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What Amount Of The Things You Eat And Drink Every Day Would Actually Kill You?

You might think twice about doing shots all night long.

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The brilliant minds at AsapSCIENCE are here to blow your mind with some crazy facts about how much of a good thing you really can have. Turns out you can overdose on just about anything.

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Not only would it be crazy expensive, but drinking 70 cups of coffee could be fatal for a person weighing about 70 kg (approximately 154 lb).


According to the video, "This amount of caffeine can trigger heart palpitations or even cardiac arrest."

Next time you're celebrating with a few rounds of shots, make sure someone keeps count. Unlucky number 13 could be the end of the party.


AsapSCIENCE explains, "Because alcohol is a depressant, the area in the brain controlling basic life functions like breathing and heart rate begins to shut down."

Thinking of drinking ~ALL OF THE WATER~ to cure that hangover? Be careful!


Too much water can cause your brain to swell, causing headaches, seizures, comas, and in extreme situations, yes...even death.

Cherry pits are not only annoying AF, they can also be lethal.


According to the video, "If you ever swallow a cherry pit, you shouldn't worry too much, just don't bite into one. One or two ground cherry pits contains enough cyanide to take you down." WHAT?!

TURN DOWN FOR WHAT? Turn down to live, apparently.


AsapSCIENCE warns, "Don't go above 185 decibels. The amount of air pressure from this could burst your lungs, or alternatively create an embolism that travels to your heart."

So, good luck sleeping tonight. But you probably shouldn't sleep too much. Or too little. Get the science behind all of these crazy facts and more by watching the whole video here.

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