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    17 Faces All Aussie Kids Definitely Pulled In Primary School

    Pure terror: the look of anyone who's ever been swooped by a magpie.

    1. When it's the end of the summer holidays.

    2. When you went to bed late all summer and got a terrible night's sleep, despite going to bed early.

    3. When you got swooped by a magpie walking into school.

    4. When you forgot your hat and weren't allowed to play outside at lunch.

    5. When it was one degree from being hot enough to go home early...

    6. ...and when it finally hit that top temperature and you got to leave early.

    7. When it was a "pupil free day".

    EA Games / Via Twitter: @simsreacts

    8. When your mum gave you money for a lunch order.

    9. But you had no money leftover for choc buds.

    10. When you were getting rich via your Dollarmites account.

    11. When someone got you with a slap band.

    12. When you got your pen license.

    13. When it's excursion day and you're going to the zoo.

    14. When it's excursion day and you're going to parliament house...

    15. When assembly goes on too long.

    16. When you couldn't remember the second verse of the national anthem.

    17. And when you finally graduate primary school, only to remember that you now have to face five years of high school.

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