Microscopic Grass Is Happy To See You And Other Links

You will never be as happy as this blade of grass. Maybe it's just pleased that you're going to jail for not mowing the lawn or glad mushrooms are main ingredient in a new type of beer.

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Ain't no party like a Stanley Cup party cuz a Stanley Cup party is getting a little weird and maybe we should all dial it back a notch. - [BleacherReport]

Next time someone gives you crap for drinking too much beer, just assure them that mushrooms are good for you and lay off MOM. - [Esquire]

Amazing one-liners tossed off by grizzled war veterans doesn't just happen in movies. - [Cracked]

Let's recast Nickelodeon's classic Clarissa Explains It All because Hollywood is creatively bankrupt. - [Gurl]

Oh the Internet. Where anything created more than six hours ago is OLD and anything created before 2009 may as well have occurred in a a land before time, so let's break out some ancient Internet history. - [MentalFloss]

There are hardcore home owner's associations and then there's facing jail time for refusing to mow your lawn. - [HLN]

The median American family lost 39% of their wealth during the recession. Depress yourself by reading all about what you could've bought with that money. - [Current]

After leaving Earth in 1977, Voyager is about to boldly go where no man-made device has gone before and leave our solar system. - [TheAtlantic]

When trying to engage tween girls to explore interests in math and science, coating it in a girlie pink bubble actually makes it more scary to them. Oh God I have to be hot AND good at math? FML. - [GOOD]

Headline Story: This cross-section of "sand" grass must be so happy because it loves the beach. - [BeyondTheHumanEye]

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