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27 Stages Of Trying To Get Your Ass To The Gym In The Morning

Is it 5:30 a.m. ALREADY?

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2. You congratulate yourself as you climb into bed and set your alarm like a damn adult.

6. You try to find a good reason to stay there and skip your workout.

8. Your workout clothes look at you expectantly. / Via

10. Your tennis shoes look at you expectantly.

12. Your bladder chimes in, and you decide to use the bathroom and think it over.

13. You shuffle back into your bedroom, still trying to talk yourself out of this.

15. Might as well start getting dressed.

16. As you're squeezing into your spandex, you are honestly more than a little mad at yourself because you really just want to be back under the covers right now.

18. You almost forget to grab your water bottle because damn it you are just so tired.

20. Then your favorite song comes on, and you really start rocking out and getting ~into it~.

23. You jump into the shower like it's your lover.


24. Then it's time for your post-workout snack and YES.

25. You walk into the rest of your day like:

26. And inside, you're like: