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Tell Us The Funniest Reason You've Skipped A Workout

Because exercise is great, but sleep is pretty awesome too.

We all have those days where we know working out just isn't going to happen.

But sometimes the guilt of not working out can be a little stressful.

So you come up with a perfectly good reason for why you actually definitely can't work out.

Whether it's because you've already committed to unbreakable plans...

Or maybe you're really emotionally going through it right now because your friend's cousin's roommate's gerbil is sick.

Or Scandal is on and it's not like you can just watch later because spoilers.

Or, whatever, you had your reasons.

Tell us: What's the funniest, most ridiculous excuse you've ever come up with to justify not working out?

Share your answers in the comments below and it could end up in a future BuzzFeed post.