Doc's DeLorean

Back to the Future Hoax Claims the Future Has Arrived... Again

Britney Spears & Demi Lovato: ‘X Factor’ Rhode Island Auditions!

Britney Spears and Demi Lovato arrive at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center for another round of X Factor auditions on Wednesday (June 27) in Providence, R.I.

Marion Cotillard Was ‘Crazy’ About Batman Growing Up

Marion Cotillard Was ‘Crazy’ About Batman Growing Up

Lindsay Lohan Has A Gun In Her Mouth

Here’s Lindsay Lohan playing with a handgun while posing for Terry Richardson because she’s not allowed to drive Porsches into the back of tractor-trailers during production anymore, so what the hell is she supposed to do? Play Mah-jong? It’s not …

Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Amazing Abs In Sexy White Bikini

Jennifer Lopez spent time seaside in Rio de Janeiro with her love Casper Smart, twins Max and Emme, 4, and a group of friends on Monday.

San Francisco Taxis Put On Notice With Peer-To-Peer Ridesharing Service

Plenty of websites and apps now help travelers connect on long distance road trips to save money and fuel. Thanks to companies like Zimride, people driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco no longer have to brave long stretches of the I-5 alone (wi…

Romney Attacks Obamacare, Perhaps For The Last Time

If the Supremes strike down the law, he may lose his most animating issue.

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