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    14 Times Sun In "Sense8" Was The Ultimate Badass

    Doona Bae is bae.

    1. When she let her father know exactly what she thought of his opinion:

    2. And gave a taste of what she can do:

    3. When she had just the right combination of honesty and intimidation:

    4. And dropped this truth bomb on us all:

    5. When she proved why smart money is on her in the ring:

    6. And IRL:

    7. And explained how she is able to fight so strongly:

    8. When we saw the soft side behind her tough exterior:

    Because true strength isn't always physical.

    9. When she didn't put up with sexist bullshit:

    10. And when she found a way to light up WHILE STILL IN JAIL:

    Close enough.

    11. When she inadvertently passed along the effects of her period to a man:


    12. And when she vowed vengeance on her asshole brother:

    13. When she proved she is, in fact, the true badass of the sensates:

    14. And pretty much every scene where she shows off her fighting skills, TBH:

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    Thumbnail image courtesy of Netflix.

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