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People Are Outraged After Three Dogs' Bodies Were Found Hanging From An Electric Pole In Kerala

The stray dogs were hanged on the first death anniversary of an RSS functionary, in the same spot where he was assassinated.

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Earlier today, the carcasses of three dogs were reportedly found hanging from an electric pole in Kannur, Kerala, according to The News Minute.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @SaveKeralaDogs

Today marks the death anniversary of RSS leader Kathiroor Manoj, who was hacked to death on this day last year, after his van was hit by a crude bomb and crashed into the same electric pole.

The news made it to the r/India sub-Reddit and people were immediately outraged.

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Twitter users, too, had strong reactions:

Dogs are the most wonderful creatures...only the sickest minds like Kerala commies would slit their throats to make a political point..

#Kerala What the Hell Is Wrong with You!!! 2 days back murder of 100 dogs and now this #cruelkerala #savekeraladogs

Twitter / Via boycottkerala

Dog hanged in Kerala because of some tool's death anniversary. Kerala, seriously, what have dogs done to you?

Where are Animal Rights activists now? Nobody has the courage to raise voice against disgusting communists in Kerala.

WTF is wrong wid ppl? Y punish d innocent?! #sick Dog hanged in Kerala to mark death anniversary of RSS functionary

This is not the first instance of cruelty against dogs in Kerala, this year.

Watch: Shocking images of dogs killed in Kerala

40 stray #dogs killed in Kannur, police register case | #Kerala