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    Here's Why Idris Elba Would Make A Great James Bond

    Suave, stylish, and badass.

    Anthony Horowitz, the author of the newest book in the James Bond series, has said in a new interview that actor Idris Elba, who many have suggested as a possible Bond for the film series, is "too street" for the part.

    Which has led many people to wonder — has this guy ever seen Idris Elba?

    "Idris Elba isn't suave enough to play Bond." LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE HASN'T SEEN EXHIBITS A THROUGH D.

    Sorry, what? Idris Elba is 'too street' to play Bond? Are you kidding me? HAVE YOU SEEN THAT MAN IN A SUIT? HAVE YOU SEEN THAT MAN?

    Do you even know how strong an Idris Elba Bond film would do at the box office? Judging by my feed this morning:

    Idris Elba is handsome AF.

    Even when he pretended like he wasn't last winter during another round of the "Elba as Bond" discussion.

    Isn't 007 supposed to handsome? Glad you think I've got a shot! Happy New year people.

    But let's examine the evidence: Please look at this photo of Idris Elba posing alongside a Mercedes and tell me it's not suave. You can't.

    Consider this image of Idris rocking some shades alongside a bunch of yachts.

    Let's take a few more looks. Just to, you know, make sure that Idris really is that handsome.


    Yeah, he's definitely got the style.

    And let's not forget that time Elba starred in Luther as a debonaire detective. James Bond is a debonaire spy. So needless to say, Elba's got the chops.

    This isn't to say Elba needs to be the next Bond or anything. It's up to the actor to decide if it's even a role he would want to take on.

    But if Elba wants the role, it's pretty clear to (almost) everyone that he'd be perfect for it.

    Idris Elba for real would be the best bond

    lmao you literally need to watch 10 mins of luther to realise that idris elba would create the best james bond there has ever been

    Idris Elba would be the best James Bond ever, petition to let him do it

    So you do you, Idris.