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    This Is 2012's Best Pizza In The World

    It's tequila pizza. They make it at Goodfellas in Staten Island and it is delicious.

    Goodfellas pizzeria is located at 1718 Hylan Boulevard on Staten Island. It was opened in 1993.

    They proudly display their world champion pizza victories/awards on the outside of their shop.

    This is their award winning plaque. Every year the best pizza makers from around the world get together at the International Pizza Expo to compete for pizza of the year.


    Pizza breakdown:

    All gone.

    This pizza is so so so sosososo good. I can't even describe. The tastes blend and meld and work so well together.

    The sweetness of the mango and coconut combined with the salty of the bacon and shrimp = perfection. You can't taste any tequila, btw. It's kind of like a sweet alfredo sauce.

    TRY IT.

    FYI, we’re on a road trip to Bonnaroo. See all the stuff we’ve stopped at a long the way here!