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    A Mum Buying Tampons In Waitrose Was Told She Needed "String Up Your Bum" By Her 3-Year-Old

    Children + periods = awkward.

    A woman buying tampons in Waitrose was reminded that there's no discretion when it comes to kids after her 3-year-old loudly announced her purchase to the supermarket.

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    The anecdote, in which the child loudly declared "yes you need more string up your bum don't you" while his mum was "trying to act posh" was shared anonymously with popular parenting page The Unmumsy Mum.

    The post has been liked over 5,000 times on Facebook and clearly resonated with other parents, who were quick to share their own tales of when their children have embarrassed them.

    One woman shared a charming picture her child drew of her, complete with pubic hair.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: theunmumsymum

    Another woman's thought a used tampon was a "dead mouse".

    Facebook / Via Facebook: theunmumsymum

    This woman's 4-year-old asked her why she was eating sweets on the toilet when they barged in on her using a tampon.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: theunmumsymum

    One child thought their mother had "wool in her bits" when they saw her having a shower.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: theunmumsymum

    TL;DR: Children + periods = awkward.

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