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June 18, 2012

Fairytales Are Real Photo - Buzznet

I am so excited to share this amazing artist with you guys. Her name is Kirsty Mitchell and I've never seen anyone do what she does as beautifully and hauntingly. She is a photographer/all around artist that creates real life fairytale sets and phot…

12 Dream Desks That Will Make You More Creative

Enter the right desk. An inspiring work space dedicated to all that your creative heart desires — no matter the size — is the first step to artistic abundance. From a mobile work station with windows you can open and close depending on your privacy …

It's Official: Arsenio Hall Returning To TV With Late-Night Talk Show

It's official: Arsenio Hall is returning to television, partnering with CBS Television Distribution for a late-night talk show. The project will see the former host of The Arsenio Hall Show reteam with CBSTVD, whose previous incarnation, Paramount D…

Ronan Farrow Takes A Sarcastic Swipe At Woody Allen On Father's Day

What happens when your father marries your adoptive sister?

State Department Whistleblower Claims Victory In McGurk Takedown

One leak State doesn't seem to care about. Ayad Allawi gets satisfaction.

Dream Job: Writing Cover Copy For Sleazy Pulp Fiction

Whoever did this one was pretty good.

Abercrombie And Fitch Model Says He Was Forced To Masturbate On Set, Now He’s Suing For $1 Million

Ever wonder how those Abercrombie & Fitch models manage to look so constantly cool and relaxed while tossing around a football in their skivvies? Turns out achieving that relaxed look can get pretty stressful: One A&F model is accusing his modeling …

Jerry Sandusky Trial: What Makes A Pedophile Tick?

Last week we heard extensive accounts from numerous abuse victims of former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, who is on trial for sexually assaulting 10 boys over an approximately 15-year period. But what we didn’t hear was anything that mi…

Why Can’t I Hold All These Find Hers? (33 Photos)

Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

Big Boobs And Cleavage :

#1 Those things are too big, still the girl is really cute.

Fans And Fellow Writers Mourn Death Of Novelist Erica Kennedy

Kennedy's death at the age of 42, possibly a suicide, has shocked and saddened those who loved her writing, and those who saw her successful career as an inspiration for their own.

The 15 Best Twitter Reactions To Roger Clemens Being Found Not Guilty

The baseball legend was acquitted of charges that he lied about doing steroids under oath.

If "Game Of Thrones" Were A Romantic Comedy

I'd watch it. See Westeros reimagined the way it was always meant to be; a romantic comedy of errors with Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister in the middle.

Kitten And Rat Are Best Friends And Best Cuddlers

May this serve as inspiration for feline/rodent relations worldwide.

29 Creepiest Images Of Faces Pressed Up Against Glass

I feel like I'm watching an Aphex Twin video.

Young Ryan Gosling Sings And Dances In Mormon Talent Show

He sings "When A Man Loves A Woman" and then dances with his sister Mandi to "Everybody Dance Now." Weird venue, adorable moves.

Minimalist Soccer T-Shirts Are The Coolest Soccer T-Shirts

Euro 2012 and U.S. rosters, one team per shirt. Classy, simple, and incredibly awesome.

5,000 Ducks On Their Way To A Pond

Well here's something you don't see every day.

God Vs. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Finally, some answers.

Happy Birthday, Paul McCartney: 70 Iconic Images For 70 Years

In honor of Paul McCartney’s 70th birthday on June 18, LightBox culled various photography archives to feature 70 iconic images of the Beatle—one for each year of his life—with text from the introduction of TIME’s new book, Paul McCartney: The legen…

Wife Convinced Real-estate Scion David Winoker To Go On Doomed Skydiving Trip

Tragic: David Winoker's heartbroken widow Jillian (right), and their 15-year-old son Jared join mourners at the funeral today. The real-estate scion was killed Friday in a skydiving accident to celebrate a pal's 50th birthday.

5 Famous People Who Secretly Had Awesome Second Careers

Adolf Hitler was nearly an artist before he got rejected from art school. Dolph Lundgren has a master's degree in chemical engineering but chose to go into direct-to-DVD action movies instead. And they're not the only ones; somewhere, there's an alt…

'Hacker School' Is Creating A New Generation Of Female Programmers

Only two in 10 computer programmers are women but if the response to Etsy's partnership with New York City-based Hacker School is any indication, male domination of the industry could soon be on its last legs. In April the DIY-oriented site announce…

Yearbook Quote Speaks The Truth From Look What I Found

The latest viral buzz from

Documentary Combats Secrecy And Shame Around Intersex Conditions

To challenge the culture of silence she felt surrounded intersex conditions, Phoebe Hart decided to make a film about her own diagnosis of androgen insensitivity disorder. Along the way, she met others who had suffered because their bodies didn't fit society's expectations of gender.

The Best New Photo Of Hillary Clinton

Flipping her hair on Sunday as she gets off her plane in Cabo, where she's attending the G-20 Summit.

Why Conservatives Love Rachel Maddow

She's a lefty they can respect. "I really love people who are liberal that are honest about it," says Inhofe.

Ron Paul's Replacement Won't Be The Next Ron Paul

Meet Randy Weber, a relatively normal Republican.

Designer Prosthetic Legs Are Pretty Swank

Losing a limb is a traumatizing experience. But Bespoke Innovations is determined to help make prosthetics an extension of self, instead of an ugly hinderance.

Mario Balotelli Scored In A Most Spectacular Fashion Against Ireland

And Spain's game-winner wasn't too shabby either.

The 12 Cats Of The Zodiac

Which one are you? (Thanks to @joelrama for the idea!)

Emma Stone Is Fine With Those Creepy GIFs You Make Of Her Online

In an interview with, Emma Stone admits to checking tumblr, having seen GIFs of herself on the internet, and loving the Snape/"My body is ready" meme. Just marry us already.

Putting The "Power" In Power Glove

Superheroes need retro game memorabilia too. There is just something about these images from Josh Ln that hit you right in the nostalgia.

Watch This Adult Eat Rice, Oranges, And Strawberries For The First Time Ever

Ron Workman admits that he "eats like a little kid that never really learned better," and he's only "attempted" to eat fruit two or three times in his life. He decided to record himself trying different types of food the rest of us eat every day for the first time, and unless he's a really amazing actor, this is for real.

Condé Nast Is Reportedly Forbidding Photographers And Editors From Working With Carine Roitfeld On Her New Magazine

Carine Roitfeld‘s new fashion glossy CR is set to launch this September, and the fashion industry is pretty excited to see what she’ll dish up. Well, everyone except Condé Nast, that is, if a report in Page Six is to be believed. According to the g…

Behind The Scenes Sunday (18 Photos) :

[...]  Behind the Scenes Photos [...]

I See What You Did There (39 Photos) : :

Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

Bad News Brenda | The Awl

Brenda looked great in a bikini. She looked great in everyone’s bikini. She looked like an adult in a bikini, which is to say that she looked like one of those models we call beautiful because they have the face of an adult and the body of a 15 year…

Obama's Immigration Move Already Paying Dividends

Obama's Immigration Move Already Paying Dividends

High Park Fire: More Evacuations As Winds Fuel Massive Colo. Wildfire (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

LOVELAND, Colo. — Firefighters faced dangerous conditions across much of the Rocky Mountain region Monday, as hot, dry weather and expected gusty winds threatened to fuel a wildfire that has charred nearly 91 square miles in northern Colorado. Autho…

25 Perfectly Hand-Sized Baby Animals

Never grow up, little guys. My hands are tingling with jealousy right now.

Danish Forward Fined $126,000 For Revealing A Sponsor's Name On His Underwear

Hope Nicklas Bendtner is getting PAID by that betting firm.

The Least Interesting Gadget In Your Home

Here's the story of routers for the next five years: first they'll all turn into Airport Express knockoffs and/or disappear into our modems, then over-the-air wireless will kill them all. Sorry, routers! Until then, this is the only router buying advice you should follow.

Religious Groups Struggle To Contain Technology Use

Cell phones are increasingly ubiquitous among the very religious, from Hasidic Jewish communities to Amish groups. Some leaders are cracking down, especially on women's usage.

The Truth About Roller Coaster Tycoon And Other Links

This seems accurate. Plus, see the faces behind famous cereal mascots and discover if you're secretly living in a soap opera.

13 Babies Who Could Play Abraham Lincoln

You know what's better than Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter? Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: With Babies.

15 Small Victories That Will Improve Your Day

Sometimes big things come in small packages. And sometimes these things happen.

'Rock Of Ages' Is Tom Cruise's Worst Opening Weekend Ever

When one thinks of bankable actors, Tom Cruise must be on top of the list. His movies had made over $3 billion dollars total and they average an astonishing $96 million gross. However, that trend didn't cause Rock of Ages to jump to the top of the b…

Bac 2012 : Les Sujets De Philosophie

BACCALAURÉAT - L'emblématique épreuve de philosophie a marqué à 8h le coup d'envoi du baccalauréat 2012, qui concerne plus de 700.000 candidats, lors d'une session placée sous une surveillance renforcée après les fraudes de l'an dernier. Les élèves …

Pictographic Rock Band Posters Are Great

Designer Viktor Hertz created these awesome posters based off of the bands music.

Bryan Fischer To Have Fred Karger On His Show

The gay Republican candidate will appear on Fischer's radio show, where Fischer will ask him about how he's "oriented towards the homosexual agenda."

The Ultimate Kate Upton Tease

Can you wait ONE MORE DAY for this GQ July cover coup?!

13 Cats Having A Better Summer Than You

Look at them enjoying their lazy, carefree days. It's enough to make you sick with jealousy.

16 Other Ways To Remember Shia LaBeouf

Shia LeBeouf made a music video with Sigur Ros that's mostly unwatchable, but we'll still always think of him like this.

Romney Gets Slammed In Spanish Commercials

In the second installment of a brutal Spanish ad campaign titled "Romney in his own words," Priorities USA and immigrant labor union SEIU show footage of Romney railing against illegal immigrants who come to the U.S. "looking for a free deal." His primary rhetoric is back to haunt him.

Dirty Hotel Rooms

The latest viral buzz from

New Mom Hilary Duff Caught Smoking Outside Los Angeles Bar

Oh Gordo! Hilary Duff got photographed smoking outside an L.A bar recently, which automatically puts her in the bad parenting choices club.

'True Blood' Recap: A Vampire Authority Visit, More On Pam's Past

True Blood’s season 5 premiered last week with plenty of drama, but after the second episode on Sunday, it’s even clearer that there are going to be a lot of big problems for the residents of Bon Temps this season. PHOTOS: 'True Blood' Season 5 Firs…

Moondust: Nanoparticles In Lunar Soil May Solve Mystery

Nanoparticles in lunar soil may explain its behavior — offering help for future colonists

Intermission: The Art Of Making A Flamenco Guitar

An installment in Deep Green Sea’s ‘The Art of Making’ series, Alma Flamenca showcases the art and science of guitar making.

A Clock Made Of Clocks

Unfortunately it's for sale from a famous art dealer and the (no doubt high) price is only available by request. But the GIF? The GIF is free.

This Dog Herds Tigers Like It's No Big Deal

Solo's owner says that he's like the tiger's "big brother." He grew up with them, helped take care of them when they were just babies, and now he makes sure they know who's boss.

Ronan And Mia Farrow Poke Fun At Their Dysfunctional Family

In this very special Father's Day tweet, Ronan Farrow zings Woody Allen, his estranged father, and mom Mia retweeted.

Ron Swanson Sings "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" Like A Donkey Being Molested

The latest installment of Nick Offerman and Craig Robinson's Cubs/White Sox battle is a musical delight.

This Is What A Furry Rave Looks Like

Furries are party animals. Here's what went down this weekend at Anthrocon.

You Will Never Be As Hardcore As This Bird

Tonto is the raddest bird you will ever meet. You may want to turn your volume down first, if you're a pansy who doesn't like rocking out to AC/DC.

NRCC Printer Gets Trolled....Again

Perhaps offering live coverage of a printer printing petitions for your cause isn't the best idea. Fool me once.

If You Hate Working In Advertising, This Comic Is For You

Ha. I'm out, you dead-eyed whiny ironic t-shirt wearing bitches.

Vivus, Arena Obesity Drugs Will Be Approved, Investors Say

The latest viral buzz from

Chris Hemsworth Celebrates Father's Day With Topless Photos

Chris Hemsworth went for a swim on Father’s Day and his shirtless photos remind us that he’s a total DILF. Poor India Rose Hemsworth!

Happy Birthday Paul McCartney: TIME Remembers The Day He Met John Lennon

Today, Paul McCartney turns 70. To celebrate the legendary rocker, TIME looks back at that faithful day when McCartney, then a cherub-faced 15-year-old, asked John Lennon if he could borrow a guitar... An incised sandstone plaque on the wall of St.

The Word Vagina: It’s Time To Regulate Against It.

Last week, a Michigan state legislator was barred from speaking on the House floor because she used the word vagina in a statement about proposed abortion regulations in what is arguably the most restrictive bill yet proposed to curb reproductive fr…

11 Photos That Show What The NBA Is Really Like: Finals Edition

Basketball's biggest show gets the full image macro treatment.

The Ultimate Guide To Talking To Any Human

There are a bajillion different ways you can talk to somebody. But which one is the best if you're trying to set up a date? Or talk to your boss? Or...? Stop asking question and consult this flow chart.

11 Things They Don't Teach You In Business School

I'm pretty disappointed that these basic concepts aren't already taught.

Listen To Rudy Giuliani Act Out A Punch To Obama's Groin

WNYC's Brigid Bergin caught former New York City mayor Giuliani telling a crowd that the Republican pick-up of Anthony Weiner's congressional seat was, "a shot right in the, boom, man, man, wow” for Obama and the Democrats.

The New "Figure It Out" Stinks

It's not the show we all remember. I mean, it is that show, just not half as good.

Orthodox Women Take Traditions To The Gym

Finding the right yoga class isn't easy for women who practice religions with traditional modesty laws. For many New York City Muslims and Orthodox Jews, a good workout means no men, covered windows and music that's "free of profanity or sexual references." (Sorry, Nicki Minaj.)

How To Make Your Dog Look Like A Douche

Are your pets totally badass, rock-n-roll animals that are also a little bit promiscuous? You should probably buy them crap from the Bret Michaels' Rockin' Pet Accessories line.

9 Tall Tales From Barack Obama's Memoir

David Maraniss's new biography of Barack Obama challenges parts of Obama's own memoir, Dreams from my Father, as BuzzFeed reported.

World's Most Anti-Fun Museum Found

Someone needs to put a stop to this before it has a chance to spread more anti-clown resentment across America.

32 Hottest Fashion Trends Spotted At A Furry Convention

Here are the latest fashion trends from Anthrocon 2012. You didn't think simply a fursuit was enough, did you?

A Collection Of Wonderful Readable Art

Maybe it’s the fact that we moonlight as book nerds, but to us, there’s something singularly compelling about art that incorporates the written word. Maybe it’s because we so often see and use words as purely utilitarian, and it’s satisfying to see …

The Best Beatles Cues In Movie History

Happy 70th birthday, Sir Paul McCartney! (Oh, he’s a big Flavorwire reader, you didn’t know? Comments a lot. Really bad about the “first!” thing. ) The Beatles have been on our mind a lot lately, after their song “Tomorrow Never Knows” was used so h…

Mitt Romney's Dream Act Response Highlights Political Peril

Mitt Romney faced a Catch-22 in President Barack Obama’s high-profile roll-out of a regulatory version of the Dream Act last Friday. The presumptive GOP presidential candidate crafted a careful response, but not a particularly compelling one.

Joe Arpaio's Office Arrests 6-Year-Old Suspected Undocumented Immigrant

On the same day that President Obama announced a policy that will make it easier for young undocumented immigrants to remain in the United States, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office arrested a 6-year-old girl suspected of coming to America …

JP Morgan Report On Pension Bomb—Charles Gasparino

While the Senate Banking Committee last week spun its wheels trying to get JP Morgan chief Jamie Dimon to admit to something nefarious during testimony about his “London Whale” trading loss, executives at the big bank were concealing a far bigger sc…

Rodney King Dead -- Friends Are Not Buying Fiancee's Death Story

Two close friends of Rodney King think his fiancée isn't telling the truth about what happened leading up to his death ... and they've voiced…

Weekend Box Office: Rock Of Ages And That's My Boy Bomb

Madagascar and Prometheus topped the box office for the second week in a row, while the new releases basically flopped. Adam Shankman’s Tom Cruise jukebox nightmare Rock of Ages grossed just $15 (according to early estimates) on a $75 million budget…

Yell Like Your Hair's On Fire And 5 More Urban Cycling Tips

The urban biking battlefield can be brutal. Here are a few survival tips from Slava Menn, of Gotham Bicycle Defense Industries.

Dr. Ruth Says Microsoft Has The Secret To Love

Throw away your dating books, single ladies — Dr. Ruth says Microsoft tablets will get you laid.

Which Guy On "Girls" Is The Most Tolerable?

In the first season finale, the men on the show, who had been entirely awful for nine episodes, finally showed their softer sides and didn't act like complete jerks. Which one turned out to the least awful?

Book Reveals First Lady Michelle Obama's White Ancestors

Dolphus T Shields (pictured), Mrs Obama's ancestor, has a white father who links the First Lady with slave-owning the decedents of slave owners who still live in the South.

The Ultimate Collection Of Gay One Direction Gifs

So. Much. Homoeroticism. I love it.

Nic Cage Cats

Do you think Nicolas Cage sees this in the mirror when he's tripping on mushrooms with his cat?

Adidas' New Shoes Seem Pretty Racist

They have shackles. Shackles!

Australian Bourbon Ads Target Trashy Women

Very trashy women. Know your consumer, I guess? Four ads.

Every Time Someone Hums "Daybreak" On Community

Warning: Only watch this if you can handle having "Daybreak" stuck in your head all day. (via

Face Mapping

Here's what your face says about your health.

Caroline Manzo News - 'Real Housewives Of New Jersey's' Lauren Manzo Opens Up About Her Weight Loss Struggle; Says Teresa Guidice Is 'Delusional' (EXCLUSIVE)

Lauren Manzo is revealing that her lap band surgery hasn't helped her conquer her constant weight battle. “A lot of people are telling me I took the

Maria Menounos News - Maria Menounos Bikinis At Her 34th Birthday Bash (PHOTOS)

On Saturday, the Extra hostess, 34, slipped into a neon bikini top and floral short shorts at her birthday soiree in Encino, Calif. Surrounded by close friends like Donald Trump and former Dancing With the Stars partner Derek Hough, the brunette bab…

'The Killing's' Rosie Larsen Killer On Keeping TV's Biggest Secret (Q&A)

[Warning: Major spoilers throughout.] It was two seasons in the making, but finally, Rosie Larsen's killer was revealed on the season finale of The Killing.

Mena Suvari's Risky Dress Appears To Stay On By Magic

As her divorce proceedings finally come to an end, Mena Suvari has embraced a new single style. Rather than relegating herself to watching television in sweats, the "American Pie" star has been out and about in some rather scandalous dresses.

'Game Of Thrones' Sex Scenes And Nudity: The Complete Collection (VIDEO)

The sex on “Game of Thrones” has been the topic of much discussion throughout the first two seasons of the hit HBO series. It has sparked debate about gender roles and sexism on TV, inspired critic Myles McNutt to coin the term “sexposition" –- usin…

Gore’s Environmentally Friendly Investment Firm Lands $16M Contract To Manage City Pension Funds

Here’s an inconvenient truth: New York is greening the wallet of Al Gore.

How I Did It: Held A 100-Person Wedding For Under $4,000

The wedding industry tries to up-sell brides and grooms on so many items, but be reassured:None of those (expensive) superfluities matter.

Bachelorette Emily Maynard "Not Speaking" To Daughter Ricki's Grandparents

The source also reveals that Maynard's insistence that her season be filmed in her hometown of Charlotte, NC -- rather than in L.A.-- was intended to pacify her in-laws. "They didn't want Ricki uprooted," the insider explains. "They also wanted Rick…

This Is Summer

Created with the Canon Powershot photostrip builder. Make your own!

When Online Advertising Doesn't Make Sense

Want to read this article? Sure! But first we have a question about potatoes.

Let's All Wear LeBron James' Sweaty Disgusting Headband

LeBron gave his headband to some random girl after the game, and she immediately put it on. That's really gross.

Summer Lovin'

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This Is What You Should Never Say To A Man With A Knife

Lesson learned: don't ask too many questions.

Katy Perry's Nude Butterfly Costume

The tight nude bodysuit worked when she was performing as a butterfly on stage at last night's Much Music awards — but when she came back out to accept an award immediately after, she looked both embarrassed close to naked.

Eight Images From Mitt Romney's Business Career

This is what private equity looks like.

Katy Perry's Disturbing Mini-Me Tops The Morning Links

At what point did this costume seem like a good idea to put on a prepubescent girl? As compensation there is also a peek at Futurama's Father's Day episode and wet, shirtless Thor.

U.S. Open Champ Webb Simpson Isn't Sold On Evolution Or Abortion, But He Likes Coffee

An interview with Webb Simpson, using his goofy tweets.

WWE No Way Out 2012 Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction And Highlights

WWE's No Way Out pay-per-view returned after a three-year hiatus June 17, in what turned out to be a predictable night of matches. No titles changed hands, no heel superstars were victorious and all storylines received a minimal push with the except…

Katy Perry Scores Hattrick Of Successful Costume Changes At The MuchMusic Awards

Too much! Katy Perry proved that there are some outfits which are too revealing even for her as she took to the stage in a nude bodysuit at last night's MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto

PICS] Selena Gomez's Ultra-Sexy New Photo Shoot

Selena looks stunning in one of her most creative spreads ever -- check out all of the pics!

The 6 Creepiest Lies The Food Industry Is Feeding You

As we've talked about before, the food industry is based almost entirely on a series of lies that, quite frankly, most of us just prefer to believe ("'All natural?' Sounds healthy to me!"). But we have to draw the line somewhere, right? Especially w…

New Democracy Claims Greek Elections

ATHENS, Greece, June 17 (UPI) -- Greece's center-right New Democracy party Sunday claimed victory in the second parliamentary election in six weeks.

Dad Auditions From Funny Or Die

Will you be my dad?

Facebook To Fork Over $10million To Charity In Lawsuit Over 'Sponsored Stories' Ads

Facebook has agreed to dish out a whopping $10million to charity to settle a lawsuit that accused the site of violating users' rights to control the use of their own names, photos and likenesses, according to court documents made public this weekend…

Anderson Cooper Being Sassy (And Awesome) On Twitter

AC doesn't take shit from nobody.

Rob Dyrdek Is Selling Burritos To Stoners

The best part? They're 420 calories each.

Obama Immigration Decision Boosts Latino Enthusiasm

Democrats say President Barack Obama's announcement that the government will no longer deport some young undocumented immigrants was about policy, not politics, but it's nonetheless likely to help him among Latino voters, according to a poll release…

Girls On HBO Season Finale, Episode 10, "She Did," Reviewed By A Bunch Of Guys.

What a Bunch of Guys Think of the Season Finale of Girls

Christopher Meloni's "True Blood" Debut

He plays a scary, badass vampire lawyer. Terrifying, almost!

The Petty Politics Of Public Transit Mapping

One theory as to why Apple's Google Maps replacement doesn't include bus, train or subway data: dealing with hundreds of transit agencies, each with its own odd politics, is frustrating. Google's been wrestling with this for years, apparently.

Adidas Under Fire For Unveiling New Trainer With Orange 'Shackles' Like Those Worn By Black Slaves

Outrage: Adidas has sparked anger and been accused of 'promoting slavery' by creating a new pair of trainers which have bright orange 'shackles' that fit around the wearer's ankles

The New York Times And BuzzFeed To Collaborate On Video Coverage Of 2012 Conventions

The New York Times And BuzzFeed To Collaborate On Video Coverage Of 2012 Conventions

Pick For Best Commercial Of The Year

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity—the world's premier advertising event—starts today. This Japanese spot deserves to win gold (it won't).

Barack Obama's 1995 Interview On "Dreams From My Father"

In this 1995 with Eye on Books, accessed online via the Web Archive, a young Barack Obama — then a civil rights attorney and lecturer at the University of Chicago — speaks about his forthcoming memoir and about race relations.

Rielle Hunter Discusses Relationship With John Edwards In New Book

She still has feelings for him, she writes in the memoir out June 26, but isn't sure if they have a future. Of his relationship with their four-year-old daughter, Quinn, she writes that "he is a great dad to her when he is with her," but that his time with her is limited due to his other family.

These Photos May Break The Internet

Carly Rae Jepsen of "Call Me Maybe" fame, Justin Bieber, and Justin Bieber's baby brother wearing a trendy cardigan, at this weekend's MuchMusic Awards in Toronto. Baby Jaxon is even making weird faces.

Women With High Testosterone Levels May Be Banned From Olympics

New International Olympic Committee policies will likely ban women with hyperandrogenism, a condition that results in unusually high levels of testosterone, from competing in the women's events because officials believes it gives them an unfair advantage. As The New York Times puts it, simply saying you're a woman should be enough to compete among fellow females.

Scientist Shortage Is A Myth. - Slate Magazine

I’ve been making a living in science for nearly 25 years now—longer if you count eating peanut butter on a graduate school stipend as one variety of “making a living,” which is a tough call. And I’m pretty sure that not one of those years has gone b…

What's Next For ObamaCare: A Step-By-Step Guide

The Supreme Court will rule to uphold, strike down, or kill part of President Obama's landmark 2010 health care overhaul Thursday morning. That will only be the beginning.

Obama's Harvard Law Professor Roberto Unger Says 'He Must Be Defeated In 2012'

Roberto Unger posted a video on YouTube detailing the reasons why he believes the President does not deserve a second term in the White House.

Kim Kardashian Tells Oprah: "'I've Had An Epiphany Over The Last Year"

Oprah Winfrey kicked off her two-part Oprah's Next Chapter special with the Kardashian clan, all of whom took turns revealing surprising thoughts about their fame and popularity.

There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (93 Photos)

June 15, 2012 | Author: John | In: Girls, Hot Women, Sexy Chivers

Bruce Jenner News - Kim, Kourtney And Khloe Kardashian Wish Bruce Jenner A Happy Father's Day (PHOTOS)

There's no family quite like the Kardashians. On Sunday, Kim, 31, and Kourtney, 33, and Khloe, 27, took time out wish their stepdad, Bruce Jenner, a happy

Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves: All The Details Of Their Unforgettable Wedding

Matthew McConaughey married his longtime love Camila Alves in a romantic ceremony at home in Austin, Texas and gave his family and close friends (including Reese Witherspoon, Kenny Chesney, and Woody Harrelson) a laid-back weekend to remember. This…

Dark Knight Rises Tickets Going For $100 And Up On eBay

The Dark Knight Rises opens July 19th, and midnight screenings are already selling out around the country, as people rush to be the first ones to tell their friends that they couldn’t understand Bane either. Now, some enterprising dorks who dared to…

'True Blood': Christopher Meloni On Playing A 500-Year-Old, 'Big Old Baby' Vampire

After playing detective Elliot Stabler on Law and Order: SVU for more than a decade, Christopher Meloni has hung up his detective badge and replaced it with a set of vampire fangs.

Wildlife Cameras Capture Austrian Politician Having Forest Sex

Wildlife cameras are set up to capture images of animals in their natural habitat. But in Austria, they recorded a politician having sex in the woods.

Greece: New Democracy Party Scores Narrow Win In Elections

Has the euro zone found some breathing room in its crisis? The conservative New Democracy (ND) party eked out a victory in Greece’s parliamentary elections on Sunday, edging out the leftist Syriza party, which is strongly opposed to the austerity me…

Greek Election Results: New Democracy Wins

ATHENS, Greece — Fears of an imminent Greek exit from Europe's joint currency receded Sunday after the conservative New Democracy party came first in a critical election and pro-bailout parties won enough seats to form a joint government. As central…

Giant Mushroom Cloud In Beijing (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

A mushroom-like cloud was spotted over Beijing earlier this week, closely resembling the explosion of an atomic bomb, reports China Daily. Now, footage of the mysterious cloud has been released on YouTube.

Sexy Brooklyn Model Ingrid Gutierrez, Injured In Bottle Brawl, Saw All The Action Unfold Between Chris Brown And Drake At W.i.P.

The sexy Brooklyn model who was partying with Chris Brown and his crew before the big Rihanna-sparked brawl with Drake told The Post she was having the time of her life until all hell broke loose.

5 Dumb Hobbies You Won't Believe Have World Championships

Boredom: We've all been there. From "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" to "The License Plate Game," people have sought out ways to pass the monotony when life slows down. Little did we realize that these pointless time wasters were, for some, the subj…

Metta World Peace Thinks James Harden Is Stupid

Will these two just make out already? They're our generation's Sam and Diane.

China’s Space Launch: ‘Wow’ Or ‘Meh’?

There are a lot of reasons to be both very impressed and very unimpressed by China’s announcement that it successfully launched a three-person crew into space today—a crew that included Liu Yang, 33, the country’s first female astronaut. Before 2003…

WWE No Way Out 2012 Results: Live Coverage, Updates Of PPV

WWE No Way Out is here, as the Big Show is set to battle John Cena in a main event filled with gimmicks. This steel-cage match will decide the fates of Cena and John Laurinaitis.

'Rock Of Ages' Flops At Box Office

LOS ANGELES — Zoo animals remain hot at the box office. Singing stars and Adam Sandler are not.

5 Awful Experiences You Never Get Over

There's an old saying that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and I guess that can be true. Pain makes you flinch. Your fingers form a fist, and that fist can become tighter and harder with each indignity suffered. Eventually, that fist might…

A Crazy Fan Making Bird Calls Interrupted The U.S. Open

U.S. Open champion Webb Simpson responds, "Enjoy the jail cell, pal." Which is pretty weird, too.

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Remember That Time Julianne Hough Was In Harry Potter?

As an 11-year-old, Julianne Hough played a Gryffindor student in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone… and tried to steal a prop.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Why Joe Giudice Is A Douche

And it’s sad for Joe because I’m not fascinated by him in a good way. I don’t think he’s hot (Maurico Umansky, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). I don’t think he’s perfect (Jason Hoppy, Real Housewives of New York/Bethenny Ever After). I don’t even…

Box Office Analysis: 'That's My Boy' Marks Second Disapointment In A Row For Adam Sandler

Is Adam Sandler losing his mojo? The $15.1 million debut of That's My Boy marks the worst performance for a Sandler comedy since Spanglish opened to $8.8 million in 2004 (Reign Over Me, an R-rated drama, opened to an even worse $7.5 million in 2007…

Rodney King, Whose Brutal Police Beating Sparked The Deadliest Riot In U.S. History, Dies At 47

Rodney King, whose 1991 videotaped beating at the hands of Los Angeles police set off a chain of events that, a year later, turned into the most devastating riots in U.S. history, was found dead at his Rialto, Calif., home Sunday morning. Police sai…

Ted Shuttleworth, Former 'NYPD Blue' Writer, Punches Poodle In Face

NEW YORK — Police say a former television screenwriter was arrested after punching his poodle in the face so hard that it died of a brain injury. The New York Post reports Sunday ( ) that 51-year-old Ted Shuttleworth was arrested Saturday at his hom…

Rodney King Dead -- Drinking, Smoking Weed Before Drowning

Rodney King's fiancée is telling friends Rodney had been drinking all day Saturday ... and had smoked weed in the hours leading up to his death ...…

Corgi Rae Jepsen - Bark Me Maybe

And now, a message from The Church of the Latter-day Saints.

Julianne Hough Is An Uneven Actress And Average Singer In Rock Of Ages

After a supporting role in 2010′s Burlesque and starring in the Footloose remake in 2011, Julianne Hough‘s logical next step in music-infused movies was to tackle the stage-to-screen adaptation of Rock of Ages. She plays naïve Sherrie Christian — li…

Who Designed The Kikkoman Soy Sauce Bottle?

It took three years for Ekuan and his team to arrive at the dispenser's transparent teardrop shape. More than 100 prototypes were tested in the making of its innovative, dripless spout (based on a teapot's, but inverted). The design proved to be an …

Kim Kardashian News - Kim Kardashian Reaches 15 Million Twitter Milestone, See Her Sexiest Social Media Moments (PHOTOS)

Twitter followers are keeping up with Kim Kardashian, as the reality star hit another milestone today, reaching over 15 million followers on the social media site. The E! star, 31, is no stranger to social networking with over 9 million likes on Fac…

Watch: Terry Richardson Photographs Ed Westwick Getting A Lap Dance For Philipp Plein’s New Campaign

We all have goals. When I first moved to New York City early last year, one of my major personal goals involved tracking down and subsequently making out with Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick. Totally rational, right? A year and a half later, I’ve managed …

25 Writers, Artists And Critics On James Joyce

“Joyce is good. He is a good writer. People like him because he is incomprehensible and anybody can understand him. But who came first, Gertrude Stein or James Joyce? Do not forget that my first great book, Three Lives, was published in 1908. That w…

Beautiful Photographs Of An Abandoned World Inhabited Only By Animals

There’s plenty of post-apocalyptic art out there, but generally it imagines a world devoid of life and left to crumble — far more unsettling, at least in our view, is a world which only humans have ceased to exist, other animal species tentatively t…

The Colors Of Wes Anderson’s Films

We think it’s fair to say that Wes Anderson has one of the most immediately recognizable styles of any contemporary filmmaker. But until we stumbled across this color palette whipped up by graphic designer Beth Mathews, we didn’t realize how much it…

The All-Time Coolest Author/Musician Collaborations

Collaborations between musicians and authors seem obvious, like they should happen all the time, but the truth is, good ones don’t come along that often. Earlier this month, however, author, poet, and memoirist Mary Karr released her first album, Ki…

Keith Richards Role Cast In Jimi Hendrix Biopic (Exclusive)

British actor Ashley Charles will play Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards in Darko Entertainment's All Is By My Side, the Jimi Hendrix biopic directed by John Ridley that is shooting in Dublin. PHOTOS: Scores That Rock: 10 Musicians Who Crosse…

Chris Brown Called ‘Calm, Polite' By Lawyer Of Model Scarred In Bar Brawl (Video)

The war of words that broke out after Thursday's brawl involving pop stars Chris Brown and Drake continues. An attorney for Ingrid Gutierrez, the 21-year-old model who was hospitalized after being scarred by a bottle blow during the fight, told E! …

Rodney King Dead At 47 - The Hollywood Reporter

King was found by his fiance, Cynthia Kelley, at the bottom of the swimming pool in his home early Sunday morning in Rialto, CA, according to Capt. Randy DeAnda. Law enforcement responded to a call at 5:45 am PST, and King was removed from the pool …

'Rock Of Ages': What The Critics Are Saying

Rock of Ages, starring Tom Cruise, Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta is based on a musical that originated in a Hollywood rock club in 2005 and then moved to Broadway, where it continues to pull in fans at the Helen Hayes Theater. The cast also includ…

Scott Johnson, Radiohead Drum Tech, Killed By Toronto Stage Collapse

TORONTO – The young man fatally crushed by a massive Toronto stage collapse on Saturday has been identified as Scott Johnson, a drum technician for the British rock band Radiohead. A Radiohead spokesperson confirmed the identity of Johnson, 33 year…

How Spain’s Problems Got Worse In Less Than A Week

It’s easy to picture the grim surprise that Spanish officials must have when they learned on Monday that interest rates on the country’s 10-year bonds were going up again. They had an even worse shock on Thursday, when that same yield crossed the cr…

And We Have Lift Off! A Historic Family Day At China’s Space City

The Beijing Space City campus on the outskirts of China’s capital, where much of the design work on China’s space craft is done, is normally highly secretive. Indeed, a poster on the wall of a conference room advises: “There’s nothing people won’t d…

Connecticut Man Calls 911 Because Local Deli Is Making His Sandwich Wrong

A Connecticut man called 911 on Wednesday to report a deli was making his sandwich wrong. “I specifically asked for, um, little um, turkey, and little, um, ham and a lot of cheese and a lot of mayonnaise,” he told the dispatcher. “And they are givin…

Ashley Green Crowned Female Superstar Of Tomorrow At The Young Hollywood Awards

Twilight star Ashley Greene was the queen of the 2012 Young Hollywood Awards after receiving one of the evening's top honors on Thursday. In addition to hosting the 14th annual ceremony, Greene was tipped for big things in the movie industry after…

Corgi Friday: ‘Call Me Maybe’ Performed By Dogs Will Snap The Internet In Two

This is a video of dogs barking along to the song Call Me Maybe, and sort of acting out the music video. You've probably seen it by now because it has

OK, No, HERE'S What Just Happened With Lindsay Lohan

Alllllll right. There was just a blizzard of crazy alarming news going around about Lindsay Lohan. But she's OK. Let's review.

Rico Rodriguez And Nolan Gould Spill About The Modern Family Secret That Had Them Stunned (And Sofia Vergara's On-Screen Pregnancy!)

Who else was shocked when Gloria (Sofia Vergara) announced she was preggers on the season finale of Modern Family? I for sure thought it was going to be Cam and Mitch bringing home a bundle of joy, but you gotta love how the writers threw us for a F…

Eva Amurri Martino Had Her First Nude Scene In That's My Boy. Here's How She Got The Confidence To Bare It All.

Actress Eva Amurri Martino stars alongside Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler in That's My Boy, but memorizing lines and keeping up with the king of digital shorts was nothing compared to prepping for her first nude scene...

3 Cool Ways To Wear Floral Pants Now, As Seen On Pinterest

Inspired by this morning’s Best Dressed Reader, we went off in search of even more ways to wear floral pants, and the lovely ladies on Pinterest didn’t let us down......

5 Foods We Should All Shut Up And Start Eating Already

Before you rush out to try the hot new thing, make sure you have these five superfoods in your diet already. Each one of them delivers massive nutrition, boosts your energy, and controls your weight. In other words, they're too good to pass up for t…

Body Found Near Dr. Timothy Jorden's Buffalo Home Days After Jacqueline Wisniewski's Murder, Police Say

BUFFALO, N.Y. — A former Army weapons expert wanted for fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend killed himself with a gunshot to the head, quelling the risk of more bloodshed and silencing perhaps the only voice that might have answered the central quest…

Kia Makarechi: Chris Brown & Drake's Fight

But there's a lesson in it for Brown. The short version: If you've beaten a woman in the past and ever want to near redemption, don't put yourself in positions that can lead to further violence. You will always lose.

La Note De La France Abaissée Par La Petite Agence De Notation Egan-Jones

CRISE DE L'EURO - L'agence de notation américaine Egan-Jones a abaissé jeudi la note attribuée à la dette de la France à "BBB+", citant la pression croissante exercée sur le pays par la crise de la zone euro. La note, qui était jusque-là de "A", a é…

Celebrity Nude Scandals: Stars With Leaked Naked Pictures (PHOTOS)

"Jersey Shore" star Snooki just had her second batch of nude photos leaked last week, and somehow we're sure they won't be her last.

Lisa Brown, Michigan Lawmaker, To Help Perform 'Vagina Monologues'

LANSING, Mich. -- A Michigan lawmaker barred from speaking in the state House after she used the word "vagina" during a debate on an anti-abortion bill will participate in a performance of the Tony Award-winning play, "The Vagina Monologues," on the…

Drake And Chris Brown Fight Over Rihanna: Second Female Victim Shows Her Wounds

Chris Brown was also injured. He posted a picture of a gash on his chin, apparently sustained from the fight with Drake. His female companion was also hurt.

Chris Brown And Drake Nightclub Brawl: Police Investigate Whether There Were Gunshots In Manhattan Club

Witnesses told the NYPD they heard a gun go off amid the early morning ruckus at the Manhattan club as Brown and Drake reportedly fought over their ex, Rihanna. No one reported seeing a gun.

Charlize Theron: Sushi Park Lunch Stop!

Charlize Theron flashes a smile as she steps out for lunch with a friend at Sushi Park on Thursday (June 14) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Chris Webber -- King Size, Six-Figure Tax Lien

Chris Webber has run out of timeouts with the State of California and now they've filed a six-figure tax lien against the five-time NBA all-star ... TMZ…

Yvette Wilson Dead -- 'Moesha' Star Dies From Cervical Cancer

Yvette Wilson, one of the stars of "Moesha" ... died at the age of 48 yesterday after battling cervical cancer, TMZ has confirmed.Wilson, played Moesha's…

Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles Pushed Back Indefinitely By Paramount

Cowabummer, dudes. Looks like you’ll have to wait until at least 2014 for that Michael Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie where the turtles are “edgy, lovable aliens” this time. It’s actually the third Paramount property to get an extre…

Kate Middleton Sparkles At Trooping The Color Parade

On the Buckingham Palace balcony, the Duchess, who looked gorgeous in an ice blue Erdem dress and matching Jane Corbett hat, stood alongside her husband, Prince William. Also out to watch the ceremony were Queen Elizabeth II, a healthy Prince Philip…

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