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    This New App Takes Your Selfie Game To A Whole New Level

    GIGA Selfie is the app that will take selfies like you've never seen. No selfie sticks required.

    Selfies have one thing in common: FACES, FACES, FACES.

    Which makes it hella challenging for travellers wanting and ~needing~ mementos of every second of their trip.

    Well, this app called "GIGA Selfie" lets you take your token tourist snap easily.

    The free service starts with you standing on a GIGA Selfie platform. From there, you can trigger the fixed camera using the app. Your photo is then sent to you via email, where you can zoom in or out to your liking.

    See? No need for selfie sticks.

    It captures EVERYTHING!

    Watch how it works here:

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