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    18 German Shepherd Puppies Who Need To Be Snuggled Immediately

    All. So. FLUFFY.

    1. This little TICKLE MONSTER.

    2. This pup who's just hanging around.

    3. This demure puffball, who is also half-Rottweiler!

    4. This flopsy-wopsy who just wants a break from his walk.

    5. This sweet little officer-in-training.

    6. This hungry hungry hippo.

    7. This pup who will surely grow into his ears.

    8. This rambunctious rascal!

    9. This precious angel from above.

    10. This little guy who needs your snuggles IMMEDIATELY.

    11. And this mischievous little monkey!

    12. This little doggy who just wants to go for a swim.

    13. This sleeeeeeeeeepy tiny guard dog.

    14. This shy little snufflebuffle.

    15. This fluffball who's ready to play! (And look at that collar, OMG.)

    16. This shnookums who may or may not be in rehab soon.

    17. This happy little dude who's ready to fetch.

    18. And this pack o' pups who stick 2gether 5ever.