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June 20, 2012

Trend Alert - Hair Chains Photo

I don't know if the incredible Chanel Pre Fall 2012 collection where the models were rockin dreads and hair chains had anything to do with this but hair chains are popping up everywhere! I greet this trend with open arms since we were running out of…

Dwarf Actor Who Played An Ewok Caught Exposing Himself On A Train

Nicholas Read, a dwarf actor who played an Ewok in Return of the Jedi and a goblin in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, recently admitted flashing his wiener at a college girl on a train, then snapping a picture of her reaction. He could receiv…

What Paper Means In Prison

A phone embedded in the short story "Lonely Heart," in what seems to be a copy of "Guys & Dolls: The Stories of Damon Runyon."

Be Cooler

Every time I buy an air conditioner it's a sweaty late-afternoon act of desperation. Don't be like me — read this guide to buying the perfect window unit. Related: I have never felt such lust for an inanimate object as I do for the Friedrich air conditioner mentioned here. A quiet window unit? What????

22 Non-Pornographic Forms Of Porn

People love to talk about "food porn" — but it's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to porn. There are a ton of communities online that use it differently. Here are some of those that you may be interested in.

Study: Kids Of Lesbian Moms "Doing Very Well"

Last week, a sociologist wrote that children of moms in same-sex relationships had trouble later in life. But now, another research team says one common critique of lesbian parenting — the lack of male role models — actually doesn't hurt kids.

Is Kate Upton The First Social Media Supermodel?

When Kate Upton’s GQ cover hit this morning, we’re sure ours weren’t the only jaws to drop. There are few models who look (or move!) like Kate. Likewise, there are few models who have enjoyed such a meteoric rise to fame and success. But make no mis…

Rafalca Vs. An American Family: Who Spends More?

The average American family received a $1k tax credit for a child, while the Romneys received a $77,000 tax credit for the horse. That means the average American family received about 1.3% of the Romney horse tax credit.

Kristen Stewart, Age 22, Is Hollywood's Highest Paid Actress

At 22, Twilight star Kristen Stewart isn't just the leading lady of Forbes' highest-paid actress list — she's also the youngest by 16 years. (The second youngest is 38-year-old Kristen Wiig, who's ranked ninth.) K. Stew, who made $34.5 million between May 2011 and May 2012, jumped to first from fifth place on last year's rankings.

31 Insanely Easy And Clever DIY Projects

These are the kind of simple projects for the laziest and most inept of crafters. Even if you can barely operate a drill, you can do most of these projects β€” and in less than an hour.

When Marco Rubio Didn't Endorse Mitt Romney

The Senator from Florida endorsed Mike Huckabee over Mitt Romney in the 2008 Republican primary because he was a "Reagan conservative." The Romney campaign downplayed Rubio's endorsing his rival in 2008, noting he had been endorsed by three former Speakers of the Florida House, and saying "three speakers beat one."

Here's What The New Windows Phone Looks Like

There's a lot of fascinating new behind-the-scenes stuff in Windows Phone 8, and some bad news for people who want to upgrade their current Windows Phone handsets, but the biggest change is the new homescreen. This is probably the most elegant widget system out there right now.

Behind The Scenes At A McDonald's Food Photo Shoot

Why does McDonald's food look so much better in the ads than at the restaurant? Watch as the director of marketing for McDonald's Canada buys a Quarter Pounder at McDonald's and compares that to a burger prepared by a food stylist and retouched in p…

VIDEO: The DOs And DON'Ts Of Gaming Gender Relations

We admit, not everyone will be swayed by our recent focus on sexism and misogyny in video games. So, thanks to the recent scientific discovery that each picture does indeed contain 1000 words, we have strung several hundred of them together; and, wh…

Why Do Men's Magazines Love Flag Bikinis?

Kate Upton's breasts could have been barely restrained by a solid white, black, or red bikini for her new GQ cover — but no, the magazine dressed her in a flag-inspired triangle top. Because something about a flag pattern just seems to just do it for her male audience.

PSA Shows Us A World Without Math

Damn math, why you gotta be so crucial to all aspects of civilization? There are millions of kids who'd love to be able to complain about how hard geometry is. Let's help them.

How To Animate Your Twitter Avatar

Ever wonder how people get animated Twitter avatars? Or why yours don't work? Here's the secret to making your Twitter avatar 100 times better and/or more obnoxious.

Fossilized Turtles Died While Totally Doing It

47 Million years ago, one turtle looked at another and asked if her shell was dented from when she fell from heaven. Then they fell into a poisonous volcanic lake, and were discovered by scientists just now.

Pot Plants Removed From King's House

RIALTO, Calif., June 18 (UPI) -- Police in Southern California said they removed marijuana plants Monday from the home of Rodney King, one day after he was found dead in his swimming pool.

9 High-End Makeup Dupes That Could Save You Lots Of Money

We compare 9 popular but expensive beauty products to their low-cost counterparts, just to see if the splurge is really worth it. You might be hesitant to buy a dress or shoe knock-off, but as far as makeup goes, no one will ever know the difference. And in some cases, the cheaper version is actually identical or better.

5 LGBT Politicians Who Made History

Current TV continues its series profiling openly LGBT candidates for political office with tonight’s special guest: Pennsylvania state legislature candidate Brian Sims. In honor of Sims and our other candidates, we decided to take a look at a few of…

Baby Bat With The Hiccups

Okay, little bat: hold your breath, put a pencil in your mouth, stand on your head, and consume a spoonful of sugar and three glasses of water very fast.

Has Laura Bush Really Done That Much To Help Women?

In the Washington Post, Kathleen Parker responds to a group of women protesting Laura Bush's Alice Award, which honors women who've helped other women and has previously been granted to Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Parker writes: "Bush used [her privileges] to great effect, not just by advancing women’s rights in far corners of the world but also by literally saving lives."

Marisa Miller Is Pregnant

Marisa Miller, who was Kate Upton before Kate Upton was, announced today that she’s pregnant for the first time with her husband griffin Guess. This spindly jackass, who yes, still wears a faux-hawk and who, with a child on the way, has no idea what…

24 Fees Mitt Romney Tried To Raise In Massachusetts

Mitt Romney often hits President Obama for calling for tax increases on the wealthiest Americans. But a Democratic source forwards to this rather lengthy list of fees Romney raised in Massachusetts. He was struggling to close a budget gap without raising taxes; but many of which citizens of the state saw them hidden tax increases nonetheless.

Mitt Romney Is Terrible For Traffic

We admit it, and so do other bloggers and editors: Nobody seems to want to read stories about Mitt Romney. For the candidate, a blessing or a curse?

Barack Obama Per David Maraniss

BuzzFeed's Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith breaks down David Maraniss's new biography "Barack Obama: The Story" and discusses his review of the book on CNN's Starting Point with Soledad O'Brien.

Shame, Sexuality, And The Interactive Medium From

Shame is such an impacting work because the main character's sexuality, obsession, and the scenes where sex is displayed are not glamorized, but rather nauseating. Talking about the movie, McQueen says, "This is a film about us now...I think it's ve…

Taco Crawls And Crypt Visits! A Topographical Tour Of Oakland

I like cities with a little grit and texture, with character. And just like with people, it’s the ups and downs that build character, not sunshine and lollipops. Oakland is a city of highs and lows. And it knows it. Lately, some things have been loo…

Lick Your Fingers - (Almost) Edible Nails Photo

3D nail art has been making waves for years now but I wanna get something sugary done to mine so I was looking for inspirations online. I found so many yummy looking pics I thought I'd make them into a little gallery. I bet these nails are pretty un…

Reputed Relics Of John The Baptist Dated

OXFORD, England, June 19 (UPI) -- British researchers say new dating evidence supports claims bones found under a church floor in Bulgaria may be of John the Baptist.

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