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June 1, 2012

The Playlist: June 1, 2012

"No Church in the Wild" by Jay-Z and Kanye West Helmed by French director Romain Gavras and set in Prague, the video for “No Church in the Wild” is full of social unrest, citizen upheaval, Molotov cocktails and political symbolism (or at least th…

Nylon Party Photo - Buzznet

Nylon Party - Fun People + Being thiiiis close to Shirley Manson On Wednesday me and some other Buzznet chicks went to the Nylon Party. It was at the Roxy which is a really cool legendary venue in Hollywood but what really made the night was that Ga…

Miami Face-eating Man Victim Identified, Result Of Bath Salts Drug

More details are in on this week’s zombie-like face-eating attack between two homeless guys. Now in critical condition, victim Ronald Poppo had 75 percent of his face eaten. Attacker Rudy Eugene says he was high on a synthetic drug made of bath salt…

Zhang Ziyi May Or May Not Be A Prostitute

A Hong Kong tabloid (this one, though the story has been removed) claims that a disgraced Chinese politician named Bo Xilai ratted out actress Zhang Ziyi by saying he paid to have sex with her 10 times between 2007 and 2011.

Queen Elizabeth II's Fashion Rainbow

Celebrations of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee are about to begin! In honor of QE2, enjoy this look at the colorful spectrum of her monochromatic outfits.

Don't Fear A Cocktail That Includes Lemons, Milk, And Vodka

You're just going to have to trust me on this one.

How To Remake Your Life To Look Like "Moonrise Kingdom"

What if you wanted to aesthetically base your life on this movie? First of all, you need to make sure your surroundings look like a vintage postcard from Maine. Secondly, you have to be totally copacetic with smelling like a musty attic at all times.

Giant Googly Eyes Will Change The World

By making everything much cuter.

Prometheus Review: Depth Is An Alien Concept For Ridley Scott

It’s not giving too much away to say that Prometheus is a prequel to Alien, though another film will be needed to bridge the time gap between the two.

The Battle Of The Box

A story in four pictures. This is what really happened to Schrodinger's cat.

What Is Miss USA For?

Will spectacles as inherently sexist as beauty pageants ever die? The Fashion Mailbag says, depressing as they can be, they're probably not going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

"Howard The Duck" Silver Anniversary Passes Without Note

Not that he's bitter. Of course, this movie in hindsight should've warned us about Lucas's long, painful decline.

Beaker The Two-Headed Bird Is An Adorable Abomination

And it has thrice the beaks of a normal bird! Spotted in Northampton, Massachusetts.

50 Shades Of “Argh” | The Awl

When you read the 50 Shades Of Grey trilogy you will come across, along with your scenes of light BDSM, some baffling word choices. One telling count: "Moist" appears three times; "explodes," nine times; and "sweatpants," 14 times. Yesterday, at New…

The Most Amazing Flicks About Aliens You've Never Seen

Between "Battleship," "Men in Black III" and the upcoming "Prometheus," movies with aliens are hot this summer. But none of them feature Ron Jeremy's penis as a villain, do they?

Why Women Can't Get Away From "Soft" News

Female journalists tend to focus on subjects like relationships, sex, and family. That matters not just for their careers, but for the whole country.

10 Most Annoying "Songs Of My People"

Just give in to the inevitable. Let the sound assault your eardrums.

Oprah's Book Club Is Back

It's called Oprah's Book Club 2.0. The first book is called Wild, by Cheryl Strayed.

Frontiers Of Book Marketing: "I Was Threatened On Twitter"

Robert Spencer, an anti-Muslim American figure, is hawking a new book challenging the existence of Muhammad. "Threats of beheadings and stabbings were sent.... from a Muslim Australian man."

21 Things I Learned From "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding"

This is seriously the best show on TV right now. It centers around a number of Romanichal Gypsy families in America, and because it airs on The Learning Channel, I thought I'd share some of the things I learned from it.

The Truth About Ostriches

Turns out they don't bury their head in the sand. If it weren't for the diligence of Poorly Drawn Lines we may never have known of ostrich treachery.

The Bastardization Of 5 Major Fashion Movements

When punk and grunge originally happened, they were part of sweeping cultural movements that echoed the sentiments of disenchanted youth. Now, they're just fashion trends. Here's how the kids are doing goth, grunge, and more in modern times.

Canadian Cannibal Porn Star On The Loose

Not even kidding. This is the almost too-ghoulish-to-be-true story of Luka Rocco Magnotta, currently wanted by Interpol for murdering, eating and dismembering a man — all on video — then mailing the body parts to Canadian politicians. WARNING: Graphic details.

LEGO "Lord Of The Rings" Game Trailer

One game to rule them all. Yessss, my precious. Soon, you will be in my game console.

The Absolute Worst Thing About Crocs

Warning: this image not for the faint of heart.

How Technology Might Fix Soccer

The world's most popular sport may be getting a much needed facelift.

Current Events As Told Through Facebook And Other Links

Can we just unfriend North Carolina now? Plus, some dudes went tent camping in outer space and a theory that will change how you view Cars forever.

7 Reasons To Avoid Your Parents' Bedroom

What you find in there could be awkward.

Pop-Up Illustrations Are The Coolest Thing You Will See Today

Designer Mengyu Chen is developing them for a comic book project titled "The Encephalic Cinema.” They look amazing.

The Number That Will Matter In Wisconsin

In the epic showdown between Big Blue and Big Red, Walker's margin may be the number being watched from Chicago and Boston. A Walker blowout means trouble for the president.

You Can Buy Embroidered Kanye West Tweets

Someone has immortalized Kanye West's craziest tweets as framed embroideries. You can get them on Etsy.

See Anthony Davis In His New Uniform

The unibrow is headed to the Big Easy.

Manic Panic Giveaway Photo - Buzznet

I LOVE Manic Panic and have been using their hair colors for years. Good for us, they just started sponsoring me so I'm gonna do a little giveaway to all my amazing Moon Babies. I have listed all their colors in the gallery so all you have to do to …

The Number That Matters In Wisconsin

In the epic showdown between Big Blue and Big Red, Walker's margin may be the number being watched from Chicago and Boston, JOHN ELLIS writes. A Walker blowout would be a warning to Obama.

Tom Barrett: One President's Good Enough For Me

The Milwaukee mayor says he's satisfied with Clinton's appearance. Obama is in Minnesota with no plans to go to Wisconsin.

The Worst Athlete Actors

We're not talking about commercials or endorsements: these athletes acted in movies. And they were really bad.

Is The CDC Lying About The Zombie Epidemic?

The Center For Disease Control has released a statement about the recent rash of zombie-like attacks. Are they lying?

The Phone Is The Center Of Microsoft's Universe, Too

Yeah, the report is anonymous and vague but I spoke with the author and his source is legit: Microsoft is working on an AirPlay of its own, for playing video from mobile devices (including iOS and Android handsets) on TV through an Xbox. In other words, the battle for the living room isn't really about the box. It's about the content, wherever it comes from.

Mitt Romney: The President Is Always Looking For Someone Else To Blame For The Economy

In an interview with CNBC Mitt Romney said "first it was George Bush, then Congress, ATM machines, then it was Europe. The truth is it's the job of the president to get people back to work."

A Convincing Argument To Ditch The Word "Planet"

Pluto is not the first celestial body to get recategorized. CGP Grey show us how the definition of "planet" has always been pretty sketchy.

Tech Companies Double Down On "Doubling Down"

I never understood why tech executives and politicians are so fond of this phrase. I mean, they probably wouldn't say "we're going to continue to gamble on [thing x]," but they're perfectly fine with this hackneyed blackjack metaphor. Even Tim Cook is doing it! Also, yeah, the sandwich thing.

Obama Wants You To Buy A Thingamajig

Delivering a speech today on veterans' jobs at Honeywell's International Campus in Minnesota the President said his proposal would allow people to have the money to buy a "thingamajig."

Batman Preaches Conversion On British Streets

Clooney is a false prophet! This seems a bit silly until you remember Jedi is an actual religion.

A Complete Recap Of Madonna's MDNA Tour Costumes

She cheers! She strips! She REPRISED THE CONE BRA! These are incredibly important moments in diva fashion history. Let's review the clothes from the premiere of her tour in Tel Aviv.

18 Little Things That Will Drive You Insane

WARNING: Hair pulling may occur.

This Is Why You Wear Sunscreen

In case avoiding cancer isn't a good enough reason. A truck driver for 28 years, this 69 year old man suffers extreme pre-mature aging only on the driver's side of his face.

How To Turn Down A Facebook Invite So That No One Cries

Should you decline it, or just ignore it? Plus, what to do about gross, cutesy couples on Instagram.

The 30 Most Iconic Sports Photographs Of All Time

A collection of moving photographs that demonstrate the pain of heartbreak and the pure, unadulterated joy of triumph. Warning: Even if you don't like sports, you may end up weeping.

Controversial Photo: Military Moms Breastfeeding

Sure, we know breastfeeding in public can stir up controversy at times, but a new photo of two Air National Guard members nursing their babies in uniform has sparked an extra dose of attention, according to TODAY.

Scott Walker Supporter Arrested At Bill Clinton Rally

A lone Walker fan's disruptive presence at a rally for Democrat Tom Barrett landed him in handcuffs. Wisconsin is heated in the leadup to June 5's recall.

You Are Not A Curator, You Are Actually Just A Filthy Blogger

As a former actual curator, of like, actual art and whatnot, I think I'm fairly well positioned to say that you folks with your blog and your Tumblr and your whatever are not actually engaged in a practice of curation. Call it what you like: aggrega…

Women Top Men In Bleak Jobs Numbers

Today's disappointing jobs report has a bright spot: modest job growth for women. Economist Betsey Stevenson explains why that may have happened, and why it's way too soon to celebrate.

"Teacher Of The Year" Caught Sexting His Former Student

John McDaniel, recent winner of a teaching award at Colleyville Middle School in Texas, confessed to exchanging nude photos with a 15-year-old girl who was in his class last year, according to police.

How To Make A Beautiful Celebrity Look Hideous

Feeling low because you don't look like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt? Well fret no more because there are many ways to make a celebrity look ugly. Here are 8 simple way to do so.

How To Throw An Appropriately Majestic Diamond Jubilee Party

Including decorations, dress code, food and drink — and Jubilee Bingo! Now put on your fake tiara and get to it.

34 Pictures You Need To See Before A Zombie Eats You Alive

If you haven't already heard, the world is ending and zombies are about to take over the world. Check out this list if you're still alive.

Adventures In Copyright: Did One Glamour Stylist Rip Off Another?

It’s not at all uncommon to see fashion magazines owned by the same publishing company recycle cover photos, especially for their foreign editions. But sometimes, repeat covers pop up under strange circumstances. For example, Carey Mulligan’s Octobe…

"Man Ripped Out His Own Intestines And Threw Them At Police In New Jersey" // Current TV

When a man threatened to hurt himself in New Jersey on Sunday, police rushed to the scene. But police had to watch out – while they were trying to help the

Brian McKnight Wrote YouPorn A Theme Song

And it's about anal sex, of course. Song of the summer right here.

Smoothest Audience Guy Ever

His timing is impeccable.

How To Send Email Like A Boss

You probably waste as much time sending email as you do reading it. Well, you're doing it wrong.

What Is Your Song Of The Summer?

What song are you jamming out to the hardest right now? New or old!

With Dramatic Spike In Latino Unemployment, Republicans See An Opening

Could the economy finally overtake immigration as Hispanics voters' top concern?

Republicans: May Jobs Report "A Tragedy"

A new video from the Republican National Committee takes aim at the disappointing May job reports calling it "a tragedy."

What Did You Wear To Prom?

A long sparkly gown with an up-do? A powder blue tux? Let's see it.

The Big Ang Street Mural

Spotted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Breastfeeding Military Women Cause Freakout

This is a big deal for some as yet undetermined reason.

What Happens To One Side Of Your Face After Driving A Truck For 28 Years

Please use sunscreen everyone. I cannot stress this enough.

Michael Jordan's Son Propositioned A Porn Star On Twitter

A classic case of accidentally tweeting a direct message.

What "Abbey Road" Will Look Like In The Future

Can this be a thing? Please?

Jessica Simpson Having Sex Three Weeks After Baby

Jessica Simpson is not your average new mom. And I'm not talking about the mom-and-baby magazine cover photos or the TMI on television talk shows during pregnancy ("I feel like I have a bowling ball sitting on my hoohah!" and "The Big O is, like, th…

Focus On Presidential Race Is 'A Good Way To Distract People From The Underlying Lack Of Power That Voters Have'

Matthew Stoller, a writer and fellow with the Roosevelt Institute, sticks around to talk more with ‘TYT’ about the role of money in politics and why Americans actually need to be more power-obsessed, not less.

Oklahoma City's Mayor Has A Special Welcome Message For Charles Barkley

Some people's basketball cards are just more valuable than others.

25 Stanley Cup-Worthy Hockey Hotties

The 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs are almost over. The L.A. Kings take on the New Jersey Devils for a battle of the coasts. Not since Tupac and Biggie has there been a coast-to-coast rivalry the entire nation has been excited to watch...

Just 20 Percent Of Super PAC Funding Comes From Women

Women have donated a total of $31,165,706 to Super PACs, but almost half of that money ($15 million) has come from one woman: Miriam Adelson (pictured).

Romney Campaign's New Ad: From Day One, The Country Is Back

A new ad from the Romney campaign "A Better Day" talks about how on day one of Romney presidency he will focus on cutting the deficit and "unleashing American energy."

Obama Campaign's New Ad Hits Romney For His Record With The Words Of His Republican Rivals

A new ad from the Obama campaign hits Mitt Romney for his record in Massachusetts using the words of his Republican primary opponents from 2008 and 2012.

The Worst Thing You Could Ever Keep On An Etch A Sketch

Stick to drawing houses and lines, people.

Would You Pay $2,000 For A Hat Kate Middleton Wore Before She Was Duchess?

Two of her hats going up for auction are expected to fetch $1,500 to $2,300.

Facebook Is Illicitly Using Retired Hockey Great Bobby Clarke To Sell Me Something

Get your lawyer involved, Bobby. Slash that bitch Zuckerberg's ankles.

Careless Thief Steals $4,000 Vibrator

An armed robber stole the gold-plated vibrator from a Brazilian sex shop, but forgot to take its charger. The store owner says it will also be very hard to remove the vibrator's plating in order to sell the gold: "I really don't know what he'll do. I'll leave it up to his imagination."

Big Banks Arm Themselves (And You) For Looming Mobile War

NEW YORK (MainStreet) -- The rough and tumble economy isn’t keeping Americans from buying smart phones, or using them to revolutionize the way they handle their personal finances. That's leading the biggest U.S. banks to move quickly in developing a…

Brazilian Hulk Stains His Skin With Submarine Paint

Just a reminder for all you kids out there, if you’re trying to paint yourself green like the Incredible Hulk, maybe stick with grease paint or sharpie. Stay away from the stuff they use to paint missiles and submarines.

Ernest Hemingway's Standing Desk

The internet is going through a bit of a thing with standing desks right now, fueled by yesterday's The Wirecutter article about them. One of the most famous standing desk enthusiasts was Ernest Hemingway.

The Rise And Fall Of John Edwards

A tragic timeline of the man who would be president.

Mitt Romney Wins Over The Right By Confronting Obama

Behind his confrontational strategy: A bet that the base cares more about grit than policy, and doesn't want him to apologize for Donald Trump. "This is right out of Breitbart's playbook," says Thor.

Exclusive: The Maine's Pat Kirch At Bamboozle On Sara Scoggs' Blog

One of Bamboozle's main stage acts this year was one of my favorite bands The Maine. The Arizona natives played to a packed beach with a killer view of the Atlantic Ocean. RAD! Before the band's set I caught up with Pat Kirch on the band's tour bus …

'Zombie Apocalypse' Trend Eats Through The Web

The Internet has turned Miami's infamously horrific face-eating attack and other incidents into a "zombie apocalypse," a search term now generating serious traffic on Google and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Steve Madden On Working With The Olsens: ‘They Are A Pain In The Ass But They’re Very Good’

Last night, Italian sneaker brand Superga invited fashion’s best and brightest to celebrate their first-ever American store in SoHo–and they pulled off an impressive feat in the process, getting many of fashion’s die-hard heel-addicts, including the…

Jennifer Love Hewitt Had A Meeting With Stylists. But Why?

“Hey guys, it’s Jennifer, Love Hewitt, JLove, and I hope you get this message because instead of me coming all the way to the studio for that meeting with the stylists, wouldn’t it be better if they packed everything up and came to my house?” …

See All Of Beyoncé’s Sparkly Showgirl-Inspired Looks From Her First Concert Since Giving Birth To Blue Ivy

Beyoncé is back! Well, not that she ever really went away. She had that brief hiatus to, you know, give birth to Blue Ivy™, but is now back in all her Sasha Fierce-ian glory. Beyoncé gave her first concert since the birth of Blue Ivy over the weeke…

Woman Sues Neiman Marcus For Refusing The Return Of $1.4M In Gifts From Cheating Ex In ‘Sex For Merchandise’ Scheme

OK get this (and bear with us): A woman is suing Neiman Marcus after she found out that her then-husband, who had recently been lavishing her with 1.4 million worth of expensive gifts from the luxury retailer, was having an affair…with their Neiman …

UPDATE: Ron Paul Fans Still Holding On To Fantasy

rodvanmechelen on's "Romney clinches nomination, but Trump overshadows": "Romney may have won the initial primary, but he has only about 600 actual delegates. None of the Ron Paul delegates who are "bound" to Romney are actually bound, ac…

Naughty Dog's Co-Founder Could Be THQ's Savior

Jason Rubin has been named THQ's new president.

Students Splice Sex Tape Into Graduation Video In Denmark

Having gone to college twice, I can tell you from personal experience that most commencement speeches are boring as hell, usually something along the lines of blah blah blah your future blah blah inside joke blah cutesy joke about never being able t…

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