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19 Real, Tiring, And Frustating Struggles Of Being An Introvert With FOMO

Nothing causes more stress than last-minute plans.

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3. You probably feel most comfortable when you're alone, or with just a couple of your closest friends.

8. And like you're letting down your close friends who are going – the people you actually want to see.

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Because as much as you sometimes feel like you should go out and meet new people, you don't really enjoy it.


10. And yet when you do force yourself to go, you find yourself wishing you'd stayed home – especially during the awkward early stages of the night.

11. You feel fine and happy when you're talking to friends, but sometimes you end up getting stuck with a stranger.

when you at a party & a stranger start talking to you


16. You find yourself having to come up with a lot of different excuses, doubting that your friends are believing them.

Sometimes they will try to peer-pressure you into going, which only makes you want to stay in more.