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June 5, 2012

These Jubilee Masks With Royals' Faces On Them Are So Creepy

In celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Brits have taken to donning masks with the faces of Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton, and all the various Princes. The cut-out eyes make them exceptionally creepy.

Meanwhile On Canadian "SportsCenter"

Or should we say SportsCentre... This clip from today's show just proves that their version is better than ours.

Chevy Ad Says Their Electric Car Is Gay

This ad celebrated last weekend's Motor City Pride.

This Is 2012's Best Pizza In The World

It's tequila pizza. They make it at Goodfellas in Staten Island and it is delicious.

21 Things You Should Never Trust

The world is a scary place; sometimes you need help figuring out who and what you can trust. Here's a handy guide to help you along the way.

11x "N**** In Paris" In Paris

During their 4 hour concert in Paris, Jay Z and Kanye West performed "N**** in Paris" 11 times . If you missed it here are the 11 performances played simultaneously.

The Best Athlete Actors

Believe it or not, there are actually some athletes who are pretty good at acting!

I Was A Teenage Shoplifter

In high school, over the course of about four years, I stole thousands of dollars worth of magazines and Calvin Klein underwear. And I don't regret it.

The T-Shirt Culture Index Is The Guide For Stereotyping T-Shirt Wearers

This will save you a ton of time in picking your friends.

Interrupted Airtime

The hilariously bizarre launch of the most anticipated startup of the year.

Did Nicki Minaj Really Cancel Her Show At Summer Jam To Stand Up For Women?

The rapper refused to perform after a radio personality from the station hosting the concert insulted her single "Starships." She claims she pulled out of the show to make a feminist statement. Do you buy it?

"Game Of Thrones" Rap Theme

A hip-hop version of the Game of Thrones theme song with lyrics about the plot. Surprisingly..... not horrible?

Never Go Without A Bottle Opener Again

Finally, nail art that's actually useful.

Nintendo's "Zombie U" Steals The Show

One bite and you're dead. Perhaps the most realistic survival horror game to date and the biggest surprise buzz of the day.

Barrett Says He's Not Displeased With Obama's Late Support

"We're very pleased with the support we've received." Obama's tweet and email to supporters came in the last 24 hours before the recall.

In Texas, Romney Blames Obama For Jobless Latinos

Chooses as his venue "the largest minority-owned, independent office equipment dealer in the Southwest." But still avoids talk of immigration.

Key And Peele Meet Barack Obama

It's got to be pretty unnerving to meet the President in the first place, but to meet the President after impersonating him on your TV show so often? Priceless.

The Men's Suits Were The Best Thing About The CFDA Awards

The women's dresses were lovely too, but the men killed it at the Oscars of the fashion world last night. Note to guys: this is how you do it.

Kris Humphries' Rumored Girlfriend Looks Like Kim Kardashian

According to gossip sites, Kris Humphries may be dating a girl who some people apparently believe looks like Kim Kardashian. Spoiler: She doesn't.

Anne Hathaway: Arm Sling Chic!

Anne Hathaway and her fiance Adam Shulman enjoy the sunshine while out and about on Sunday (June 3) in Brooklyn, New York.

What Is "Password Passing"?

If anybody ever walks up to you and asks you to play "Password Passing", I strongly advise you not to partake. Here's why.

Is Kate Middleton Overshadowing The Queen During Her Jubilee?

She wore a muted dress to the Jubilee festivities today, following criticism of the bright red dress she wore for the Jubilee boat appearance over the weekend. Is she trying to be more demure?

The Judgy People Who Hate You For Being So Judgy On OkCupid

When you're dating online, a little judgment is necessary. But if you judge, you'll be judged for it.

Iceland Looks Like Real Life Minecraft And Other Links

Svartifoss Waterfall has some of the most unique natural rock formations in the world. Also, 20 things we need to agree to stop doing and diet glasses are like beer goggles, but real.

Andy Samberg Recuts His Own Trailer For "That's My Boy"

Sadly, this one-minute spoof of the Adam Sandler flick will still probably be better than the actual thing.

Dumbest Pop Song Lyrics

When writing a pop song, there is no such thing as a lyric that is too dumb to sing over and over. Some of the stupidest thoughts the human mind has ever conjured are probably stuck in your mind forever because someone jammed them in a catchy tune.

Lindsay Lohan Suffers Elizabeth Taylor-Esque Wardrobe Malfunction

Yesterday on the set of Liz and Dick, Lindsay Lohan suffered a wardrobe malfunction of truly Elizabeth Taylor-esque proportions.

Why The Euro Zone Could Unravel Shockingly Fast

The trouble is that such schemes to muddle through are no longer adequate. Debt continues to compound for the financially weakest European countries, and sooner or later it will become unsupportable. Only a massive common financial commitment could …

Barack Obama Sings 'Call Me Maybe' By Carly Rae Jepsen (VIDEO)

BaracksDubs is back with yet another perfectly crafted mashup of Barack Obama, this time artfully edited to look as though he's singing viral parody sensation "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. Previously, the mashup wizards gave us Obama singing …

Maker Faire And Science Education: American Kids Should Be Building Rockets And Robots, Not Taking Standardized Tests.

On a morning visit to a Northern California middle school, I saw not a single student. The principal showed me around campus, but I didn’t see or hear students talking, playing, or moving about. The science lab was empty, as were the library and the…

How Much More Do Martinis Cost Today?

One of the more noteworthy qualities of the martini, the quality that sets it apart from all the other drinks mixed at your local watering hole, is the disproportionate effect it's had in inspiring witticisms. Dorothy Parker, as usual, leads the way…

Jean Claude Van Damme Has A Hot Daughter Named Bianca

Luckily for me and unluckily for him (provided he doesn’t like hearing perverts saying perverted things about his daughter – you never know with these Europeans), Jean-Claude Van Damme brought his 20-year-old daughter, Bianca Bree with him to the MT…

11 More Nostalgic Activities Today's Kids Will Never Experience From A General Nonchalance

Oh, hey kids that get to take every piece of music with them everywhere they go. That's great that you get to go on vacation and bring all of the last 200 years with you. Enjoy it. And thank God every day that you didn't have to sit down with your m…

Paycheck Fairness Act Fails In Senate

The Paycheck Fairness Act, which would have made it easier for women to file pay discrimination lawsuits, was voted down 52-47 today. Sen. Barbara Mikulski, a supporter of the bill, said, "It is a very sad day here in the United States Senate but it's a sadder day everyday when paycheck day comes and women continue to make less than men."

14 NFL Players Who Were Drafted To Play Pro Baseball

With the Major League Baseball's draft currently happening, it's time to remember some football stars who you may not have known were drafted to play America's pastime.

Ashton Kutcher Still Wears Trucker Hats On "Punk'd"

Ashton returns to guest host episode of the newly re-booted Punk'd. What's most shocking is not the prank on Drake or Kim Kardashian, but that Ashton's still wearing a trucker hat like it's 2004.

Baseball Superstar Matt Kemp Denies Connection To The Zombie Apocalypse

In an exclusive interview with BuzzFeed Sports, Kemp has some surprising things to say about zombies. What is Matt Kemp trying to hide?

Jake And Amir: Reddit

Watch more Jake and Amir at Subscribe to the Jake and Amir podcast (link opens in iTunes).

BubbleGoth Eye Make Up Tutorial Photo

I was just playing around with some make up and made a tutorial for you guys in case you wanna have some BubbleGothtastic make up fun. Enjoy and add your own touches! What you need to do make up like this: - 2 different tones of the same color. I us…

See Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor In 'Liz & Dick' Photo

In a new promotional photo from the set of Liz & Dick (her Lifetime movie about the violet-eyed screen legend), Lohan, 25, is shown in a sexy embrace with Grant Bowler, who plays Taylor's husband Richard Burton.

'Bachelor' Producers Settle Lawsuit With Spoiler Website 'Reality Steve'

In December, Warner Bros.-owned NZK Productions and Alternative Television filed suit against Stephen Carbone, who runs a website called that regularly publishes news and spoilers on shows including The Bachelor, Jersey Shore and Su…

Elizabeth Smart, 10 Years On: Teaching Kids To Fight Back

In hindsight, the victim of an infamous kidnapping believes that being taught to resist and fight her abductor might have made an important difference

15 Worst Comedy Sequels Of All Time (PHOTOS)

There have been some amazing comedy movie franchises over the years, but for every great comedy sequel, there are usually a dozen horrible ones. We're talking the likes of "Teen Wolf Too," "Weekend At Bernie's 2," and "Caddyshack II." Movies that no…

Child-Free Women Explain Themselves.

Recently, Slate columnist Katie Roiphe raised the possibility that the choice not to have children remains a taboo, that no matter what we say to our childless friends at dinner parties—that we envy them, that we wish we, too, could go out every nig…

Make Your Own Meals: Go Outside To Eat #30DaysofGOOD

The solution is to create a new lunchtime routine. Explore the neighborhood around wherever you spend your lunch hour, then pick a few outdoor spots within walking distance where you can enjoy your food. Parks with benches or picnic tables are ideal…

Hey, Interns: Take Back Your Summers And Dump Your Internship

Still, I repeat: Dump the internship. Go out into the world and have an awesome, honest-to-goodness, old school summer.

"True Blood" Villain Returns For Season 5

This is why you don't exact prolonged suffering on unhinged vampire masters. Eventually they crawl out of the concrete and the circle of revenge continues.

Driving Your Dad's Truck In Wisconsin

It's always important to clarify whose side you're on.

Seth Meyers Wears Marc Jacobs' See-Through Mesh Outfit

Seth showed up wearing this to last night's CFDA Fashion Awards.

The Real Meaning Of "YOLO"

This makes perfect sense.

The 20 All-Time Worst TED Talks

At $7,500 a ticket, high-minded TED Talks are a pretty expensive way to watch someone give a lecture about whatever into one of those headset mics that Britney Spears uses. Are they actually worth it? Here's 20 that you should get your money back for.

A Giant Baseball Player Did A Backflip In A Suit After Being Drafted

6 foot 2, 210 pounds, and agile as a gymnast.

Gears Of War: Judgment - Trailer

The latest viral buzz from

E3 2012: A Lack Of In-House Games At E3 Isn't Square Enix's Only Problem From

Meanwhile, Square Enix now feels like a company with multiple personality disorder. Business majors like to use the term 'core competency' to talk about a company's strategy; in lay terms, it means that a company that should focus on what they're go…

The 9 Most Annoying Things To Say To A Single Person

The good thing about being single is that people are usually pretty willing to talk about your romantic life, because, let’s face it, it’s probably more entertaining than that of your seriously coupled-up friends.

2012 MLB Draft Results: Pick-By-Pick Grades And Results

Not the typical power pitcher's frame, but boy, he's got some great stuff. A plus fastball and slider combo and a lightning-quick arm. I'm really impressed with the Blue Jays' haul on Day One. Congrats to them, because if they can sign a majority of…

California Gay Marriage Ban One Step Closer To Supreme Court

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals declined to re-hear the case of Proposition 8, California's gay-marriage ban, which it struck down in February. The case will likely head to the Supreme Court next, possibly as early as October.

First Look! "Super Mario Bros." For Wii U

If there's one thing Nintendo consistently does well, it's side scrolling plumber platforms. And the Mario launch title for Wii U is no exception.

Mel Gibson's Dad Hutton Gibson -- Allegations Of Elder Abuse

Mel Gibson's father -- who filed for divorce Monday -- believes his wife has been abusing him, and Mel has jumped to his dad's aid ... TMZ has…

Amber Portwood -- Sentenced To Five Years In Prison

"Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood has been sentenced to five long years in the big house ... again -- after asking an Indiana judge to reimpose her sentence,…

"Pikmin 3" E3 Announcement & Gameplay

For all your OCD micro-management needs. For fans of the series, it'll be nice to have a fresh game to play instead of just a rehash of 1 and 2.

The Diamond Jubilee In 30 Seconds

Hitting yourself in the face because you missed the diamond jubilee? Well, here it is, wrapped into an easy-to-digest 30 seconds.

Miss America Call Me Maybe Lip Dub

From OfficialMissUSA on June 4, 2012

It's So Cute That Joe Jonas Thinks He's Better Than One Direction

Yesterday Joe Jonas pulled this very card when Ryan Seacrest interviewed him for On Air With Ryan Seacrest and asked about One Direction’s attempt to keep their relationships secret.

Venomous Spiders Invade Indian Town, 2 Dead

An army of venomous spiders invaded a town in India, killing two people -- and scientists still don't know much about the arachnids or where they came from. Like in a scene from the movie "Arachnophobia," droves of eight-legged pests invaded the to…

The Cast Of "Old School" Reunites To Accept Hall Of Fame Award

Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson, and Todd Phillips accepted the Hall of Fame award at the filming of the Spike TV "Guys Choice Awards" on Sunday. The actual awards will be broadcast on June 9th.

Aron 'Deuce' Erlichman Beaten Up: Police Say Hollywood Undead Singer Attacked By Former Bandmates

Hollywood Undead is a rap group known for crass emo-rap, and though the band's members have amassed a cult following over the past seven years, they've never been as famous as they're about to be. TMZ reports that the group's former lead singer, Aro…

Kristen Stewart Covers ‘Vanity Fair’ July 2012

Kristen Stewart graces the cover of Vanity Fair‘s July 2012 issue.

5 Light-Hearted Movies With Dark Moral Implications

Sometimes, movies or shows that go out of their way to be light and inoffensive end up accidentally creating complex moral dilemmas. The writers will often do everything possible to avoid pointing out the troubling implications of their innocent plo…

"Dead Space 3" E3 Announcement Trailer

Necromorphs on ice! Isaac is back and this time he's brought a friend. Drop in/drop out co-op adds cover fire and other new strategy to this horror property.

Wisconsin Democrats Claim Dirty Tricks On Nasty Election Day

A bitter race comes with especially bitter accusations of wrongdoing. "Page two of the playbook for preparing for a recount," a Republican says.

First Look! "Crysis 3" E3 Trailer

It's just as visually stunning as its predecessors. The relative freedom to choose from three paths is a breath of fresh air from herded linear play.

"Assassin's Creed 3" Announcement Trailer

The Assassin's Guild is coming to America. Should be interesting to see how they bridge the story between the Old World and the New.

Is This Halls Ad Racist?

And if it is racist, who is it racist against? Or is it just a realistic ad? A second ad in the campaign is DEFINITELY anti-Ohio.

Conan O'Brien Plays With Baby Jaguars

Conan? Jungle cats? Television? Yes, please.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Thinks Dirk Nowitzki Is A Waste Of Talent

Kareem wrote a nonsensical piece for ESPN saying that basketball's worse now because nobody went to college. And that Dirk Nowitzki? Huge disappointment.

10 Contemporary Plays That Should Be On Your Shelf

Tomorrow marks the release of much beloved, left-of-center author Daniel Johnson’s new book, entitled Soul of a Whore and Purvis: Two Plays in Verse. Like many of his readers, we are most familiar with Johnson through his novels (Tree of Smoke) and …

Before And After D-Day: Rare Color Photos From LIFE Magazine

It’s no mystery why images of unremitting violence spring to mind when one hears the deceptively simple term, “D-Day.” We’ve all seen — in photos, movies, old news reels — what happened on the beaches of Normandy (codenamed Omaha, Utah, Juno, Gold a…

Kris Humphries Girlfriend: Basketball Star Photographed With Kim Kardashian Lookalike

While Kim Kardashian's new romance with Kanye West has been splashed all over the tabloids, the star's ex-husband has been laying low -- until now. Nets basketball star Kris Humphries was photographed leisurely lounging at Miami Beach recently with …

Barack Obama’s Embarrassing Campaign—John Podhoretz

Remember how all the buzz about the 2008 campaign was how young and fresh and new and exciting and YouTube-y and Internet-y and Will.I.AM-y the Obama campaign was? Well, the Obama 2012 campaign is turning into . . . a raffle. Or a school auction. Or…

Dear Prudie: I Just Found Out My Fiancé Originally Wanted My Best Friend. Will I Get Over This?

Emily Yoffe, aka Dear Prudence, is on weekly to chat live with readers. An edited transcript of this week’s chat is below. (Sign up here to get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week. Read Prudie’s Slate columns here. Sen…

How’d You Get There, Christopher Hollowell Of Dun-Well Donuts?

Dun-Well Donuts, a shop founded by Christopher Hollowell and his friend Dan Dunbar, sits just off the Montrose L stop in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Every day, the pair offer an array of different vegan donuts (flavors rangefrom Tangerine Basil to Maple Bou…

America, Meet Lulu The Stripper

An act from last night's episode of America's Got Talent that must truly be seen to be believed. With a bonus reaction from Ice T!

Iron Man 3: New On-set Picture And First Official Still Released On Twitter

Although the new picture wont set tongues wagging, it does show all of Tony Stark's various mechanical suits lined up and put on display.

The New York Rangers' Coach Doesn't Like Your "Tweeters"

Watch John Tortorella and Bob Costas sound like your grandparents as they talk about the media.

Jimmy Fallon And Jason Schwartzman Sing An Ode To A Little Red Pepper

This little pepper needs to realize how lucky he is to be sung to by these two men.

The Tweet That Got Gwyneth Paltrow In Trouble

Oh, Gwynie... Mrs. Coldplay caught some flack for posting this photo of herself on stage in Paris with Jay-Z and Kanye West. It's her use of a certain n-word in the accompanying caption, referencing a song by said performers, that made people slightly uncomfortable.

Gwyneth Paltrow Drops The "N" Word Tops The Morning Links

Even if it was on twitter, there are some things you just can't pull off. Plus, researcher finally found Amelia Earhart and the Green Lantern coming out destroyed One Million Moms.

Ten Times Mitt Romney Said Not To Bailout The Auto Industry

In an interview today with Detroit News Mitt Romney said he would have supported bailout of the auto industry after the company went through a managed bankruptcy. But throughout 2008 and 2009 Romney campaigned heavily against the bailouts and in support of a managed bankruptcy, without mentioning the two could go hand and hand.

41 Shirtless Pictures Of Mark Wahlberg For His 41st Birthday

Slightly NSFW due to the signature pairs of tighty-whities he wore back when he was still known as Marky Mark. I recommend listening to "Good Vibrations" while viewing.

The Pine-Sol Lady Is A Master Prank Artist

That's the power of Pine-Sol, baby.

The Fall Of Pinterest

"The Fall of Pinterest" is a cartoon by College Humor that pits the internet vs the most sacred women's site on the net - Pinterest. See who wins in this epic battle.

Do People Sleep Better Alone Or With Someone?

A new study finds there are benefits to sharing a bed, but anecdotally, lots of couples struggle with different sleep patterns.

"Meme Dad" Is A New Meme About Memes

Meme Dad originated from a Redditors 38-year-old dad laughing so hard because he just discovered memes. Now he has become a meme himself, where he describes the obviousness of each meme. Isn't the internet great?

Creepy Chris O'Dowd Took Girls 1x08 To A Surprisingly Dark Place

Wow. Who else was stunned by Chris O’Dowd‘s utter reversal on last night’s Girls? When I saw that he would be guest-starring on the show, I figured he’d be playing a similarly doofy and sweet older guy, like his Bridesmaids character Officer Rhodes.…

And The CFDA Award Winners Are…

The fashion Oscars CFDA awards have wrapped: The Olsens took home the big prize for womenswear for the Row (they very adorably thanked each other); Seth Meyers wore Marc Jacobs’ Met ball outfit (and dared to make a Galliano joke); Garance Dore had f…

Mind The Gap! (41 Photos) :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17…

Do You Drive The Same Route Every Day? You Won't Believe How It Might Affect Your Skin (You MUST See This Photo)

I've noticed something a little perplexing lately: I always seem to be driving south when the sun is rising, and north when it's starting to set. Because I'm the driver of the car, that means that my left side is constantly bathed in sunlight--and m…

Pedro Borbon Dead: Ex-Reds Reliever Dies Of Cancer At 65

CINCINNATI — Pedro Borbon, who pitched 10 years for the Cincinnati Reds and helped the Big Red Machine win back-to-back World Series titles, died of cancer on Monday. He was 65.

Gwyneth Paltrow Triggers Racial Controversy After Using N-Word

Gwyneth Paltrow ignited a firestorm of criticism after blasting the N-word to her one million Twitter followers this weekend ... while describing a Jay-Z…

Mary-Kate Olsen Dyes Her Hair Brown!

At the CFDA Awards in NYC on Monday, Mary-Kate Olsen was the center of attention for two reasons; one of them being her new dark hair color!

The Wire: The Musical With Michael Kenneth Williams From Michael Kenneth Williams, Sonja Sohn, Andre Royo, Larry Gilliard Jr, Felicia Pearson, Faizon Love, PatB, Matt And Oz, Betsy Koch, Michael Kimbrew, Funny Or Die, Joe Hartzler, Dave Theune, Ben Parks,

Michael Kenneth Williams stars alongside Sonja Sohn, Larry Gillard Jr., Andre Royo & Felicia "Snoop" Pearson from The Wire in The Wire: The Musical where they will allow you to experience America's failing drug war through the magic of song!

New Jersey Devils Get Brilliantly Trolled By Kings Fans

One of the funniest sports photos I've ever seen.

When Mitt Romney Broke Rank On The Bush Tax Cuts

The presumptive Republican nominee wouldn't endorse President Bush's tax cut plan in 2003. He's since gotten on board with the GOP orthodoxy.

Real Betty White Is Pleased With Wax Betty White

Betty White says she is "so impressed" with her new wax figure at Madame Tussauds Hollywood. She adds, "The only thing that irks me is they waited until I was 90. A few decades ago would have been swell."

Obama's 2008 Promises To Labor Unfulfilled

It's promises noted in Barack Obama's 2008 "Blueprint for Change." Obama promised that he would protect striking workers by banning the permanent replacement of them while on strike. As of today Congress hasn't acted on the promises, and Obama hasn't pushed them to. Obama also promised to raise the minimum wage, and adjust it to inflation in both stump speeches and his campaign booklet, saying at times he would raise it every year. As of today the minimum wage remains the same level it was after the last set of raises signed into law by President Bush.

Gwyneth Paltrow Is An African

This week, Paltrow is getting much heat for this tweet where she wrote "Ni**as in paris for real". But as this ad from 2006 shows, white girl thinks she's a bushwoman.

Two Free Hubble Telescopes

A surprise gift from the intelligence community will mean two new eyes on space

'Game Of Thrones' Season 3: More Dragons & A Dead Joffrey -- Wish List

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since Game of Thrones‘ second season reached its white-hot conclusion, and I’m already experiencing withdrawal symptoms. So to help ease the staff’s collective suffering, I assembled a wish list of some…

Eduard Khil, ‘Mr. Trololo,’ Dies At 77

The Soviet crooner whose wordless tune created an Internet meme has passed away at the age of 77. Eduard Khil was hospitalized in late May after suffering a stroke and was thought to have suffered brain damage. He died Monday morning at a hospital i…

Jerry O'Connell To Play Herman Munster In NBC's 'Munsters' Reboot

Jerry O'Connell has a new address: 1313 Mockingbird Lane. The former Defenders star has been cast as Herman Munster in NBC's Munsters reboot, Mockingbird Lane, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. The actor will play the patriarch of the family, wh…

Jobs Report Promises November Surprise

The final report is due the Friday before election day. A cue for undecided voters.

Sneak Attack! A Brief History Of Kristen Stewart Wearing Sneakers Inappropriately

Most girls would be ecstatic to wear sky-high Louboutins and Manolos– but not Kristen Stewart, who always acts a little bit too keen to kick ‘em off. It seems like most of the time, K.Stew can’t even wait ’til the end of an event. And what’s her com…

Inspirational Posters Made For Minimalists

One of our favorite Nobel Prize-winning poets and novelists, Rudyard Kipling, believed that “words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” We couldn’t agree more. From John Baldessari’s tips for artists to graphic declarations about…

PES 2013: What A Sports Sim Wants, What A Sports Sim Needs From

PES 2013 has always been among the most mechanical of sports sims, which is not a bad thing per se. It is, after all, deeply dissatisfying to play a sports sim--any sports sim--that feels off. That feeling that you're playing more of an arcade game,…

Stephen Baldwin Suing Kevin Costner Over His Oil Spill Machine

Today in legal news, the guy from Biodome is suing the guy from Waterworld, claiming the latter cheated the former out of his rightful share in profits from the sale of oil-separating machines. We should’ve seen this coming, they’ve always had diffe…

Tennis Ball (Jon Lajoie) From Jon Lajoie

A boy and his tennis ball.

CDC To America: There Is No Zombie Apocalypse

Nothing to see here, people. Move along. Despite a string of grisly incidents throughout North America, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared late last week that there is no evidence of a coming Zombie Apocalypse.

Kickstarter For Neighborhoods Brings Crowdfunding's Potential To Urban Renewal

Portraits of Braddock, Pennsylvania: somewhere between urban decay and urban renewal.

A Few Eyegasms To Start Your Week (20 Photos)

Best photos of the week (55 Photos)

Sony's E3 Press Briefing Goes Heavy On PS3 Games

Vita, meanwhile, didn't have the sort of presence many expected.

Should Some Planes Be Kid-Free?

Before I had kids, I hated being seated next to them on planes. But just because I now have them doesn’t mean that I should expect special treatment for inflicting them on everyone else. Some parents are up in arms because airlines have started to r…

Jill Zarin, Kelly Benson, Alex McCord: Where Are The Fired 'Real Housewives Of New York' Now?

"The Real Housewives of New York City" returns Monday night for the first time since we broke the story that Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon and Alex McCord had been fired. And although the three former cast members have not been spending the past severa…

See Just Married Drew Barrymore!

The couple, who are expecting their first child together, said "I do" at Barrymore's Montecito, Calif. estate. Barrymore wore a Chanel white coat over her custom Chanel wedding gown and had her hair pinned up with gardenias. (Art consultant Kopelman…

A Short Update From GOOD HQ - GOOD Projects

If you've been visiting GOOD over the last several months, hopefully you've seen some exciting new things. From the launch of GOOD Maker (for finding and funding good ideas), to GOOD Finder (for sharing and promoting what’s good), to the monthly 30-…

See What Everyone Wore To The 2012 CFDA Awards

It’s CFDA Awards day! The Met Ball may be a fashion spectacle of epic proportions, but the CFDA awards is really about the people that make the fashion (and their hot model dates). All kidding aside, it’s a day for the industry to come together and …

Prosecutors Told Gov. Walker He Is A Target Of Investigation, Cannot Be Cleared Before Recall Election, Shuster Says

Correspondent David Shuster reports live from Wisconsin about the possibility that Gov. Scott Walker could be indicted in a long-running investigation of possible embezzlement and corruption among his staff, even if he is not recalled by voters this…

First Look: Lindsay Lohan Transforms Into Elizabeth Taylor In Lifetime Biopic (Photo)

Lindsay Lohan appears to be a natural to play Elizabeth Taylor if the first official image from her upcoming Lifetime TV movie is any indication. The female skewing cable network on Monday released the image of Lohan as Taylor and True Blood's Grant…

Mark Hyman, MD: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need

Health and happiness are often just a few days away. Each of us has the capacity to make the small changes in our lives that will create big changes in our food landscape, our agriculture and even our government policies.

Cuomo: Limit Small Marijuana Arrests

NEW YORK, June 4 (UPI) -- New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday he supports Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's call to limit the number of people arrested for small amounts of marijuana.

Olivia Culpo: Miss USA 2012

For a lot of guys, watching the Miss USA pageant is like flipping through a Victoria's Secret catalog: Both offer an opportunity to get off, but who really needs it when you have the internet? However, given the opportunity to check out the latest w…

The MTV Movie Awards: Harry Potter Vs. The Hunger Games Rivalry

And here I thought that Potterheads and Tributes could respect one another, but fans freaked out when Jennifer Lawrence beat Emma Watson.

Cat Helicopter Created By Artist Bart Jansen On Display Now (VIDEO)

When one's beloved cat dies, there are several options for what to do with its body. You could bury him, have his remains cremated or turn him into a helicopter.

Astonishing Proof Of Sun Damage On One Face

In other words, this man was a truck driver for 28 years. The left side of his face was pummeled by constant sunlight day-in and day-out, UVA rays transmitting through the driver’s side window. The right side was comparatively shielded.

'Iron Man 3' Image Released As Shooting Begins (Photo)

No doubt emboldened by the runaway success of The Avengers, the cast and crew for the next Marvel Studios movie convened Monday as the production of Iron Man 3 got underway. Working under the auspices of writer-director Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang B…

This Is All True (35 Photos) : :

Best photos of the week (55 Photos)

Hot Girls In Sports Bras (20 Photos) :

Sports photos timed….for your pleasure (32 Photos)

Microsoft Is Intent On Bringing David Cronenberg Films To Reality

I hate to be the one who sounds like a cynical curmudgeon, but how does this concept of drowning in technology appeal to anyone? Are we becoming such an unfocused people that the very idea of absorbing one thing at a time seems unfathomable? Mic…

Kelly Clarkson Steps Out With New Boyfriend Brandon Blackstock For The First Time

Kelly Clarkson and her new boyfriend, talent manager Brandon Blackstock, made their debut as a couple at a Barn Party Bonfire Celebration last Thursday in Whites Creek, Tennessee on May 31.

Bill O'Reilly Can't Stop Congressman's 'Easy Insults' At Jesse Jacskon

Here's Illinois congressman Joe Walsh describing youth and minority Democratic voters as being "hooked" on big government and that Jesse Jackson is a dealer who wants to "imprison" their kids.

A Woman's Walk And Her Sexual History

The way a woman moves is very telling. A carefully placed hand on your lap means she's open to getting closer, but if she's always putting an object between you (a table, a subway pole, another man), it's time to back off. But according to a new stu…

The Fall Of Pinterest

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Emma Stone's Acceptance Speech: Most Genuine Part Of MTV Movie Awards

“Those people are my creative trailblazers, but I’m not following any of their paths. What’s incredible about them is they make me want to be more myself, because they’re all originals. And I hope that you’ll find your trailblazers — and trust me, I…

Angelina Jolie News - Angelina Jolie Turns 37! See Her Sexiest, Leg Popping Looks (PHOTOS)

She’s an Oscar winner, a mother of six and engaged to a two-time winner of People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Brad Pitt – and she’s done it all before age 37! Angelina Jolie celebrates her birthday today, June 4, but this entire year saw a lot of of firsts…

10 Famous Directors’ Biggest Missteps

“ Spielberg's misstep is probably more "Always" than anything. The "Crystal Skull" hate has... ” Matt posted on 10 Famous Directors' Biggest Missteps on Monday …

Lane Pryce's Disjointed, Predictable Journey On 'Mad Men' Season 5

This will, of course, go down as The Lane Suicide Episode, but it won’t go down as one of the better Mad Men episodes. I suppose if you think of Mad Men only as a sophisticated soap opera, then it delivered to you something of a shock and, at the ve…

Canadian Body Parts Suspect Arrested In Berlin

(BERLIN) — A Canadian porn actor suspected of murdering and dismembering a Chinese student and mailing his body parts to Canada's top political parties was reading about himself on the Internet when he was arrested Monday at a cafe in Berlin.

Hilary Duff Should’ve Never Gotten Pregnant

There are some women whose bodies never fully recover from pregnancy and apparently Hilary Duff is one of them because here she is over the weekend somehow looking larger than she did after giving birth back in March. Which is amazing because she st…

The 5 Stupidest Looking Superpowers In The Animal Kingdom

Here's to the Toxic Avengers of the Animal Kingdom, like ...

Romney Campaign Makes Third Spelling Error Within A Week

The Romney campaign made their third spelling mistake of the past week today, this time misspelling official on their Facebook page, in a post caught by Mashable.

The Dead Cat Helicopter Gets A Theme Song

The weirdest news story of the month — a month that featured a lot of cannibalism too! — is now a satirical musical.

Taylor Kitsch Not Finnick In 'The Hunger Games

Taylor Kitsch may be hot, but he's not Catching Fire.The Battleship star, 31, was rumored to be a top contender for the coveted role of Finnick Odair in the Hunger Games sequel. Kitsch, however, says that the gossip columns are just blowing smoke.

Mila Kunis News - 10 Things You Didn't See On 2012 MTV Movie Awards Broadcast (PHOTOS)

The 2012 MTV Movie Awards saw a number of jaw-dropping moments. From Mila Kunis getting heckled by a mystery audience member to Johnny Depp playing with the Black Keys to Charlize Theron throwing down with Michael Fassbender, the awards show certain…

The Kardashians News - Watch The Kardashians Lip Sync To Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj And More! (VIDEOS)

While vacationing in the Dominican Republic recently, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians clan did their best lip sync to the classic Notorious B.I.G. song “Hypnotize” as they boated around, but this definitely isn’t the first time they’ve done some…

Kate Middleton Wore Red McQueen To The Queen’s Jubilee…Only Kim Kardashian Wore It First

The UK celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee in London this past weekend with a huge flotilla on the Thames. The Royals and commoners alike came out in full force (more on that later), but our eye was immediately drawn to one brilliant scarlet bird–the lov…

10 Teen Dramas That Adults Will Also Love

Tomorrow brings the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars, and we couldn’t be more excited. (OK, we could be more excited, but a Mad Men premiere only comes once every 18 months or so.) But wait, you might say, isn’t Pretty Little Liars a show for …

A Rainbow Of Crazily Colored Houses

Here at Flavorpill, we admit that we spend a great deal of our time poking around the internet and looking at gorgeous design, architecture or otherwise. Recently, we’ve been drooling over these wonderful photos of one-color houses, from pristine wh…

The Best Quotes From Maxim’s Oral History Of ‘The Wire’

Flavorwire: Cultural news and critique from Flavorpill

Play Haruki Murakami Bingo On This Gorgeous Bingo Board

We don’t usually go in for bingo unless we’re hanging out with our grandmothers (in which case, it’s the best), but we must say that this awesome Haruki Murakami themed bingo board, drawn by Grant Snider over at Incidental Comics, would have us pull…

The Real Places Where John Hughes’ Movies Were Shot

Anyone familiar with the filmography of the late John Hughes has heard and seen quite a bit of Shermer, Illinois, the North Shore suburb of Chicago where many of his films were set. However, as Jay and Silent Bob found out in Kevin Smith’s Dogma, Sh…

Appeals Court Calls Off 'Desperate Housewives' Retrial (Exclusive)

In a major setback for Nicollette Sheridan in her lawsuit against Desperate Housewives producer Touchstone Television, an appeals court has issued a ruling delaying indefinitely a planned September retrial and suggesting that the key claim in the ca…

GLAAD Media Awards 2012: ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy' Wins Drama Prize

After featuring a lesbian wedding last season, ABC's Grey's Anatomy was recognized Saturday as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation's outstanding drama series of the year.

Kevin Costner To Take Stand In $21 Million Fight With Stephen Baldwin

An odd legal drama is set to unfold this week in federal court in New Orleans as actors Kevin Costner and Stephen Baldwin duke it out over tens of millions of dollars connected to a deal to create oil spill cleanup technology.  For years, Costner an…

'Game Of Thrones': Richard Madden On Robb's Problems With Leadership, Missing Jon Snow

With Game of Thrones' second season barreling to a conclusion with Sunday night's finale, one of the series' biggest power players seems more out of the game than ever.

Watch Johnny Depp Try To Keep Up With The Black Keys At The MTV Movie Awards

Johnny Depp straps on his guitar and joins The Black Keys for a rollicking set at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.

Ashley Tisdale To Star In 'Scary Movie 5'

Ashley Tisdale, who emerged as a star on the Disney Channel, will play one of the leads in Dimension Films’ Scary Movie 5, the latest installment in the spoof franchise, which will begin filming this summer. PHOTOS: Ashley TIsdale Attends Zac Efron…

Queen Elizabeth II's Jubilee Celebrations, TV Coverage Become Trending Twitter Topics

LONDON - TV news and music industry stars on Sunday chimed in on the celebrations here tied to Queen Elizabeth II's 60th anniversary on the throne, while TV viewers discussed the pros and cons of news coverage of the events. "Happy #Jubilee Your Ma…

Spike TV's 'Guys Choice Awards' Red Carpet Interviews Gallery

Browse the Spike TV's 'Guys Choice Awards' Red Carpet Interviews gallery on The Hollywood Reporter.

Can An Earthquake Bring About The Fall Of Rome?

The Italian capital isn't built on a fault line but that doesn't mean it isn't immune to earthquakes. Just look at the Colosseum.

'Hogan's Heroes' Star & Original 'Family Feud' Host Richard Dawson Dies At 79

Former Hogan's Heroes and Family Feud host Richard Dawson has died at the age of 79. Gary Dawson, son of the man who became famous for kissing the hands of thousands of women on Feud, posted a confirmation of his father's passing on his facebook pa…

Jessica Simpson Introduces Daughter Maxwell Drew To The World

Jessica Simpson and her fiancé, Eric Johnson, introduce their newborn daughter Maxwell Drew with exclusive family photos in this week's issue of PEOPLE and open up about becoming first-time parents. "I'm learning so much about myself and how to be a…

Last Season’s Worst New Sitcom Character Promoted To Series Regular

There is no character that best epitomizes the “The Office’s” fall from grace than Catherine Tate’s Nellie. The show has been bad for awhile, but the introduction of her character took it from really bad to plain goddamn awful. She’s an aimless char…

Busty Girls Showin' Off Some Cleavage :

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Dress Your Body: 5 Flattering-On-Everyone Outfit Ideas In 60 Seconds

Our simple tricks for defining your waist, elongating your legs and generally looking fabulous all wrapped up in today’s 60-second outfit ideas video!...

President Obama Writes Excuse Note For Tyler Sullivan, Boy Who Missed School To Attend Speech At Honeywell (VIDEO)

Tyler Sullivan wasn't in school on Friday, but it's fairly safe to say he'll be excused. After all, he has handwritten note from President Barack Obama himself.

ASUS' 'Rear' Tweet Puts Sexism Front And Center

What's worse than hiring scantily-clad "booth babes" to show off gadgets at an electronics conference populated mostly by men? Sending lascivious tweets about their appearance from the official company account.

Tiger Woods Wins Memorial Tournament 2012, Ties Jack Nicklaus With 73 PGA Tour Wins

DUBLIN, Ohio — Tiger Woods was at his best Sunday at the Memorial. He hit nearly every shot just the way he wanted, worked the gallery into a frenzy with one last charge over the final hour and left everyone buzzing – especially Jack Nicklaus – with…

Luka Rocco Magnotta Arrested: Porn Actor Suspected Of Dismembering Boyfriend Found In Berlin

Suspected Canadian killer, cannibal and necrophiliac Luka Rocco Magnotta has been arrested in Germany, following a world-wide manhunt, according to authorities. Police in Montreal, where Magnotta was wanted for dismembering a Chinese student, said t…

Kelly Clarkson, Boyfriend Brandon Blackstock Step Out Together (PHOTO)

Kelly Clarkson hasn't been shy about discussing her new relationship lately, and now we get to meet the lucky guy she calls her boyfriend. Clarkson and her beau, Brandon Blackstock, stepped out together at a Barn Party Bonfire Celebration in Tenness…

Bill Clinton On Mitt Romney & Bain—Editorial

The Obama campaign’s continual carping about Mitt Romney’s role at private-equity firm Bain Capital continues to earn excoriating reviews.

Jimmy Lathrop, Husband Of Brooklyn Teacher Erin Sayar Charged With Having Sex With 16-Year-old Student Wants A Divorce, Source Says

Here’s humiliated husband Jimmy Lathrop stalking out of Brooklyn Criminal Court yesterday two steps ahead of teacher-wife Erin Sayar, who was released on $10,000 bail on charges she repeatedly had sex with a 16-year-old student.

Utah Grandma In LIE Crash Died Shielding 11-Year-old Grandson From Impact

He lost more than his grandma — he lost his best friend.

Politically Calculating President Obama Spills Military Secrets

Panic is never pretty. When it involves a politician scrambling desperately to stay afloat, it is ugly. When it involves a president of the United States trading national-security secrets for political gain, it is obscene.

Kristen Stewart – MTV Movie Awards 2012

Kristen Stewart walks the red carpet at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday (June 3) in Universal City, Calif.

Emma Watson – MTV Movie Awards 2012

Emma Watson keeps it fresh and young at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday (June 3) in Universal City, Calif.

Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil -- Glamour Pics Reveal Hottie Under That Hide

Brace yourself -- Tanning Mom used to be white, and kinda hot ... at least she was in a series of glamour pics she posed for in an attempt to break into…

5 Ways College Accidentally Prepares You For The Real World

Still, college taught me a lot, and I'm not talking about all the things I learned as an English major: Dorothy Mermin explained the inherent anti-Irish elitism in T.S. Eliot's "Sweeney Among the Nightingales," Gordon Teskey lectured about his theor…

Car Dealer Proposes 341-Foot Flagpole

LAKE PARK, Fla., June 3 (UPI) -- A Florida man says he wants to install a 341-foot flagpole at the car dealership he owns in memory of the Sept. 11, 2001, victims and first-responders.

Octomom Nadya Suleman Lands Part-Time Stripper Gig

Nadya "Octomom" Suleman has a new gig that will hopefully pay some of her bills.

Rejected Poster For 'Breaking Bad' Season 5 From The 'Shop Shop

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