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16 Things I Could Buy With All The Money I Owe In Student Loans


The average college graduate has about $28,400 in student debt. Since I come in a bit above that, I thought I'd ~dream~ about all the other fun things that money could have gone toward.

1. Four Kawasaki Jet Skis:

2. About 13,300 Crunch Wrap Supremes from Taco Bell:

3. This apartment in New York for about nine months:

4. Twenty 75" plasma TVs:

5. Four hundred two-hour massages from Massage Envy:

6. Forty 13-inch MacBook Airs:

7. 115 not-so-great seats to a Taylor Swift show:

8. And 1,263 general admission tickets to a Rita Ora concert:

9. Thirty female teacup pigs:

10. Forty-seven pairs of Louboutins.

11. 2,500 bottles of J Lohr (which is enough to throw about 1,250 dinner parties):

12. 672 boxes of One Direction's "Between Us" gift set:

13. Almost four Birkin bags:

14. Five thousand months of Netflix:

15. 6,666 Domino's two-topping pizzas:

16. And this BMW.