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World-Famous Soccer Star Discovered Nailing Bicycle Kicks In New Jersey

What does Thierry Henry, one of the best French players ever, get out of playing in the United States?

Ryan O'Hanlon • 6 years ago
Ryan O'Hanlon • 6 years ago

Soccer's Nutsoid In-Season Transfer Period Gets Free Agency Right

Well, more like free agency and the trading deadline rolled into a single month of deals that make the Yankees look frugal.

Ryan O'Hanlon • 6 years ago

Meet Zlatan (Zlatan!), The Folk-Hero Soccer Swede Behind The Year's Best Goal

A star who marches to his own drummer in an era of slick system players, he's like Jimmer Fredette if Jimmer Fredette had turned out to be the best basketball player in the NBA.

Ryan O'Hanlon • 6 years ago

Insane Nationalistic Soccer Fervor Isn’t What It Used To Be

How to complain about the international game's case of the blahs like a lifelong fan.

Ryan O'Hanlon • 6 years ago

How To Complain About Soccer Like You've Been Watching It All Your Life

Realized that you can follow the English Premier League and La Liga without hurting your favorite NFL or college team's feelings? Here, some intermediate-to-advanced concepts that will help your soccer fandom leave you just as bitter and emotionally ravaged as our own brand of football.

Ryan O'Hanlon • 6 years ago

Living The Yahoo! Answers Lifestyle

What it's like to spend a day following the very worst advice on the internet.

Ryan O'Hanlon • 7 years ago