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Sofia Vergara Said She’ll Be Happy With Her “Modern Family” Character’s Ending

“Gloria has such a great life and such a beautiful family that I think anything that the writers have prepared for her, I’m going to be happy with.”

Matt Ford 6 months ago

Country Music Star Luke Bryan Wants More Women To Be Nominated For "Entertainer Of The Year"

Bryan also lauded Reba McEntire on using her platform to speak out about inclusivity for women in the country music industry and awards circuit.

Matt Ford 8 months ago
Matt Ford 3 years ago

The Naked Rowers Are Back With Their 2016 Calendar

Homophobia doesn't stand a chance against these naked men.

Matt Ford 4 years ago
Matt Ford 4 years ago

We Need To Talk About Guys Wearing Basketball Shorts

This is one of the greatest achievements for humanity since the moon landing.

Matt Ford 4 years ago
Matt Ford 4 years ago

Which "Sense8" Character Are You?

"You are no longer just you."

Jarry Lee 4 years ago

LGBT Campaigners In Alabama Fear Marriage Equality Opponents Aren’t Giving Up Yet

Friday’s Supreme Court decision ended months of legal uncertainty in Alabama over marriage equality — but LGBT activists fear their opponents may still be searching for roadblocks.

Matt Ford 4 years ago

What Marriage Equality Means To People In Alabama

After months of legal back-and-forth in the state over whether same-sex marriage licenses could be issued, people in Montgomery, Alabama, share what the definitive Supreme Court ruling means to them.

Matt Ford 4 years ago

Here's What We Think Pokémon Would Taste Like

"I feel like it would taste how a hamster would taste?"

Jarry Lee 4 years ago

This Video Shows A Chemical Burning And Opening A Portal To Hell

The end times are near. Seriously, there's a kraken from another dimension coming for our souls.

Matt Ford 4 years ago