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June 18, 2012

Watch This Adult Eat Rice, Oranges, And Strawberries For The First Time Ever

Ron Workman admits that he "eats like a little kid that never really learned better," and he's only "attempted" to eat fruit two or three times in his life. He decided to record himself trying different types of food the rest of us eat every day for the first time, and unless he's a really amazing actor, this is for real.

Documentary Combats Secrecy And Shame Around Intersex Conditions

To challenge the culture of silence she felt surrounded intersex conditions, Phoebe Hart decided to make a film about her own diagnosis of androgen insensitivity disorder. Along the way, she met others who had suffered because their bodies didn't fit society's expectations of gender.

Designer Prosthetic Legs Are Pretty Swank

Losing a limb is a traumatizing experience. But Bespoke Innovations is determined to help make prosthetics an extension of self, instead of an ugly hinderance.

16 Other Ways To Remember Shia LaBeouf

Shia LeBeouf made a music video with Sigur Ros that's mostly unwatchable, but we'll still always think of him like this.

The Ultimate Guide To Talking To Any Human

There are a bajillion different ways you can talk to somebody. But which one is the best if you're trying to set up a date? Or talk to your boss? Or...? Stop asking question and consult this flow chart.

Listen To Rudy Giuliani Act Out A Punch To Obama's Groin

WNYC's Brigid Bergin caught former New York City mayor Giuliani telling a crowd that the Republican pick-up of Anthony Weiner's congressional seat was, "a shot right in the, boom, man, man, wow” for Obama and the Democrats.

A Clock Made Of Clocks

Unfortunately it's for sale from a famous art dealer and the (no doubt high) price is only available by request. But the GIF? The GIF is free.

9 Tall Tales From Barack Obama's Memoir

David Maraniss's new biography of Barack Obama challenges parts of Obama's own memoir, Dreams from my Father, as BuzzFeed reported.

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