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    13 Of The Worst Celeb Interviews, According To The Hosts Who Interviewed Them

    Spoiler: Robert De Niro is in here twice.

    1. Chelsea Handler's worst guest on Chelsea Lately was Justin Bieber.

    2. Wendy Williams said the worst Wendy guest was a man who groped her.

    a man with his head placed against williams' chest

    3. Conan O'Brien's worst Conan guest was Abel Ferrara.

    a screenshot of the interview where both look uncomfortable

    4. Jimmy Fallon's most awkward Tonight Show interview was Robert De Niro.

    fallon and deniro sitting on set

    5. Graham Norton also said De Niro.

    norton and deniro chatting on set

    6. Former cohost of The View Sherri Shepherd said controversial conservative pundit Ann Coulter was her worst guest.

    ann coulter on the view, with some hosts engaging and whoopi goldberg looking away in confusion

    7. James Corden said his worst guest was Rick Ross.

    8. Jon Stewart said Hugh Grant was the worst Daily Show guest.

    grant smiling while stewart looks down

    9. Craig Ferguson said his worst guest was Macy Gray.

    ferguson looking at gray on set

    10. Dick Cavett said John Cassavetes, Peter Falk, and Ben Gazzara were his worst guests.

    all men on set together

    11. Scottish TV host Lorraine Kelly said Kevin Spacey was the worst.

    spacey and robin wright doing an interview with kelly

    12. Larry King said his worst interview was Phyllis Gates.

    gates and king on set

    13. And lastly, Hoda Kotb said Frank Sinatra Jr. was her and Kathie Lee Gifford's worst guest:

    hoda and kathie lee looking at a note card while the guests sit nearby

    Have you ever watched a celeb interview that was just, well, a trainwreck? Let me know in the comments below!