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24 Struggles That Everyone From Sheffield Faces

There's nowt so queer as Sheffield folk.

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1. Having to go somewhere, anywhere, that involves using the Supertram. / Via Instagram: @rspreece

But you still have faith that the extension will happen, and make it an actual super tram.

2. When people don't understand that "Halfway" is your full answer to the question, "Where do you live?" / Via Instagram: @mrsolrakphotography

"Halfway to what?"

3. Being forced to do hill starts on your very first driving lesson. / Via Instagram: @magpiemoments

Seven bloody hills, my arse.

4. Not being about to use public transport for a week every time it snows. / Via Instagram: @carnyewest

Why must the 97 struggle so?


5. Getting to the station just in time for your train and having to forgo a pint at The Tap. / Via Instagram: @kazakhrob

Usual aim: Get there two hours early and nearly miss your train because you're having such a good time drinking beer.

6. You've faced the very real issue of your tea being served up without Hendo's. / Via Instagram: @hanasoarus_flex

So dry. So taste-free.

7. And everyone thinks you're dead tight, when really you're just used to things being cheap. / Via Instagram: @p4ul64

8. You always check the hallmark on cutlery in a restaurant. / Via Instagram: @maninshorts

"Omg it's from Sheffield! I knew I liked this place."


13. Because they can't comprehend the Steel City comprising so many green areas. / Via Instagram: @_clofrog

14. Although if you do happen to come from a leafy suburb like Dore or Totley, your Sheffieldness will be brought into question by everyone else in the city anyway. / Via Instagram: @samanthaeplant

19. People assume that pie and pie suppers are the only food option available. / Via Instagram: @lauraorgill

20. When really the problem is which new culinary hot spot to try next.

Instagram: @saifyyyyy / Via

Yep, we can do fancy.


21. You've struggled to find anything in life as romantic as the words, "I Love You Will U Marry Me?" / Via Instagram: @lukeellispix

22. Everyone thinks that Leeds is more cosmopolitan because it's got one bloody Harvey Nichols. / Via Instagram: @lovefromsinead

24. But really, who cares about cosmopolitan and cool when you get to call this glorious place home? / Via Instagram: @socialsheffield