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25 Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following During The NBA Finals

With the big games about to start, these are the people you'll want to be checking in with.

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(In no particular order...)


7. Brian Windhorst


The man they call Windy is one of the best beat reporters in the game. He's covered LeBron since he was in high school and it shows. His feed is constantly full of interesting and informative behind the scenes news. A must-follow.


11. netw3k


Like a few people on this list @netw3rk is something of a phantom. His real identity is unknown, but he is a Twitter genius. He's hilarious. He's smart. He knows basketball. He also occasionally writes for SB Nation.


21. Hardwood Paroxysm


Not just a funny account, the official Twitter of Hardwood Paroxysm is a one stop shop for basketball news. Contributing to the conversation, but also retweeting many so that anyone following the account gets a full narrative of a game.

Also BuzzFeed Accounts!