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This Guy's "Skin A Watermelon" Party Trick Just Looks So Wrong

Ahhh! Put it back in, put it back in!

Mark Rober runs a YouTube channel all about design and engineering. He recently posted a video called "How To Skin A Watermelon":

This is Rober's "skinned" watermelon.

"Oh my God, ew, why did you do this???"

OK, so the question is, how does this party trick work?!

First, you take one watermelon and you peel it.

Yeah, rub down that melon.

Then you take your smooth melon egg thing...

...And you carve out your second watermelon...

And you put it together to get this absolutely awful looking "deskinned watermelon".



You can watch the whole video here:

View this video on YouTube

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