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    23 Things Aussies Who Grew Up Overseas Can Relate To

    "So...where are you from?"

    1. You know the feeling of being born in one country, growing up in another, learning a foreign language not native to either, and remembering none of it after three months.

    2. Plus you're way too familiar with the terrible feeling of losing contact with someone, but you're also so, so bad at keeping in touch.

    3. You've been through your fair share of airports, but Aussie ones are confusing AF.

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    4. People tend to ask the ~seemingly innocent~ question "Where are you from?" without realising it'll take an hour for you to explain.


    5. Where am I from? Do you mean where I was born? Or where I live now? BE MORE SPECIFIC!

    6. People are so happy to tell you they LOVE Aussie accents, except you've got that messed-up international school mouth.

    7. And often you get asked where your accent is from and you don't even know.

    8. People ask you the dumbest questions about where you grew up.

    9. Plus this is basically your reaction when you finally tell someone you're an Aussie and they reply: "Do people actually say 'G'day' to each other?"

    10. And when you actually hear an Aussie accent on TV you're just like, "What is that? What's happening here??"

    11. You can navigate public transport in three different countries, but when you ask ONE question about how the fuck Sydney buses work, people want to throw shade.

    12. Spelling becomes infinitely more difficult when you have to factor in variations of the same words. Harbour? Harbor? Why are you doing this to me?

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    "Haha that is so colorful mum! I mean colourful mom...? You know what? I'll just call you Amy."

    13. Trying to coordinate time zones so you can Skype your friends across the world is the hardest thing imaginable.

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    14. But it makes the feeling of finally being awake at the same time so much better.

    15. Except you never know if you're supposed to wish friends happy birthday in your time zone or theirs.

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    "Happy belated birthday!"

    "It isn't my birthday yet!"


    16. Time zones in general are just confusing and stupid.

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    17. Being away from Australia, you miss the important things.

    18. Like, yeah, the beaches and your relatives and...whatever – but you miss the REALLY vital stuff...

    19. And you quickly learn important truths like how Aussie Milo just tastes better. name is Richard and I am a milo addict....I have been eating/drinking Milo for as long as I can remember....

    20. Though there's always that settling-in period every time you visit, such as "remembering what Aussie internet is like."

    21. There are also massive gaps in your cultural knowledge and it's TERRIFYING when you get called out on them.

    22. And even though at times even YOU don't know where you're from...

    23. still call Australia home.

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