21 Struggles That Were Way Too Real For Scene Kids

    Rawr means I love you in dinosaur.

    1. Never having enough studded belts.

    2. Or different colour Converse.

    3. Not being able to dye your hair the colours you wanted to because of school, but still pushing the limits of what was acceptable.

    4. And when you were free from the dress code, choosing what colours to dye your hair was the hardest decision you ever had to make.

    5. Taking a bath after dying your hair and having the water look like a truckload of bath bombs went off in it.

    6. Everyone saying you were just "going through a phase."

    7. Your colour jeans fading away with each wash.

    8. Wearing black jeans on a summer day and having your legs slow roasted.

    9. Going to bed without taking off your make-up and waking up to a ruined pillow.

    10. Trying to perfectly arrange a collage of posters so that none of your bedroom wall was left visible.

    11. Desperately wanting to get your ears stretched but not being allowed to.

    12. And when you did get them done, your hair was so big that no one could actually see your new piercings.

    13. Inadvertently getting high on the fumes of all the hairspray you used.

    14. And the very real horror of running out of hairspray.

    15. Still having to be careful outdoors, even though your hair was held in place with enough hairspray to burn a hole in the ozone.

    16. Logging into Myspace and being confronted with no new notifications.

    17. Still having a Myspace page even though almost everyone else left for Facebook.

    18. Speaking like this: RAWRR!!xDxD

    19. Drawing a moustache on your finger with marker pen and then struggling to get it off.

    20. Needing to clip your hair back but not having any bow tie hairclips on hand.

    21. And finally, enduring the ultimate insult of someone having called you emo.